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Nicknames for Caroline


Caroline is a classic, pretty name. This name originally came from the Latin name, Carolus. This was a female cognate of the name Charles. At the time, Charles meant a freeman or a full-grown man. If you have a friend with this name, we can help you find the right nicknames for Caroline to use. The following list can help you get started.

1. Carey: This spelling of Carrie was more popular a few decades ago. It also works for someone who likes the actor, Jim Carey.

2. Kari: This is a hip, trendy way to spell Carrie.

3. Carolus: If you love history, go for the Latin version as a nickname for Caroline.

4. Cari or Carrie: Both of these are different ways that you can write Carrie.

5. Cara: This is an adorable, simple option.

6. Lina: This is one of the few nicknames for Caroline that come from

7. Callie: This is by far my favorite nickname for Caroline.

8. Carla: This is an easy option, but I think that there are cuter ones ones on the list.

9. Carol: Many people use this nickname for girls named Caroline.

10. Caro: This is a fun, cute option to use.

11. Taro Caro: It rhymes, and it works well if you have found the one rare person who really likes taro.


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