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Nicknames for Charles


Charles is an Old German name. Originally, this name meant free man. If you or someone you know is named Charles, there are a number of nicknames for Charles that you can use. To help you start the brainstorming process, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular nicknames.

1. Chuck: This is an obvious option, but it is definitely not my favorite on this list.

2. Charlton: This sounds fancy.

3. Huck:: This is far better than the nickname Chuck.

4. Chaas or Chaz: Both of these are cool nicknames for Charles.

5. Charlie: Another obvious option.

6. Harley:: This is an absolutely adorable option for the name Charles.

7. Charlot: This is actually supposed to be an earlier version of the name Charlotte.

8. Charleson: Cute.

9. Cale: This is the Hawaiian version of Charles.

10. Chip: This sounds like a fun nickname for Charles if the guy is a child or toddler.

11. Chucky: Honestly, I dislike this nickname for Charles, although it does work well with the restaurant, Chucky Cheese.

12. Arlo: This nickname is because of the middle letters of chARLes.

13. Carlo:: This is the Italian version of Charles.

14. Chase:: It doesn’t quite sound the same, but it is still pretty cute.


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