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Nicknames for Charlotte


Charlotte has been a popular name for centuries. Originally, it started as the name Charles or Charlot in France. In French, it meant petite or free man. Back in the 14th century, King Charles II of England named one of his illegitimate daughters Charlotte. Modern nicknames for Charlotte can be used as terms of endearment. If you struggling to find the right nickname, we can help.

1. Lottie This is a cute, popular nickname for Charlotte.

2. Arla Adorable!

3. Charlie While this is a fairly common option, it isn’t particularly pretty.

4. Carlotta You could also spell this nickname with one “t” to make it more unique.

5. Charly This is just a different way of spelling Charlie.

6. Charles If you have a sister that you like to tease, then you can always go with this nickname for Charlotte. Otherwise, you should probably avoid it.

7. Churro This is a cute nickname and a delicious food.

8. Arlie This sounds like a nickname for Charlotte that a younger sibling would use.

9. Coco This is just a popular nickname for any name that starts with a “c.”

10. Harlo Cute!

11. Lola This is an easy option.

12. Lottie This is one of my favorite nicknames for Charlotte.

13. Tottie Sweet!



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