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150 Nicknames for Co-Workers


When you work with someone all of the time, you want to show how close you are through nicknames. You already call your husband, girlfriend or friends by a nickname, but these nicknames probably will not work for your co-workers. By following a few simple rules, you can make sure that your nicknames are work appropriate and something that they will actually like.

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Benefits of Using Nicknames in the Workplace

Using nicknames in the workplace can make your work life feel like home. Some people dislike them because they are worried that they seem unprofessional. In reality, the right nicknames can make people feel close to each other and boost interpersonal bonds in the workplace. In addition, nicknames can help reduce friction in a diverse workplace. For example, if you have a long Scandinavian or Punjabi name that is difficult to say, shortening it to a nickname makes it easier for people to talk to you.

Interestingly, nicknames are important for more than just workplace relationships and improving the quality of the relationship. In research studies, people with nicknames or shorter names were more likely to earn more. This might be because people tend to get nicknames when they are better liked, or it may be because people feel uncomfortable referring to anyone who’s name they cannot remember how to say.

Ensure the Nickname Is Not Discriminatory or Racist

Your goal in making a nickname is to make your co-workers feel like friends. The last thing that you want to do is make someone uncomfortable. According to the 1964 Civil Rights Act, it is actually against the law to discriminate against someone based on color, national origin, race, sex or religion. You obviously want to make sure that your nickname does not sound like discrimination because this is against the law and can make your workers uncomfortable. The last thing you want is a discrimination or harassment lawsuit because of a nickname that you meant to be nice.

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List of 150 Nicknames for Co-Workers

1. Blade: Use this nickname for the sharpest thinker in the office.

2. Commission Impossible: This works best for co-workers on a sales floor. Use it for the worker who somehow manages to pull in the largest commission every month.

3. Hustler: This is another nickname that you can use for the best sales person.

4. No Problem: No matter how big the problem is, this person always takes it in stride.

5. The Earl of the Office: This is for the guy who always acts like a gentleman. Or you could use it for the guy who mistakenly thinks that he is better than everyone else.

6. The Knowledge: This is for the person that people turn to when they need information or help.

7. Troubleshooter: Use this for the problem solver. T

8. Four Eyes: This is a fairly mean nickname for someone with huge glasses.

9. The Vacationer: Use this to tease someone who always seems to be on vacations or constantly takes a day off.

10. The Inside Joker: This is for someone who always seems to be laughing at something, but no one can ever tell what it is.

11. Technophobe: For people who are afraid of using computers.

12. Hat Trick: Use this for someone who always thinks up new ways of doing things.

13. Scruffy: This is a way to tease a co-worker who never dresses well.

14. Lucky: Use this for someone who can always get out of trouble.

15. The Young One: This is for the baby-faced workers.

16. Google It: Use this to tease co-workers who always say to just google the answer to your questions.

17. Barely Managing: Use this to tease a manager who rarely seems to do any work.

18. Zen: For the calm eye of the storm.

19. The Player: For the co-worker who really knows how to play the game.

20. The Handsome One: For the ladies’ man at the office.

21. No. 1: For the boss’ favorite.

22. Teacher’s Pet: Another option for the boss’ favorite worker, but this also makes the worker sound like a suck up.

23. Insider: Use this for someone who knows all of the inside gossip.

24. Don Draper: This nickname comes from Mad Men and is for the coolest guy in your workplace.

25. Boomerang: This is for that crazy co-worker who always returns for more work.

26. Business as Usual: This is for the co-worker who just gets on with the job no matter how big it is.

27. The Talent: For the talented co-worker.

28. The Hero: For the co-worker who constantly saves the day.

29. Party Animal: For the co-worker who always comes in hungover because of their late nights.

30. The Generous One: This is the co-worker who always offers treats and gifts.

31. Sunshine: This is for happy, optimistic co-workers.

32. Pork Chop: For that chubby co-worker, although you should make sure that they are okay with the nickname before you use it.

33. Kitten: They might be cute, but they have claws lurking in secret.

34. Cinderella: This is for the office princess.

35. Bossypants: This is for the co-worker who thinks that they are really the boss.

36. Food Bringer: This is for the one person who always brings the best snacks to work.

37. Gizmo: Use this for the co-worker who always has the best gadgets.

38. Struggles: For co-workers who stress about the little things.

39. The Thoughtful One: For the empathetic co-worker who cares greatly about other’s feelings.

40. Workwife or Workhusband: This is for co-workers who are around each other constantly.

41. Pay Roller: For the person who signs the checks.

42. The Ideas Person: This is for the one person who always has the best ideas. F

43. The Trendsetter: This is for the office fashionista who always seems to be ahead of the trends.

44. Caffeine: This is for the co-worker who cannot survive without their morning coffee.

45. Minion: This is for the co-worker who has to take your orders.

46. Silence: Use this for a co-worker who never seems to actually say anything.

47. Staying Late: This is for the one co-worker who always seems to be working later than everyone else.

48. The Drudge: This is for the person who is always willing to do the work that no one else wants to do.

49. Timebomb: This is for that one person who seems like they are always on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

50. Catch 22: This is for co-workers who are stuck in a difficult dilemma.

51. Goody Two Shoes: This is the co-worker who sucks up to the boss and does what they are told without arguing.

52. Shoulderbeast: This is for a manager or co-worker who always seems to be watching over your shoulder.

53. Soundtrack: This is for the person who plays their music a bit too loud all the time.

54. The Alcoholic: This is for the person who goes a bit nuts every time they drink.

55. The Kid: For young co-workers.

56. The Slacker: For that lazy co-worker.

57. The Office Troll: This is for that one guy who spends his work day trolling his co-workers.

58. The Android: This is for a co-worker who works like a robot and never stops.

59. Sir Schmooze-a-Lot: For the guy who schmoozes with his boss and other co-workers to get ahead.

60. Screensaver: For co-workers who just stare blankly instead of working.

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61. Gossip: For the office gossip.

62. Chatterbox: Does it seem like he or she never stops talking.

63. Too Much Information: For the person that over-shares.

64. The Incredible Sulk: For the co-worker who always seems to be crying or on the verge of tears.

65. The Computer Wizard: For your techie friend.

66. Slippers: Use this if they own their own slippers for work.

67. Minor: For a co-worker who isn’t even old enough to drink yet.

68. The Specialist: For someone who specializes in a specific subject area.

69. The Innovator: For someone who always seems to have great ideas.

70. The Almighty Leader: For the leader that everyone is willing to follow.

71. Risky Business: They might take risks, but those risks always seem to pay off.

72. Fashionista: For your fashionable co-worker.

73. Client Calmer: For the talented co-worker who can always relax difficult customers.

74. Cupcake: This is for the sweetest person in the office.

75. Brainy: For your intellectual co-workers.

76. Code Master: Use this for computer geniuses.

77. Financial Wizard: For money making geniuses.

78. No. 2: You are number 1, but they are second best. Either that, or you can use this for your right-hand man.

79. Speedy: For someone who can get any job done quickly.

80. The Bringer of Change: Someone who always wants to make the workplace better.

81. The Judge: For the co-worker who is stuck making difficult decisions.

82. The Speech Maker: For the person with the best speeches and presentations.

83. Angelic: For the savior who rescues everyone from difficult problems.

84. Biggie: For the biggest person in the office.

85 Chuckles: Use this for the laughing, smiling co-worker.

86. Bella: This is one of the best nicknames for co-workers who are exceptionally beautiful.

87. The Upseller: For someone who always tries to upsell to each customer.

88. Class Clown: For someone who just likes to joke and laugh a lot.

89. Excel-arrator: For the Excel wizard.

90. No-man or No-woman: For the person who will never take responsibility for their mistakes.

91. The DJ: For someone who is always playing music or singing a song.

92. Special Treatment: For the boss’ favorite employee.

93. The Complainer: For the person who seems to always be complaining about things.

94. Yes-man or Yes-woman: For a co-worker who says yes to anything you ask them.

95. The Scrawler: For people with bad handwriting.

96. The Excused: For someone who always has excuses for their mistakes.

97. Spy: For the co-worker who tattles on everyone to the boss.

98. Slob: For messy co-workers.

99. The Jargonator: This is the person who likes to use big words to sound impressive.

100. Over Thinker: For the person who has a tendency to overthink everything.

101. Five Minutes: This is the person who is never on time and always seems to be about five minutes late.

102. Coffee Zombie: For that one person who can never seem to wake up without a cup of coffee.

103. Broken Arrow: Like a broken arrow, they cannot work and cannot be fired.

104. Titanium: This is for the toughest co-worker in the entire office.

105. Houdini: For someone who is hard to find.

106. Dishwasher: Because they always wash the dishes.

107. The Punk: For someone with an unusual fashion sense.

108. Multi-Tasker: Self-explanatory.

109. Energizer: For the energetic co-worker.

110. Frowny: They always seem to be frowning.

111. Bubbles: For people with bubbly personalities.

112. My Twin: For your best friend at the office.

113. Handyman: He or she can fix everything.

114. Navigator: They are great at navigating through problems.

115. Supreme Motivator: They know how to motivate everyone.

116. Dad Jokes: Give this to someone who makes corny jokes.

117. I Don’t Get It: For someone who never understands the jokes.

118. Eeyore: For someone who is always a downer.

119. Slippy: For someone who always slips out of trouble.

120. Attitude: Use this for co-workers who are never polite.

121. Clueless: For someone who asks stupid questions.

122. Idea Crusher: For negative people.

123. Keyboard Destroyer: For people who type loudly on their keyboards.

124. The Thief: For office thieves.

125. The Bitter One: For a co-worker who is always bitter or upset about something.

126. Social Media Monster: Use this for co-workers who never get of of social media.

127. Jock: This is a nickname for people who only talk about sports.

128. Drama Queen: For dramatic co-workers.

129. Control Freak: This is for the control freaks out there.

130. Boss: For a co-worker who likes to pretend like they are your boss.

131. Trial and Error: They are always making mistakes and trying to learn from them.

132. The Mind Wanderer: This is for co-workers who always seem to be thinking
about something else.

133. Nagatha Christie: for nagging co-workers.

134. Surf’s Up: For someone who spends all of their time online and surfing the web.

135. Keyboard Tapper: For someone who never really learned to type, so they just tap on the keyboard.

136. Inappropriate: Enough said.

137. Bullet Points: For someone who talks like they are speaking in bullet points.

138. Rebel: For co-workers who hate authority figures.

139. Influencer: For someone who influences others to do things.

140. Memer: This is for a co-worker who spends all day sharing memes.

141. Bambino: Use this for the youngest person in the office.

142. Crumbs: This is for someone who always seems to be covered with crumbs from their lunch.

143. Fix It: This is for a co-worker who can fix any problem.

144. Dotty: Use this for a co-worker who has freckles.

145. Grumper: This is for the grumpy co-workers at your office.

146. Joy: This is for someone who brightens your day.

147. Sassafras: This is for the sassy co-workers at your workplace.

148. Hot Sauce: For a co-worker who is a bit of a fiery troublemaker.

149. PG-13: This is for easily offended co-workers.

150. Mother: This is a nickname for co-workers who act like they are everyone’s mother.


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