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100 Nicknames for Dad


Everyone calls their father dad or daddy. Sometimes, you want to find a name that is entirely different for your father. If you are looking for nicknames for dad, we can help. These nicknames range from options in other languages to common nicknames for your father.

To start with, you can brainstorm nicknames for dad using details about his occupation or titles from work. It could relate to his hobby or one of his physical characteristics. Terms of endearment can also be chosen based on your father’s personality or just an abbreviation of his name. If he has a favorite fiction or movie character, you can even use that as a nickname. If you are still struggling to find nicknames for dad, read through our list of 100 nicknames to see if one would suit your father.

different ways to say dad

1. Abaye: This nickname for dad comes to us from Amharic. To figure out how to say this name, you should probably put it into Google Translate and listen to the speaker say it.

2. Alpha Male: This nickname is a popular option because your father is essentially the head of your “pack.”

3. Bourbon: If your father loves bourbon, you can name him after his favorite drink. You could also just replace this name with any other drink title that your father likes.

4. Daddy-O: This is another common option. It is basically a more fun, hip twist on the title, Daddy.

5. Pa: In Afrikaans, this name means father. It is also a fairly traditional version of “Papa” in English.

6. My Lord: This is a good thing to call your dad if you are in trouble. Hopefully, it will make him feel more open to forgiving you.

7. Zeus: Zeus was the father of the universe and head of the gods in Greek mythology.

8. Tandri: In the Teluga language, this name means father.

9. Papa: This means father in a diverse array of languages like Spanish and Italian.

10. Tall Man: If your father is quite tall, this could be a fun nickname for him.

11. Wise One: Your father will probably like this nickname since it makes him feel intelligent and full of wisdom.

12. Aupou: This version of father comes to us from the Cambodian language of Khmer.

13. Penguin: If your father has to wear a black and white suit all the time, then this is a good option to chhose.

14. Nosey: My father used to stand near my shoulder and watch everything I did online. If I had thought it through, I would have given him this nickname.

15. Agya: This is a word for father in the Akan language.

16. Popeye: This is an old-fashioned, fun name for Popeye.

17. 007: If your dad is someone you could never keep secrets from, this is an excellent name for him.

18. Ubaba: This nickname is actually the word for father in the Zulu language.

19. Bald Man: If your dad is bald and doesn’t mind you poking fun at him about it, then you could use this as a nickname for your father.

20. Tata: We love this nickname. It actually means dad in Polish.

another word for father

21. Brave Heart: This nickname is for a dad who always stands up for people. It is also a great nickname if your father happens to like the Mel Gibson film, Braveheart.

22. Houdini: Harry Houdini was known as an amazing escape artist. This name would be good for a dad who knows how to help you escape from any trouble.

23. Pater: This is a name that means father in Latin.

24. Grizzly: This nickname works for a large, furry dad who is fiercely protective of the ones he loves.

25. Baba: This simple nickname actually means father in Swahili.

26. DIY: This nickname is perfect for fathers who refuse to hire a repairman when they can just fix things themselves.

27. Dada: This is the word for father in the Uzbek language.

28. Dadinator: This is a fun title for your dad. It is basically a portmanteau of the words “dad” and “terminator.”

29. Fixer: This is the perfect nickname for a dad who always fixes stuff.

30. Mufasa: Mufasa was the king of the jungle in the Lion King, so it is a great name for your dad.

31. Sensei: This is an amazing name to give to a father who is the best teacher you have ever met.

32. Hayrik: This means dad in Armenian.

33. Sage: This is the perfect name for a dad who is always full of advice.

34. Pedar: This means dad in Farsi.

35. Lyft: If your dad always drives you around, go with this name.

36. Rama: This means dad in Javanese.

37. Daddy Dearest: This is an adorable nickname for dad. It sounds like the type of nickname you would use to soften him up when you are in trouble.

38. Patro: This means father in Esperanto.

39. Wallet: If you always use your dad for money, this could be a teasing nickname for him.

40. Passe: In Berber, this means dad.

41. BFG: This nickname stands for Big Friendly Giant.

42. Oto-san: This means father in Japanese.

43. Pop Pop: This is a popular nickname for dads.

44. Apu: This means feather in Hungarian.

45. Skinny Man: This is a good nickname if your father is fairly thin.

46. Pho: This means dad in Lao.

47. Buddy: If your dad is more of a friend than a father, use this nickname for him.

48. Pala: This means dad in Tibetan.

49. Old Man: Kids tend to like this nickname, although you shouldn’t use it if your dad is sensitive about his age.

50. Vader: This means father in Flemish.

another word for dad

51. Daidi: This means father in Irish.

52. Brains: This is a good name for an extremely intelligent dad.

53. Tatko: This means dad in Bulgarian.

54. Santa: If your dad is loving and has a white beard, use this name.

55. Pita: This means father in Hindi.

56. Chief: This is a good name for a father who is the head of the family.

57. Bampás: This means father in Greek.

58. Poppy: This is a cute nickname for a dad.

59. Mol: This means dad in Kashmiri.

60. Sarge: This is a shortened form of sergeant and would be a great choice for a military dad.

61. Tatay: This means dad in Filipino.

62. Speedy: If your dad refuses to stick to the speed limit, use this name.

63. Ahte: This is a Sioux name for father.

64. Gandalf: This is perfect for a magical dad or fantasy lover.

65. Plaar: This means father in Pashto.

66. Joker: If your father loves to joke around, use this nickname.

67. Appa: This is Korean for dad.

68. Godfather: This is a cool name that references the Godfather movies.

69. Ahv: This means father in Hebrew, but you would certainly need to look up how to say it.

70. Mate: This is a good name if you are close friends with your dad.

71. Far: This means dad in Danish.

72. Governor: This name represents your father’s role as the head of the house.

73. Papai: This means father in Brazilian Portuguese.

74. Aita: In Basque, this means father.

75. Four Eyes: This is a good nickname if your dad wears glasses.

76. Pare: This means father in Catalan.

77. Gadget Man: This is a good name for a father who loves his gadgets and tinkering.

78. Edoda: This means father in Cherokee.

79. Grandpa: If your father acts more like a grandfather than a father, use this name.

80. Papa: This means father in German.

nicknames for dad

81. Sleepy: Use this name if your father loves to sleep.

82. Bav: This means dad in Kurdish.

83. Ayah: This means dad in the Indonesian language of Bahasa.

84. Sultan: This is a majestic nickname for the family’s leader.

85. Kaka: This means dad in Turkmen.

86. Pa: This means dather in Dutch.

87. Admiral: Perfect for your family’s captain.

88. Tato: This means dad in Macedonian.

89. Abbu: This means dad in Urdu.

90. Warden: Use this if your dad seems more like a warden than a dad.

91. Ocko: This means dad in Slovak.

92. Tato: This means father in Ukrainian.

93. Agent: Perfect for a dad who handles all of your paperwork.

94. Ataata: This means dad in Greenland.

95. Cha: This means father in Vietnamese.

96. Step Dude: This is perfect if you have a step-dad.

97. Dede: This means dad in Azerbaijani.

98. Pappa: This means father in Swedish.

99. Coach: This is ideal if your dad coaches you in athletics.

100. Issi: This means dad in Estonian.


    • It means the same in both. It is actually fairly common for the same or similar words to appear in different languages. For example, MaMa means mother in English, but it also means mother in Chinese and a number of other languages. Thanks for commenting!


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