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100 Nicknames for Grandma


A grandmother is a special person in your family. They share stories about family history, impart important life lessons and liven up the holidays. To show your grandmother how much she means to you, try using one of these 100 nicknames for grandma. They range from funny to serious, so pick your favorite and have some fun. Nicknames for Grandma
1. Gammie: This is a fun nickname for a grandmother that is also easy for little children to say.

2. Grana: This is a unique nickname for grandma.

3. Mémé This is what children in France and French-speaking countries use for grandmothers. For a more formal option, try the French term, grandmére.

4. Yah Yah: This nickname for grandmothers comes from Greek and is an informal term for grandmothers.

5. Lao Ye or Nai Nai: In Mandarin Chinese, Nai nai is used for your paternal grandma. Lao ye is for your grandmother on your father’s side.

6. MeeMa: This is a fairly popular nickname for grandma in the United States.

7. Nan: This is a sweet term for your grandmother.

8. Gumbu or Babi: These are from the native aboriginal language of Dyirbal in Australia. Gumbu is used for a grandmother on your maternal side while Babi is the term for your father’s mother.

9. Gran: This is another common nickname for grandma.

10. Tootsie: For some reason, a number of families like to use this as a nickname for grandmas.

11. Omi or Oma: These are German terms for grandmother.

12. Nana: This is one of the nicknames for grandma that is very easy for children to say.

13. Granny Weatherwax: In the Discworld series, Esmerelda Weatherwax is a coven member and a witch.

14. Ouma: This means grandmother in Afrikaans.

15. Nanny: This is a cute term of endearment for your grandmother.

16. Moomins: This comes from a Scandinavian kids show.

17. Avó: This means grandmother in Portuguese.

18. G: This is a fun, hip nickname for grandmothers.

19. Bebe: This is a fun nickname for your grandmother.

20. Abuelita: This is a cute variation on the Spanish term, Abuela, for grandmothers.

21. Nne nne: Good luck saying this one. This is from the Nigerian language of Igbo, which is actually spoken by 18 million people.

22. Twinkles: This is a nickname for a grandmother who always has a twinkle in her eye.

23. Darling: This nickname is sure to make your grandmother feel well-loved.

24. Amma: This is grandmother in Icelandic.

25. Grammakins: This uses the old English -kins ending to make a cute, diminutive nickname for grandma.

26. Gramcy: This is a cute, clever nickname for grandmothers.

27. Savta: This means grandmother in Hungarian.

28. Kitty: This used to be a more common nickname a century or two ago.

29. Geema: This fun nickname for grandmas is quite popular in the United States.

30. Naje: This is grandmother in Nepali.

31. Grandzilla: When your grandmother is upset with you, use this monstrous nickname.

32. Granny Pie: This is just a fun nickname for grandmothers.

33. Babcia: This means grandmother in Polish.

34. The Prune: This might be a funny nickname, but your grandmother might not like it. Prunes are dried up plums with wrinkles and are known for being popular among the elderly for their laxative effects.

35. Tinkerbell or Tinks: This is a fairy tale nickname for grandmothers.

36. Nonna: This means grandmother in Italian.

37. The Matriarch: For grandmothers who are your family’s version of the godfather.

38. Lolly: This is a fun nickname for grandma. Call your grandfather Pop and you can have Lolly and Pop.

39. Dadi or Naani: This is from the Indian language of Hindu. Dadi is for your paternal grandmother. Naani is for your maternal grandmother.

40. Glammy or Glamma: This is a nickname for grandmothers who are glamorous as well.

41. Ba-nana: We think this nickname was made-up by a child who had problems saying grandmother.

42. Lola: This is the term for grandmother in the Philippines’ Tagalog language.

43. Granny: This is one of the most common nicknames for grandma.

44. MainMa: Use this for the main grandma in your life.

45. Bibi: This means grandmother in Swahili.

46. Grandmama: This sounds a bit more formal than just grandma.

47. Thatcher: Is your grandmother a woman with a will of steel? Then name her after the 1980s prime minister of Britain, Margaret Thatcher.

48. Giagiá: This is the Greek word for grandmother.

49. The Fossil: Your grandmother might not appreciate the humor in this nickname.

50. Gram or Gramms: These are both easy nicknames for grandma that you can use.

51. Mormor: This is used for grandmothers in Denmark.

Nicknames for Grandma

52. Insta-Gram: This is a funny take on Instagram and grandmother. It is perfect for a grandmother who knows (or think she knows) how to use social media.

53. Gramma: Little children will find this one easier to say.

54. Abuela: This means grandmother in Spanish.

55. GrimGram: This is for grandmothers who have a pessimistic outlook on life.

56. Gams: This is short, easy and to the point.

57. Babushka: In Russian, this means grandmother.

58. Creaky: As you get old, your joints start to creak. Use this one carefully because your grandmother might not see the humor in it.

59. Grannie: This is a popular nickname for grandmothers.

60. Mhamó: This means grandmother in Irish.

61. Time Traveler: Only use this nickname if your grandmother is very comfortable with her age.

62. Bunny: Children will love nicknames for grandma like this one.

63. Mamie: French Canadians call their grandmothers Mamie.

64. Golden Girl: This nickname is based off of the popular television show, the Golden Girls.

65. Abba or Abbie: Both of these are cute nicknames for grandmothers.

66. Huggly: This is a great nickname for grandmothers who love giving or getting hugs.

67. Baka: This is the term for grandmothers in Croatian.

68. The Antique: This is another nickname for grandma that plays off of her age.

Nicknames for Grandma

69. Momsy: This makes sense since your grandmother is one of your parent’s mothers.

70. Bubbe: In Yiddish, this means grandmother.

71. Granky: This is a fun blend of cranky and grandmother.

72. Over the Hill: Your grandmother probably won’t like this nickname.

73. Bambi: Cute!

74. May May: This is a popular option for little children who cannot pronounce grandmother yet.

75. Sunny: For happy grandmothers.

76. Spring Chicken: This is often used to mean that someone is not as young as they once were. You can use this as an ironic nickname.

77. Dearest: This is a sweet nickname.

78. The Olds: This nickname refers to your grandmother’s age.

79. Bubbles: Use this for grandmothers who have bubbly personalities.

80. Mini-Ma: For grandmothers who are small in stature.

81. Grammager: This is for grandmothers who are good at managing everything.

82. Granny Cupcakes: For grandmothers who love to bake!

83. Crone: An old crone is an old woman. This term often appears in fairy tales or in stories about witches.

84. The Big Boss: This is a fun nickname for your bossy grandmother.

85. The Relic: Your grandmother probably won’t appreciate this reference to her age.

86. Napa: A good nickname if your grandmother loves wine.

87. Cha-Cha: For dancing grandmas!

88. Granny Mammy: Sweet!

89. Pumpkin Pie: This is a cute name.

90. Peaches: This sounds like the right nickname for a southern grandmother.

91. Nano: For tinier grandmas.

92. Lovely: This is so sweet.

93. Cookie: For some reason, this nickname is fairly common.

94. Luli: Fun!

95. Gee Gee: This one is easy for toddlers.

96. Big Momma: She is your grand-mother after all.

97. Belle or Bella: This means beautiful, so it should make your grandma smile.

98. Mimi: This is a common nickname for grandmothers.

99. Mimaw: You hear this one fairly often in some parts of the United States.

100. Pippa: This sounds like an unusual nickname for your grandmother.


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