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100 Nicknames for Grandpa


You want to find the perfect nickname for your grandpa, but the last thing that you want to do is make him feel older than his years. You also might need a different nickname for your other grandfather or for a step-grandfather. If you are looking for the right nicknames for grandpa, we have you covered. We have 100 nicknames that you can try out on your grandpa until you find the one that is just right for you.

1. Gamps: This is a cute nickname for your grandfather.

2. Paps or Pops: This is a shorted form of the nickname Papa, and it is also a common name for dads as well.

3. Opa: This is the German word for grandfather. It would be a great nickname for grandfathers because it is so short and easy to say.

4. BigBop: This is just a silly nickname that children often like to use for their grandfathers.

5. Grandpa: This is by far the most common form of grandfather. Long ago, grandchildren called their grandfathers grandpapa. Over the years, it has been shortened to this nickname.

6. Grand: This is a fun nickname for your grandfather. It is just the first word in grandpa.

7. Grandpere: This is the French word for grandfather. If you are looking for more classic, fancy sounding nicknames for grandpa, this is a great one to choose.

8. Grandpappy: This nickname is a fairly common option for granddads.

9. Grandaddy or Grandad: You call your father dad, so it only makes sense that you would call your grandfather grandad. This is a less formal option than the traditional grandfather.

10. Pampa: This nickname was probably created by a little child that was not able to say grandpa yet.

11. Baba: In African and Arabic cultures, this is a traditional nickname for fathers and grandfathers. In Swahili, you would say Babu instead.

12. PawPee: This is a fun nickname for granddads.

13. Gramps: This is a cute, cool nickname for grandfathers.

14. Papi: This nickname comes from Spanish. Originally, it was meant for a father or a boyfriend. You can still use it for your grandfather though.

15. Babaloo: We have no clue where this nickname comes from, but it is a cute option to go with.

16. Pa: While this is also sometimes used for dads, this is also a shortened form of Papa that is used for grandfathers in a number of different cultures.

17. BigD: Because he is your bigger Dad.

18. Papa: This is another alternative to calling your grandfather, grandpa.

19. Poppop or Pappap: Both of these nicknames are easy for children to say and are popular nicknames for grandfathers in a number of cultures.

20. Dumbledore: For grandfathers who have long beards and old countenances like Dumbledore.

21. Popsi: This is a cute nickname.

22. PeePaw: This nickname tends to be more popular in the American south.

23. Pop: This is one of the most common terms used for a grandfather.

24. Gumpa Gumpy: This is a bit long, but it sounds really cute to say.

25. G-pa: For your Grand-pa.

26. Mordar or Farfar: Like other languages in the world, Swedish uses different words depending on if the grandfather is your mother’s father or your father’s father. Maternal grandfathers are called Mordar. A paternal grandfather is called Farfar.

27. Granpop: This is an even easier way to say grandpop since it drops the extra “d.”

28. PapPap: This is a cute term of endearment for your grandfather.

29. Nana or Dada: Dadi is the term used in India for a paternal grandfather. A maternal grandfather is given the term Nana.

30. Tata: In the Indian dialect, Telugu, Tata means grandfather.

31. Old Man: Your grandfather probably won’t like it if you try teasing him with his
age using nicknames like this.

32. Peppers: This is a cute nickname!

33. Saba: In Hebrew, you call your grandfather Saba.

34. Zayda or Nonno These are other terms for grandfather from around the world.

35. Papster: This is a fun, hip term for your grandfather.

36. Zayda: In Yiddish and among Ashkenazi Jews, the term Zayda refers to grandfathers.

37. Grindy: This is a cute option.

38. Granpup: On Halloween, he can play up this nickname by dressing up as a puppy.

39. Geez: This sounds a lot like geezer, so your grandfather better be okay with getting teased about his age if you use this nickname.

40. Avuelo or Nonno: Sephardic Jews can trace their heritage back to the 1500s and the Iberian peninsula. They typically use Ladino terms like Avuelo and Nonno for their grandfathers.

41. G-Daddy: Fun!

42. Umnkhulu: Good luck saying this one. This term for grandfather comes from the Zulu tribe in South Africa’s Kwazulu-Natal province.

43. Abuelo: This is Spanish for grandfather.

44. Faux Pa: He’s not really your dad, but he kind of is.

45. Dziadek: This means grandfather in Polish.

46. Abuelito: This is another way to say grandfather in Spanish. The “-ito” ending
translates to little grandfather and is often added as a term of endearment for someone who is very close to you.

47. Daideó: This is the term for grandfather in Ireland’s Gaelic.

48. Dadoo: Cute!

49. Pappoús: This term for grandfather comes from Greek.

50. Checkers: This is an adorable nickname for grandfathers.

51. Pawpaw: This is a popular term for grandfather in the south. It is Cajun in origin, which means it is extremely popular in southern Louisiana.

52. Baboo: Nice!

53. Dedushka: This is the term for grandfather in Russian, although they are also sometimes called Dedulya as well.

54. Bobaloo: This nickname just sounds silly.

55. Baba: This is a Ukrainian nickname for grandfathers.

56. Chief: For the chief of your family.

57. Vovô: This means grandfather in Portuguese.

58. Dadsy: This is an adorable option.

59. Wai Gong, Zu Fu or Lao Ye: In China, grandfathers are called Lao Ye. In the south, they are called Wai Gong. Meanwhile, Zu Fu is generally used for paternal grandfathers only.

60. G-Dawg: For hip grandfathers.

61. Grand-Père: This is the French term for grandfather.

62. Geezer Guy: Your grandfather might not like this reminder of his age.

63. Nonno: This means grandfather in Italian.

64. Grandude: This is for a hip, trendy grandfather that likes to think that he is younger than he is.

65. Nagypapa: This means grandfather in Hungarian.

66. Grantie: Cute!

67. Bedstefar: This means grandfather in Danish Mormor.

68. Pawser: This is adorable.

69. Kuku Kane: This term or Tutu means grandfather in Hawaiian.

70. Peppy: For your energetic grandfather.

71. Bunic: This means grandfather in Romanian.

72. Poppers: Adorable!

73. Bonpa: In Belgium’s Flemish language, this means grandfather.

74. Puppa: This is a cute nickname for your grandfather.

75. Afi: This is a term for grandfather that comes from Iceland.

76. Lolo: This is the term used in the Philippines for grandfathers.

77. Wampa: We have no clue where this nickname came from originally.

78. Jadd: In Arabic nations like Morocco, this is the term for grandfather.

79. UmPaPa: This is fun to say and sounds a lot like grandfather.

80. Geepa: This term for grandfather probably started by grandchildren not being able to pronounce the term grandfather.

81. Taa: In Cambodia’s Khmer language, this is the term for grandfather.

82. Sarge: If your grandfather served in the military, this could be a good nickname option.

83. Puppaw: Fun!

84. Halapoji: This means grandfather in South Korea.

85. Pepaw: This is a popular term in the southern part of the United States.

86. Banpa: This is a cute option for grandfathers.

87. Pepere: This is a French Cajun nickname for grandfathers.

88. Yawg: In Laos, Yawg is the Hmong language’s term for grandfather.

89. Popples: This is an adorable nickname to say.

90. Grandad: This is the most common term for grandfathers in Australia.

91. Gompa: Fun!

92. Pépé: This is a shortened version of the French, grandpére.

93. Gramps: This is a fairly traditional option for grandfathers.

94. Pop: If you call your grandfather Pop, you should definitely call your grandmother Lolly.

95. Grumpa: Use this if you have a grumpy grandpa.

96. Drampa: This is a cute option.

97. Gran: This could work for your grandmother or your grandfather.

98. Grandiddy: If your grandfather likes rap music, try a nickname like this one.

99. Papps: This is a fun option.

100. Ace: Use this for the most amazing grandfather ever.


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