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100 Nicknames for Guys With Beards


Whether you are dating a bearded guy or just want a nickname for your friend, the following list of 100 nicknames for guys with beards can help. These range from funny to cute nicknames, so you can definitely find a name that is suitable for your bearded fella. You can use the names as they are written or modify them for an even more unique nickname.

1. Stubble: For guys who are just starting to grow their beard.

2. Wolverine: This is a great nickname for guys with beards because it makes them sound like a superhero.

3. Flavor Saver: After just about any meal, your beard will end up saving your flavors.

4. Crumb Catcher: This is a common nickname for guys with beards.

5. Abe Lincoln: Abe Lincoln was well known for his beard and his tall hat.

6. Dumbledore: This is the perfect nickname for someone who has an exceptionally long beard.

7. Whiskerandoes: Cute!

8. Peach Fuzz: Use this for guys who are just trying to get their beard to go.

9. Fu Manchu: This makes sense if his facial hair happens to be in this style.

10. Fur Muzzle: This is a cute nickname.

11. Hagrid: Hagrid was well known for having a giant, furry beard. It makes sense though since he was half-giant.

12. Karl Marx: Another well known beard wearer.

13. Lip Wig: Use this nickname if it looks like your beard is actually a wig worn around your lips.

14. Mobile Tea Strainer: Who needs a tea strainer when your beard can do the same job on its own?

15. Wolf: This is a fun nickname.

16. Santa Claus: This is for any guy who has a large, white beard.

17. Nose Neighbor: Of course, your beard is just a neighbor to your nose.

18. Rebellious Bristles: This is a great nickname if your beard never does what you want it to.

19. Sideburns: Obviously, the guy should probably have sideburns before you use this nickname.

20. Undercover Brother: Fun!

21. Moustachio: This is a cute nickname.

22. Long Whiskers: This almost sounds like a pirate’s nickname.

23. Lady Tickler: You will certainly be tickling the ladies with that beard!

24. Handlebar: For guys who have a handlebar mustache.

25. Gandalf: This is a cute option.

26. Furry Hippie: Obviously, the guy should actually be a hippie before you use this nickname.

27. Face Fungus: This does not make the beard sound that attractive.

28. Bristles: Cute!

29. Carroty Bunches: This works best for red heads.

30. Chewbacca: Use this for a Star Wars fan.

31. Fine Tassels: For fine-looking beards!

32. Grizzly: Just about anyone with a big beard will look a bit like a grizzly bear.

33. Goatee: Use this as a simple nickname option for guys who have a goatee.

34. Lip Sweater: This is a fun option.

35. Muttonchops: Use this for guys who actually have muttonchops.

36. Pancho Villa: Fun!

37. Trash Stash: For a guy whose beard always seems to collect the trash they eat.

38. Walrus: Certain types of facial hair certainly end up looking like a walrus’ tusks.

39. Yosemite Sam: Fun!

40. Whiskers: This is an obvious option for guys with beards.

41. Tuft: Cute!

42. Muzzle-Lashings: Hopefully, your muzzle won’t be giving out too many lashings!

43. Mustachio: Nice!

44. Jack Sparrow: To make your beard really look like Captain Jack Sparrow, you probably need a few braids, feathers and beards added to it.

45. Groucho Marx: A fun nickname.

46. Five o’Clock Shadow: This is for guys who have a beard that is just starting out.

47. Crumb Duster: This is one of the most fun nicknames for guys with beards.

48. Chin Curtain: Does your beard look like a curtain around your chin?

49. Charlie Chaplin: This is for guys who have the Charlie Chaplin mustache.

50. Broom: An obvious option.

51. Beard Man: A simple option.

52. Tache: This is short for mustache.

53. Push Broom: There are better nicknames on this list.

54. Lip Foliage: This is a fun option.

55. Fanny Duster: Self-explanatory.

56. Cookie Duster: Because your beard has a tendency to dust cookies.

57. Hitler Stash: This is one of the more common nicknames for guys with a certain type of mustache.

58. Manhood: Because your beard is a symbol of manhood.

59. Dali: This is a cool sounding option.

60. Burnsides: Nice!

61. Mouth-Brow: For guys with mustaches, it sometimes look like your eyebrows were affixed to your lips.

62. Freestyle: For freestyle beards.

63. Confucius: You have to have a certain type of facial hair to get this nickname.

64. Furface: For your furry friend.

65. Love-Curls: This is a cute option.

66. Nose Bug: For beards and mustaches that keep tickling your nose.

67. Rasputin: Probably not a fortuitous name since Rasputin did not have a good ending to his life.

68. Stache: Cute!

69. Plantations of Hair: This is a fun option.

70. Sacred Things: For guys who seem to think that their beard is sacred.

71. Redundant Mops: This is an unusual option.

72. Stacher: This is a cool, chic sounding nickname.

73. The Fleece: If it is a blond beard, you can call it the golden fleece after the golden fleece in mythology.

74. Trucker: For some reason, a number of truckers seem to have beards.

75. Sidelocks: Cute!

76. Winnebago Locks: This sounds like a nickname that is too long to really use that often.

77. Viny Locks: Fun!

78. Toothbrush: For beards that seem like they are brushing your teeth.

79. Vontses: This nickname comes from Yiddish.

80. The Hermit: If you are a hermit in the woods, then you probably end up with a beard, too.

81. Suburbs of the Chin: For guys who have a beard that looks like it is colonizing their chin.

82. Saddam: This is not that nice of a nickname for someone with a beard.

83. Pornstache: If you want to tease your friend about their mustache, use this nickname option.

84. Natural: A simple option for guys who can naturally grow an amazing looking beard.

85. Yellow Bamboos: For people with a blond beard.

86. Tash: Fun!

87. Osama: Your friend probably will not like to be compared to Osama.

88. O’ Bearded One: This is a fun option.

89. Grass Grin: For guys who have a beard that grows as quickly as grass around their grin.

90. Duck Dynasty: Because all the guys on this show have long beards.

91. Admiral’s Pennant: This is a strong, fun sounding nickname for a guy with a beard.

92. Doormat: There are probably more fun nicknames on this list.

93. Creeper: For those creeping beards or beards that look creepy.

94. Da Vinci: For beards that are a work of art.

95. Mistache: This is an adorable option.

96. Socrates: If your beard makes you look like Socrates, go with this nickname option.

97. The Crop: Some people grow actually crops. Your favorite crop happens to be your beard.

98. Fluff: Fun!

99. Darwin: For guys who have a beard that looks like Darwin’s facial hair.

100. Fly Brushes: This is a cute option.


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