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100 Cute Nicknames for Mom


You have called your mother, “mom,” all of your life. Now, you want to think of a better nickname for her. Mothers play a central role in our families and culture. It is unsurprising that there would be many, many nicknames for your mother. While you could stick with a more traditional name, you could also spice things up by using a slang nickname for your mom or a funny nickname for her. You could also pick a nickname for your mother that comes from another language for a classy, unique nickname. To get started, we have compiled a list of 100 nicknames for mom. You can use these nicknames as inspiration or think of your own nickname for your mother.

1. Mor: In Scandinavian langues like Norwegian, Danish or Swedish, mothers are called Mor.

2. Mãe: This is the name for mother in Brazilian Portuguese.

3. Tīaka: This is from Maori, which is the indigenous name for mother. Mother is used for animal mothers primarily, so this is perfect if you and your siblings are basically animals that your mother has to care for.

4. Om: In Arabic, mothers are called Om and then the name of the eldest son. If the oldest brother is Sam, her nickname would be Om Sam. If there are no male children, then the name of the son is replaced with the name of the oldest daughter.

5. Mutter: This means mother in German.

6. Ima: This means mother in Hebrew, so you hear it used quite often in Israel.

7. Matka: This means mother in Czech.

8. Maan: In India, this is the word for mother in the Hindi language.

9. Okaasan or Haha: In Japanese, Okaasan is the formal term for mother. Haha is what little babies call their mother when they speak to other people.

10. Màna: This means mother in Greek.

11. The Momster: This is a blend of mom and gangster, so it is perfect if your mother is the type of woman who could inspire a movie series like the Godfather.

12. Dear: This is a loving, simple term of endearment for your mother.

13. Mammy: This is used in Irish Gaelic and Scottish as a variation on the term mommy. It is a cute, sweet nickname for your mother.

14. Snug-a-Mom: This name is almost too adorable to actually use.

15. Domestic Engineer: If your mother handles everything in the home, then this is a good name to use for her.

16. Dearest: This is a sweet name to use for your mother.

17. Aiti: This is used in Finland as the word for mother.

18. Madre: In Spanish, you could call your mother Mama, Madre or Mami.

19. Mamadukes: Supposedly, this is North American slang for mom because of the character, Marmaduke. Honestly, we have never heard of it in North America, but someone must use it.

20. The Olds: In Australia, this is a slang term used for your parents. It basically means the old ones.

21. Mère or Maman: Both of these terms can be used to mean mother in French.

22. Hockey Mom: This is perfect for mothers who have to chauffer their hockey playing children everywhere.

23. Tiger Mom: This originated among Asian mothers who ferociously protected their children and guided their education. We think being a tiger sounds awesome.

24. Mother Hen: This is for mothers who are constantly watching and guiding their little ones. It could also be used for a mother who is always worrying about her children, even if they are already adults.

25. Matka or Mama: Both of these terms are used in Poland for mothers.

26. Soccer Mom: This is a fairly common nickname for suburban moms.

27. Mommellah: This comes from a Yiddish word that means little mother. Originally, it was for little girls who acted like a little mom. We think that it is an extremely fun to say term for moms.

28. Majka: In Bosnian, this name means mother.

29. Mumsy: This sounds like the type of name a high-class English aristocrat would use for their mother.

30. Other Mother: This would be perfect for a step-mom since she is essentially the “other mother.”

31. Momette: I feel like this is a good nickname for a stylish, svelte mother.

32. Mommykins: This is such an adorable nickname for a mother, although it might be a little too cute to actually use a lot.

33. Domestic Manager: You could also switch this up by calling her the Household CEO instead.

34. Momzilla: This is perfect for times when your mom seems to control everything in your life. It blends together the words mom and Godzilla.

35. Mamoo: This is just a silly way to say mom.

36. Numero Uno: This nickname means number one, but it obviously implies that your mother is the most important person in the house.

37. Marmee: This is a name that comes from Louisa May Alcott’s book, Little Woman. It was the affectionate nickname the girls used for their mother, Mrs. March. We think it is an adorable name for a mom.

38. Mamma Mia: This comes from Italian and means “my mother.” You often hear people saying it as an exclamation of shock or surprise though.

39. The Law: Anyone who has ever had a strong mother figure in their life can sympathize with this nickname.

40. Mathair or Mam: Both of these names are used in Gaelic for mothers.

41. Mat’: This means mother in Russian.

42. Maan or Ammi: These mean mother in Pakistan’s Urdu language.

43. Moeder or Moer: These mean mother in Dutch.

44. Mumika: This means mother in a Czech dialect.

45. Big Momma: This is a popular nickanme for moms.

46. Mooma: This nickname just sounds silly and fun to say.

47. Old Dear: In Northern England, this nickname came from the phrase, “Me old dear.”

48. Momushka: This fun to say name comes from the Russian word for an older woman, Babushka, with the modern word, mom.

49. Mum: This name is popular in the United Kingdom.

50. Mimsey: This just has a whimsical sound to it.

51. Madre or Mamma: These are the words for mother in Italian.

52. The Dishwasher: You better watch out if you call your mother this. We warned you.

53. The Momager: This is a portmanteau of mom and manger. It is perfect if your mom seems to manage everything single-handedly.

54. Mumbassa: This nickname just sounds fun.

55. Mamacita: This Spanish term just sounds sassier than English options.

56. Mom-O: This is a cute, easy nickname for moms.

57. Lulumom: I feel like this name is best if your mom loves to do yoga.

58. Tough-Mutha: This is for mothers who are secret superheroes in their spare time.

59. Maadar: This is the word for mother in Farsi.

60. The Mothership: For the mother who is the center of the universe.

61. Mare: This means mother in Spain’s Catalan language.

62. Protector of the Progeny: It might be long, but it’s an accurate nickname.

63. Muter: This means mother in Yiddish.

64. Darth Vader: This is for a mother who seems to control everything that you do.

65. The Rents: This is a slang term for parents in New Zealand and Australia.

66. Mati: This means mom in Slovenian.

67. Gin O’ Clock: Because it’s always five o’clock somewhere.

68. Mzazi or Mzaa: This means mother in Swahili.

69. Mom Mom: Because she’s so nice, you named her tiwce.

70. Moeder: This means mother in Afrikaans.

71. Lovey: For those children who truly love their mother.

72. Baby Momma: Some people call mothers this, but many moms don’t like it.

73. Mihkain: This means mother in Burmese.

74. Mombles: This just sounds cute. I have no clue what it means though.

75. Mami: This means mother in Papau New Guinea’s Tok Pisin language.

76. Mummers: This is a variation on the nickname, “Mum.”

77. Mater: This means mother in Latin.

78. The Old Girl: Your mother probably will not like this nickname.

79. MaMa: Believe it or not, this is what little babies call their mother in Taiwan and China.

80. Mitty: Another name that sounds like a fairly cute nickname.

81. MILF: Probably not the best nickname for your own mom.

82. Sheila: Australians use this for ladies, so why not use it for your mom?

83. Me Mom: This seems self-explanatory.

84. Nother Mother: This is great for all of the step-moms out there.

85. Mami: This is like a spicier, sassier version of Mommy.

86. Angry Bird: Don’t call your mom this when she’s angry.

87. The Mother Land: Self-explanatory.

88. Faux Ma: The perfect title for all of you step-moms out there. The French, “faux,” makes it sound even cooler.

89. The Chef: This makes sense if your mom is the main cook in your house.

90. Top Mom: Perfect for an amazing mother!

91. Numero Uno: The best title for the number one mom.

92. Snuggles: This just sounds cute.

93. Birth Giver: Again, another self-explanatory nickname.

94. Let There Be Life: A play on “let there be light” since moms give life to their babies.

95. Chauffer: This is a way to joke about how much time your mom spends as an unpaid chauffeur.

96. The Folks: This is typically used for both parents.

97. Finger and Thumb: This comes from Cockney rhyming slang because “mum” rhymes with “thumb”

98. MumMum: For times when one “Mum” is just not enough.

99. Meema: You hear this a lot in the American south.

100. Wonder Woman: Every mom deserves a nickname like this.


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