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100 Nicknames for Muscular Guys


There are many, many stereotypes for muscular guys, so why not make nicknames for them as well? If you are or know a muscular guy, then these nicknames were made for you. You can use the 100 nicknames for muscular guys on this list, or you can make your own.

If you choose to make your own nickname, start by thinking about the person’s interests, sport, physical features or personality. You can use their career to make the term of endearment or his body frame type. There are other aspects that you can capitalize on as well. For example, many burly guys have to have excellent self-discipline in order to get in shape, so you could make a nickname based on their self-discipline.

If you cannot think of a nickname on your own, we can help. You can use the nicknames on this list as they are or modify them a bit so that they ar more unique.


1. Gym Rat: This is a common term for muscular guys. To get all those muscles, they had to spend a decent amount of time in a gym.

2. Trophy Boyfriend: You have the trophy wife stereotype. If you look good enough to be a trophy boyfriend, then wear this title with pride.

3. Mr. Muscles: This is a fairly obvious nickname option.

4. Juggernaut: This would be an awesome nickname for muscular guys.

5. Iron Bender: You would have to be fairly strong to do this.

6. Freak: This is certainly one of our least favorite nicknames on this list. You could take it as a compliment because you are so freakishly strong.

7. Bigs: Because “big” is the first thing people think of when they see you.

8. Big Arms: This is perfect for guys with muscular arms.

9. Beach Bod: If your body is built for the beach, why not flaunt it?

10. Godzilla: This is one of our favorite nicknames for muscular guys on this list.

11. Lightning: You can still be super fast even if you are already super muscular.

12. Quadzilla: This is a brilliant name for guys who have toned quads.

13. The Hulk: If you are muscular enough to have a superhero nickname, you are certainly my hero.

14. Spartacus: This would be an awesome nickname.

15. Tough Guy: It seems like everyone calls buff guys by this name.

16. Shredder: This has a raw, cool edge to it.

17. Wolverine: This is another superhero nickname that you could go by.

18. Hulk: You have to have hulking muscles to get this name.

19. The Rock: The hardest part about this list of names is that most of them are pretty awesome. It would be hard to choose just one.

20. Ultimate Warrior: Are you the ultimate warrior?

21. Zeus: Choose this name if you have a big enough ego to think that you are a god.

22. Vin Diesel: Technically, someone already has this name. Is that really going to be a problem though?

23. The Machine: When you work out, you are like a machine of energy, muscle and dedication. Why not call yourself the Machine?

24. Steel: Because you have muscles made of steel.

25. Crusher: This is a fairly common nickname for buff, muscular guys.

26. Coach: Obviously, people will want you to coach them after they see how ripped your muscles are.

27. Gym Master: A gym master is basically the sensei of workout plans.

28. Bulldozer: There are better names on this list, but this one is less common than some of the others.

29. Deadlift: You could make nicknames based on your favorite workouts or exercises.

30. Hercules: Hercules was known for being extremely strong in mythology. Plus, it’s always nice to compare yourself to a demi-god.

31. Muscle Machine: This name is fairly self-explanatory.

32. Kraken: Like many names on this list, you would have to have a pretty good ego to choose this name for yourself.

33. Iron Man: Actually, you are better than Iron Man. Iron Man needed a suit to be awesome. Your awesomeness is all real.

34. Hollywood: People tend to use this nickname for muscular guys who are so attractive that they look as if they should be in Hollywood.

35. Champ: Jocks tend to use this name a lot.

36. Beef Jerky: There are a number of nickname modifications on this list that use words like “big” or “beef.”

37. Big League: When it comes to competition, you take center stage.

38. Bionic Dude: The irony is that nothing about you is bionic. People just think that you are bionic because of how buff you are.

39. Droid: This is for guys who seem almost robotic because of their honed muscles.

40. Hot Stuff: Girlfriends love to give this nickname to their boyfriend as a term of endearment.

41. Mammoth: On a side note, I really wish that mammoths were still alive. Forget riding a horse. Ride a mammoth and show how bada$$ you are.

42. Power Lifter: You can basically take any exercise at the gym and turn it into the nickname. In fairness though, “Squat” wouldn’t be that good of a name.

43. Sabertooth: Because you’re a tiger.

44. Super Boy: Honestly, I think Superman would be a better option.

45. The Animal: This would certainly give your ego a boost.

46. Steroids: People tend to pick this nickname for buff guys because they wrongly assume that only steroids would make you look that good.

47. Professor Muscle: Pick any title you want and add the word, “muscle” after it. Nickname, accomplished.

48. Mr. Wonderful: Ladies tend to like using this nickname for their buff boyfriend.

49. Big F**ker: Buddies and fellow gym rats tend to use names like this in the locker room. You probably need a different nickname if you are in polite company.

50. Aesthetic God: This name is probably too long to use conveniently, but we still like it.

51. Muscle Man: This is always a popular nickname option.

52. Commando: This makes you seem like a military commander or sans underwear. You choose.

53. Tank: This is a fairly common nickname for muscular guys.

54. Buff Guy: I feel like this is one of the least creative options.

55. Human Tank: This is a more creative update on just “Tank.”

56. Beefy: Any modification of beefy works well for beefy guys.

57. The Sultan of Symmetry: It might be too long to use all the time, but it definitely describes your physique.

58. Man of Steel: This is self-explanatory.

59. Engine: Because you are built like an engine.

60. Stud: Who wouldn’t want to be called stud?

61. King Kong: Because you’re the king.

62. Superman: The only problem? You can’t fly.

63. Hunk: This is another name that guys will love.

64. Big Boy: We won’t even discuss the innuendos with this one.

65. Tarzan: Even as a cartoon character, Tarzan was pretty built.

66. Sexy: This is a bit too basic, but at least its easy to remember.

67. Guns: Easy, simple and to the point.

68. Bicep Charles: Switch out the name for your actual first name.

69. Iron Cheeks: This sounds like a name a girlfriend would use in private.

70. Macho Man: This is always a good option.

71. The Beast: Now, you just need to find your “Beauty.”

72. Chest Day: Pick your favorite workout and turn it into a nickname.

73. The Hammer: This would be a good choice for a muscular guy.

74. Jock: Everyone seems to use this for beefy fellas, so I feel like another nickname would be better.

75. Leg Day: It’s leg day. Are you ready?

76. Olympus: Naming yourself after the home of the gods is always a fun choice.

77. Beefcake: This is perfect for the muscle men out there.

78. Meatball: Just about any variation of meat can be used as a nickname for muscular guys.

79. Bodybuilder: Self-explanatory.

80. Bear: This works best if you are also a little hairy.

81. Mountain: Simple, yet accurate.

82. Quarterback: Because you are built like an NFL player.

83. Bouncer: Bouncers tend to be quite burly.

84. Mr. Universe: Mr. Universe has nothing on you!

85. Master: With a body like that, everyone calls you master.

86. Armor: Who needs armor?

87. Monster: Because you look ferocious like a monster.

88. Beast: This is an obvious option.

89. Quadrasaurus: Check out those quads!

90. Meaty: Meaty is an easy option, although not as fun as the other ones on this list.

91. The Bod: Because you have “the bod.”

92. Biceps: Pick your favorite body feature and turn it into a nickname.

93. Mucho Grande: Because you’re huge.

94. Brick House: Because you’re built like a brick house, obviously.

95. Arnold: Think Arnold Schwarzenegger.

96. Big Man: An obvious option for a big guy.

97. Bionic Arms: Perfect for guys with huge arms.

98. Bruiser: This is a common nickname for muscular guys.

99. Fake muscles: This is actually a compliment for a guy who has muscles so big that they look fake.

100. Gym King: Ideal for a guy who spends all of his time in the gym.


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