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100 Nicknames for Redheads


Whether you are a redhead or you just know a redhead, you have probably heard a number of nicknames for redheads. While some of these nicknames are offensive, others are rather cute. These nicknames can be used for anyone whose hair is pale strawberry blond, auburn or fiery red in color. It is estimated only 2 percent of people on this earth have some shade of red hair, so you are extremely lucky if your hair happens to be this color already!

redhead girl names

50 Nicknames for Redheads for Girls

1. Ginger: Ginger is by far the most common name for a redhead. Thanks to a South Park episode about gingers, you hear this name way more often than you probably want to. Actually, this nickname was first starting in 1797 in a sporting magazine. It was used as a description for a certain color of fighting cockerel that was known for having a sandy orange color. Originally, ginger meant hair that was a light sand color. Over the years, it has become used for anyone with red hair.

2. Fire Crotch: If you use this as a nickname for someone with red hair, watch out because they will hate you forever. This is meant to signify that the person has red pubic hair and is not a name you use in polite company.

3. Cherry: This is one of the cuter nicknames for red heads on this list.

4. Ginger Snap: This is a type of ginger cookie that is popular in Great Britain. It has a burnt orange color.

5. Ginger Nut: This is another name for the ginger snap cookie.

6. Red Riding Hood: In the fairy tale, this was the name for a girl who wore a cape with a red hood as she walked to her grandmother’s house. With a nickname like this, you better watch out for any big, bad wolves!

7. Strawberry: Light red, blondish hair is known as strawberry blonde, which is where this nickname came from.

8. Ginga: This is a variation on the nickname, “Ginger.”

9. Scarlet: This is a bright red color, which makes it a good nickname for redheads.

10. Scarlett: For a classier looking approach, add an extra “t” to the word, “Scarlet.”

11. Fanta: This soft drink is known for having an orange color, which is probably why it is such a popular name for red heads.

12. Rose: As you might expect, the red coloring of the rose makes it a great nickname for redheads.

13. Match Stick: This might be a reference to the color of the flame or the fiery temper that red heads are supposed to have.

14. Poppy: A number of poppies are red, which might be why this makes a great nickname.

15. Spitfire: This is a reference to the fiery temper that red heads are supposed to have.

16. Autumn: Autumn is when the leaves turn red and orange.

17. Flame: Fire is red, and red heads are supposed to have a fiery temper as well.

18. Roxy: You can also modify this nickname and make it Roxy Red.

19. Coral: Coral can sometimes be a pink-ish color.

20. Sienna: This is supposed to be a dark reddish brown.

21. Rufina: This comes from the Latin word for “red.”

22. Firecrackers: This is supposed to be a reference to a red head’s explosive temper.

23. Raggedy Anne: Raggedy Anne is a famous rag doll with bright red hair.

24. Ruby: Ruby is a beautiful gemstone that is known for its reddish color.

25. Garnet: This is another gemstone known for its reddish color.

redhead girl names

26. Tomato: This is not the cutest nickname, but it makes sense because most tomatoes are bright red.

27. Amber: Amber is more of an orange color, but this would still be a rather cute nickname.

28. Rowan: This was once used as a surname, but it is now used as a unisex name that means “red.”

29. Garfield Garfield might be a cartoon, but he is well known for his orange or ginger coloring.

30. Roslin: This means red line or rose, which makes it a great nickname for red heads.

31. Strawberry Shortcake: This would be a great name for a little girl with red hair.
Strawberry shortcake

32. Red: This is one of the most common nicknames that you will hear for a red head.

33. Annie: This comes from the orphan Annie from the movies and comic strip.

34. Tampon Top: This self-explanatory name is a horrible nickname for a red head. Don’t use it.

35. Copper Head: Copper is reddish-brown in color.

36. Fiery Red Head: This is a reference to the hair color and their temper.

37. Flame: This is self-explanatory.

38. Scarlet Fever: Actually, this is supposed to be the nickname of someone obsessed with red heads.

39. Firemuffs: This is a reference to the color of pubic hair, but it is an offensive nickname to use.

40. Rose Top: This is for someone whose hair is as red as a rose.

41. Candle: This is if it looks like your hair is a candle’s flame.

42. Copper Top: This is for someone whose hair is like the red-toned metal.

43. Fire Face: This is for red-haired people.

44. Fire Top: This is a fairly common nickname for red heads.

45. Lil’ Red: This is a nickname for little girls with red hair.

46. Firefly: Fireflies aren’t actually red, but fires are.

47. Orange: This is for girls with orange-colored hair.

48. Anne of Green Gables: She was known for her red hair.

49. Volcano: This is for red heads with an explosive temper.

50. Ginger Spice: This is a “spicy” term for red heads!

redhead guy names

50 Nicknames for Redheads for Guys

1. Rusty: This is one of the fun nicknames for redheads for guys. It is a nickname for anyone who has hair the color of rust.

2. Blue or Bluey: Both of these names come to us from Australia. During World War II, this was a nickname for red-haired soldiers. Over time, this ironic name was picked up by the civilian population as well.

3. Yeti: I think that this nickname was designed to be ironic since the Abominable Snowman certainly does not have red hair.

4. Carrot Top: This nickname is fairly common for redheads, although the top of the carrot is actually green and the carrot itself is actually orange.

5. Redzee: This is a nickname for redheads, but it really just sounds like a variation on the word, “red.”

6. Hot Head: This nickname was created because redheads are stereotyped as having fiery tempers.

7. Highlander: This was the nickname of the famed Scottish warrior, Rob Roy. He had bright red hair. He was also appropriately named since “Roy” comes from a Gaelic word that means “red.”

8. Redwood: This is a type of tree that is known for having red bark.

9. Phoenix: A phoenix is a mythical bird that was said to burst into flames every 500 years. After burning down to ashes, it would be reborn from the ashes. These flames make it a great name for a red head.

10. El Gingero: Supposedly, this nickname means the ginger one.

11. Rudolph: This comes from the root word for red and was the name of the famous reindeer with a red nose.

12. Fred the Red: This comes from rhyming slang.

13. Roy: This comes from a word that means red.

14. Agent Orange: This is great for people with reddish-orange hair.

15. Flame Cranium: The meaning of this one is fairly obvious.

16. Trusty Rusty: This is another example of rhyming slang.

17. Bloodnut: This is for people with blood-colored hair.

18. Rowan: This is a unisex name that means red.

19. Belisha Beacon: In the United Kingdom, this is a nickname for the orange light next to pedestrian crossings that warns people of potential danger.

20. Rufus: In Latin, this means red-haired.

21. Red: This is always a popular nickname for redheads.

22. Carrot Top: This was once the nickname of a famous red-haired comedian.

23. Aodh: In Irish, this means fire.

24. Clancy: This Irish surname can be used as a first name, too. It means “redheaded warrior.”

25. Finn: This is an Irish name that means fire.

26. Garfield: This can be used for guys or gals and comes from the cartoon cat.

27. Reid or Reed: This is from an Old English word that means “red.”

28. Flynn: This was originally an Irish surname that meant, “reddish.”

29. Copper Nob: Nob is a word for your head, and it means your head is the color of copper.

30. Lobster: Red heads tend to burn easily in the sun and become the color of a boiled lobster.

31. Freckles: Red heads often have freckles as well, which is where this name comes from.

32. Robin: This name stems from the fact that the robin’s breast is an orange color.

33. Fireballs: This is a reference to the fact that red heads are supposed to have red pubic hair.

34. Ginger Ninja: This comes from rhyming slang.

35. Ginger Tige: This is supposed to be the nickname of handsome red heads.

37. Red Dog: This is a simple name option.

38. Copper Kettle: Copper is reddish-brown. Also, kettles erupt with steam like a red head’s temper.

39. Ang Mo: This is Chinese for “red hair.”

40. Bonzo: For some reason, some people like this as a nickname for red heads.

41. Corly: This is for someone with red hair and pail skin.

42. Ranga: This is a variation on the Australian ape, orangutan, that is known for its red hair.

43. Cheeto Head: This is an offensive term for someone with orange hair.

44. Bushfire: This is self-explanatory.

45. Russel: This comes from a word that means, “red.”

46. Roy: This is another name that comes from the word, “red.”

47. Rangers: This is an Australian nickname for red heads.

48. Fire Extinguishers: Because fire extinguishers are red.

49. Ketchup: School kids often resort to names like this.

50. Big Red: This is another nickname for larger guys with red hair.


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