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100 Nicknames for Short Girls


Whether you need a nickname for your girlfriend or for a close friend, these 100 nicknames for short girls can help you. Before you give your girlfriend a nickname based on her height, you should really make sure that she is okay with it. Some people are sensitive about their height, so don’t give her a nickname on this list unless you know that she will like it.

nickname for short girls

1. Thumbelina: Thumbelina was known for only being as tall as a thumb.

2. Micro: This is one of the more obvious nicknames for short girls.

3. Knee-High: Cute!

4. Mini-Muffin: This sounds like such a cute nickname.

5. Pez: Pez is known for being a small piece of candy.

6. Lil’ Leprechaun: This is an adorable nickname.

7. Munchkin: Munchkins became famous because of the Wizard of Oz.

8. Itty Bitty: This is one of the most common nicknames for short girls.

9. Freezer: Some people have to lean down to reach into the freezer. A short girl never will need to.

10. Peanut: Peanut is an adorable nickname.

11. Snuggle Butt: This is one of my favorite nicknames.

12. Hotcakes: Hotcakes are short and sweet.

13. Tootie: Tootie or Tootsie are popular nicknames for short girls.

14. Anikan Shortwalker: This works for any Star Wars fans out there.

15. Little Miss: Cute!

16. Oompa Loompa: It might be a bit long, but it wins points for being adorable.

17. Single Scoop: She is too short to be a double scoop.

18. Lil’ Gnome: This is adorable.

19. Slipper Sleeper: She is short enough to sleep in her slippers, I guess?

20. Nugget: Cute!

21. Babydoll: Some small girls look just as cute as little baby dolls.

22. Gremlin: For short girls with fun personalities.

23. Borrower: The Borrowers were a family of tiny people.

24. Pixie: Pixies are just adorable.

25. Shrimp: This sounds like a nickname a brother would use for his baby sister.

26. Short Stuff: This is another nickname popular among older siblings.

27. Vertically Challenged: This is a great nickname if you want her to hate you.

28. Ducky: Adorable!

29. Sweetpea: For your sweetpea!

30. Mini Me: This is one of the more obvious nicknames for short girls.

31. Short Stack: Cute!

32. Dwarf: She probably won’t like this nickname.

33. Punky Brewster: Fun!

34. Shirley Temple: Shirley Temple was short as a child, but she definitely grew up.

35. Small Bite: An adorable nickname.

36. Little Lamb: Super cute!

37. Little Lady: This is an obvious option.

38. Kitty: Kitty sounds like such an adorable nickname for short girls.

39. Smurfette: This sounds cute.

40. Tinkerbell: Hopefully, she is just as magical!

nicknames for short girls

41. Ankle Biter: This one of the popular nicknames for short girls that siblings use for their younger sister or brother.

42. Half Pint: Cute!

43. Little ‘Un: This is a good nickname for your little sister.

44. Goober: She probably won’t like this option.

45. Tiny Temper: If you have a toddler with a fiery temper, use this option.

46. Kiddo: Short girls end up with nicknames like kiddo no matter how old they are.

47. Shortcake: Adorable!

48. Smalls: This is s a fun nickname.

49. Squirt: This is a popular nickname for short girls.

50. Little Bit: Super cute!

51. Toddie: This is a nickname version of toddler.

52. Daddy Long Legs: She isn’t tall or a guy, which is why this is a good ironic nickname.

53. Pumpkin: Sweet!

54. Chromie: This is a World of Warcraft character.

55. Bubbles: This is for her height and her bubbly personality.

56. Teeny: For your teeny friend.

57. Shortstop: This works even better if she likes to play softball.

58. Booster: If she is so short that you want to pull out a booster seat, use this name.

59. Minnie: For your little Minnie Mouse.

60. Pygmy: She might not like this one as much.

nicknames for short girls

61. Chickie: Cute!

62. Pipsqueak: This sounds adorable.

63. Pee-Wee: This is a fun name.

64. Lil “Name”: Add “Lil’” in front of whatever her name is.

65. Bite-Sized: For your bite-sized friends.

66. Sparky: She might be small, but she is full of spunk.

67. Deep Freezer: Because she doesn’t have to bend to reach into the deep freezer.

68. Babycakes: Adorable!

69. Lil’ Angel: For your little angel.

70. Elfie: She might not like this one as much.

71. Santa’s Little Helper: If elf offends her, go with this option.

72. Squeak: Squeaks are small sounds.

73. Firecracker: Firecrackers might be small, but they have a lot of spark.

74. Tater Tot: This is a cute nickname.

75. Wee-Lassie: For your Scottish friends.

76. Midge: This is a less offensive form of Midget.

77. Hobbit: For Lord of the Rings fans.

78. Small Fry: This sounds like one of the bet nicknames for short girls if the short girl happens to be your sister.

79. Cupcake: Cupcakes are known for being smaller than an actual cupcake.

80. Imp: Fun!

nickname for short girls

81. Lowrider: This is an accurate nickname.

82. Armrest: Because she is short enough to be your armrest.

83. Shorts: This is one of the more obvious nicknames for short girls.

84. Lil’ Minnie: For your Minnie Mouse.

85. Reese’s Pieces: Cute!

86. Teddy: Because she is small enough to be your teddy bear.

87. Jockey: A jockey has to be short and thin so that they do not slow down the race horse.

88. House Mouse: This one gets bonus points for rhyming.

89. Little Red Riding Hood: For your own fairy tale character.

90. Mrs. Thumb: Use this if she is no bigger than your thumb.

91. Lil’ Tyke: Adorable!

92. Pinky: This is for a girl no larger than your pinky.

93. Rudy: Rudy was actually a character known for living his dreams despite his small size.

94. Wee-Bit: For your wee-bit.

95. Runt: Cute!

96. Stumpy: Because she is no taller than a tree stump.

97. Bite Size: For your bite-sized friends.

98. Shawty: A reminder that good things come in small packages.

99. Teeny: This is one of the more common nicknames for short girls.

100. Tin-Tin: This stands for tiny-tiny, but it sounds cuter.


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