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100 Nicknames for Short Guys


If you are friends with or are dating a short guy, then you have a number of options for creating a perfect nickname. Interestingly, research studies show that short guys are more likely to live longer, have longer marriages and a lower cancer risk. While there might be a number of benefits to being short, a number of guys are touchy about it. You should be careful about using these nicknames for short guys. If your short friend has a complex about his height, then you should definitely find a different nickname for him. As long as he is comfortable with his height and willing to joke about it, you can use one of the nicknames for short guys on this list.  Nicknames for Short Guys

1. Gnome: This is a cute name.

2. Dwarf: Be careful—he might not like this name.

3. Ant: Ants are fairly short.

4. Coffee Table: A regular table would be just a bit too tall.

5. Ewok: Ewoks are short and cute.

6. Fun Sized: For your fun-sized companion.

7. Sprout: Cute!

8. Wee Little People: Don’t use this if he is sensitive about his height.

9. Troll: Trolls are always fun.

10. Squirt: For your little squirt.

11. Widget: For your wee one.

12. Tiny: Don’t use this if he has a complex about his height.

13. Vertically Challenged: Use this kindly, or he will hate you.

14. Wee Man: Many names on this list are more offensive than kind, unfortunately.

15. Squeak: For your little pip squeak.

16. Mini Me: This sounds like the name a father would use for his son.

17. Pint Sized: Use this for your baby brother.

18. Shawty: This is a fun nickname.

19. Smalls: This is one of my favorite nicknames for short guys.

20. Runt: The runt of the litter is always the smallest.

Nicknames for Short Guys

21. Short Stuff: For your short stuff.

22. Shorty: A fairly common nickname for shorter people.

23. Mighty Mouse: This is slightly ironic.

24. Smidget: For your small midget.

25. Shrimp: Use this for your baby brother.

26. Pipsqueak: This is a popular nickname for short guys.

27. Monkey: For your little monkey.

28. Little Bit: This is an absolutely adorable nickname.

29. Leprechaun: Most people use this nickname for short guys, but they don’t mean it to be taken kindly.

30. Hobbit: This is a common nickname for hairy, short guys.

31. Ducky: Absolutely adorable!

32. Bug: For your little love bug.

33. Baby: Just don’t tell him that you chose this name because of his baby-like size!

34. Frodo: This is a fun name.

35. Itty Bitty: This works better for children than for adults.

36. Little Man: This would be a good nickname for a little brother.

37. Miniature Person: Another nickname for a baby brother.

38. Little One: This is adorable.

39. Short Rib: Ribs sound good right about now.

40. Puppy: For a cute, short guy.

Nicknames for Short Guys

41. Midget: He probably won’t like this nickname.

42. Napoleon: Napoleon may have been a conqueror, but he was also known for being quite short. Modern historians have actually discovered that this reputation is not quite true. When you compare his height to other people of that era, Napoleon was actually fairly typical in stature.

43. Oompa Loompa: This is adorable.

44. Munchkin: This would be perfect for a baby brother.

45. Rudy: Rudy was a short, but driven, football player in the movie by the same name.

46. Peanut: For your little peanut!

47. Short Stack: This is one of the most popular nicknames for short guys.

48. Shortstop: This works even better if he plays baseball.

49. Small Thing: Cute!

50. Stumpy: For guys who are shorter than tree stumps.

51. Tadpole: Some day, he will grow into a full-fledged frog. For now, he is just short.

52. Smurf: Adorable!

53. Teeny: A common nickname for short guys.

54. Tater Tot: This is adorable.

55. Small Fry: This is another popular nickname.

56. Shot Glass: Shot glasses might be small, but they are always a lot of fun to have around.

57. Shortcake: Cute!

58. Sawed Off: This is a mean way of saying that he looks so short that it seems as if his legs were sawed off.

59. Peewee: For your little peewee.

60. Lil’ Bit: This is cute and gets bonus points for rhyming.

61. Knee High: For a guy who barely comes to your knee.

62. Goober: For your little goober.

63. Bite Size: Adorable!

64. Elfy: For someone who is as short as an elf.

65. Cadet: This is a fun name.

66. Half Pint: For your half pint.

67. Little Guy: This is a fairly obvious nickname for short guys.

68. Low Rider: Fun!

69. Tall Man: This name is obviously meant to be ironic.

70. Mini: I’m not sure if he will actually like this name.

71. Danny Devito: He was known for being a short actor.

72. Little Runner: Use this for your athletic short guy.

73. Arm Rest: Because he is short enough to serve as your arm rest.

74. Dwarfy: He probably won’t like this name.

75. House Mouse: This is cute and it rhymes.

76. Shortie Mc Shorts: This is a fun name.

77. Jockey: Jockies are known for being exceptionally short and small. They have to be because their weight can slow the horse down during a race.

78. Ickle Bickle: This is cute name.

79. Little Thing: Adorable!

80. Mini Bar: Use this for a short guy who also loves to drink and have fun.

81. Mosquito Boy: He probably won’t like this nickname either.

82. Shortie: This is a fairly obvious option.

83. Mini Mouse: This is a cute name.

84. Short Legs: Most short guys also have short legs.

85. Infants: He will hate this name, so we recommend that you do not use it.

86. Niblet: For your bitty one.

87. Pint Size: This is a fun option.

88. Sonny: When you are short, people tend to call you “son” more often than normal.

89. Tiny Little Pipsqueak: This is a fairly long name for someone who is decidedly not that long.

90. Teenie Weenie: He will hate this name, so reserve it for your enemies or when you really want to annoy him.

91. Stripling: Cute!

92. Whippersnapper: This is a fun name!

93. Titch: This is a cute nickname for short guys.

94. Speck: Because he is as tiny as a speck of dust.

95. Short Stuff: This is a popular option for short guys.

96. Punk: For your little punk.

97. Nugget: For someone who is as small as a nugget.

98. Midge: This is a fun name.

99. Four Foot: For a guy who is barely four feet tall.

100. Little Giant: This name is meant to be a bit ironic.


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