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100 Nicknames for Shy Guys


If you want to show off your guy’s personality in a nickname, you need just the right nicknames for shy guys. Luckily, we have a list of 100 nicknames for shy guys that you can use. You can use these nicknames as they are written or use them to inspire an entirely unique nickname. 

1. Turtle: For your cute friend or boyfriend.

2. Sweetkins: Because he is as sweet as sugar.

3. Sweet Cheeks: This is a really cute nickname to choose.

4. Sparkles: He might be shy, but his inner personality sparkles and shines through the shy demeanor.

5. Shrimp: He probably won’t like nicknames like this one.

6. Dream Boat: For a shy guy, nicknames like this often sound like you are teasing him.

7. Doll Face: This is adorable, but it might be too shy for him.

8. Button: For a guy who is as cute as a button.

9. Adorable: He will most likely love cute names like this one.

10. Chinchilla: Chinchillas are known for being extremely shy, which is why this is one of the best nicknames for shy guys.

11. Dove: Cute!

12. Dream Lover: If your boyfriend is shy, he will love nicknames like this one.

13. Shy Guy: This is a fairly obvious option to choose.

14. Sweetum: For your sweet, shy guy.

15. Tweetums: This is a cute variation on Sweetum that also sounds like the “Tweet” sound that birds make.

16. Lambchop: This is one of the most adorable nicknames for shy guys.

17. Kitty: Shy as a kitten!

18. Monk: For a guy who is as quiet as a monk.

19. Pumpkin: This is a popular nickname for shy guys.

20. Shy Kid: This is an obvious option for a friend or little brother who is shy.

21. Squirrel: Cute!

22. Sugar Buns: This is a fun option that would work well for a boyfriend.

23. Sweet Peach: Adorable!

24. Teddy: Use this for a guy who is as cuddly as a teddy bear.

25. Sugar Pie: Any variation of sugar or pie will sound cute.

26. Wallflower: A wallflower is someone who is so shy that they almost blend into the wallpaper at parties and events.

27. Yummers: For your yummy boyfriend.

28. Teddy Bear: Cute!

29. Sweetheart: This is an obvious option for your own sweetheart.

30. Silly Goose: This is an adorable option for a silly, shy guy.

31. Munchkin: This is such a cute nickname.

32. Puppy: This is a sweet option.

33. Mouse: For someone who is as shy as a mouse.

34. Lamb: Lambs are known or being sweet and fairly shy.

35. Lambkin: This diminutive makes it sound like a smaller, sweeter lamb.

36. Dreamy Eyes: Adorable!

37. Frozen: If he freezes like a deer in headlights during social events, this is the option to choose.

38. Giggles: He might not think that this nickname is dignified enough for him.

39. Handsome: Most guys will love this type of nickname.

40. Honey Bunch: For your adorable boyfriend.

41. Honey Plum: This is a sweet nickname for shy guys.

42. Hotcakes: This is a fun nickname that you can use for your boyfriend.

43. Icy: Sometimes, people seem ice cold and uncaring when they are actually just shy. They are too shy to talk a lot, but other people sometimes wrongly think that they are just cold or unfeeling.

44. Kitten: This is an adorable nickname.

45. Jelly Bean: Jelly Bean is a cute nickname for a cute, shy guy.

46. Huggy Bear: This is another cute nickname.

47. Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle is a pretty, fragrant flower.

48. Honey Bunny: For your own honey bunny.

49. Hedgehog: This animal is known for being fairly shy.

50. Gummy Bear: Cute!

51. Fruit Cake: This name might sound cute, but it also makes it seem like you are trying to make fun of his intelligence.

52. Duckling: This is a cute nickname for a shy guy. Who doesn’t like ducklings?

53. Angel: Angel is a fairly popular nickname.

54. Bambi: For your shy fawn.

55. Bunny Rabbit: This is an obvious option.

56. Doll: This works better for women than for men.

57. Fawn: Fawns are baby deer and are known for being quite shy.

58. Cupcake: Adorable!

59. Doll Baby: This is a fun option.

60. Butter: For someone who melts in your hands like butter.

61. Beaver: For a hairy, shy guy.

62. Baby: This is probably one of the most common nicknames ever.

63. Chief: This can be used ironically since a shy guy probably won’t take leadership roles naturally.

64. Honey Bear: This is adorable.

65. Little Dove: This works better for a young friend or little brother who is shy.

66. Bunny: For your cuddle bunny.

67. Honey Bun: Sweet!

68. Muffin Cakes: Who doesn’t like muffins and cakes? A muffin cake? Even better.

69. Crush: Use this for your sweet crush.

70. Honey Love: This is an adorable nickname for someone you love.

71. Once Bitten: You have heard the phrase, “Once bitten, twice shy,” before, right?

72. Dovey: Doves seem like shy birds, which makes this a cute nickname for our shy guy.

73. Honeypot: A honeypot is technically a pretty girl that is used as a trap for things like spy or intelligence cases.

74. Cutie Pants: This is a sweet, fun nickname that you can use for your lover.

75. Honey Pants: This nickname works just as well as the last one.

76. Jelly: For your own jelly bean.

77. Peachy Pie: Peaches are a delicious fruit. Show your guy that you think he is just as delicious with a nickname like this.

78. Snow Bunny: For your personal snow bunny.

79. Sugar Muffin: Use this nickname for your lover or for your friend.

80. Sweetie Pie: This is one of the most common nicknames ever, but it is still quite cute.

81. Sun Beam: Use this if the guy you are dating is like a ray of sunshine who brightens up your life.

82. Rabbit: This is an easy nickname that makes sense since rabbits are known for being fairly timid and shy.

83. Nugget: This sounds like a good nickname for a shy little brother.

84. Jelly Baby: This would be another option that would work quite well for a younger sibling.

85. Hun Bun: Cute!

86. Yummy: Use this nickname for your lover.

87. Sweetie: This is a fairly easy option.

88. Peach: Who doesn’t love to eat peaches?

89. Honey Muffin: This is a cute nickname for someone who you love.

90. Fox: For a guy who is as cute as a fox.

91. Blue: For a blue-eyed guy.

92. Shyheim: This is just a modification of the word shy.

93. Honey Cakes: Cute!

94. Ice Man: Sometimes, people who are shy seem like they are ice cold and feeling-less because people misunderstand their shyness.

95. Smiles: Use this for a guy who seems to be all smiles.

96. Adorable: This is an easy nickname option.

97. Sweetie Baby: This is one of the sweetest nicknames for shy guys.

98. Yummy Bear: Gummy bears are yummy, and so is he.

99. Honey Buns: Cute!

100. Fruit Loop: This sounds cute, but he also might assume that you are trying to say something about his sanity with a nickname like this.


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