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100 Cute Nicknames for Sisters


Obviously, you probably had a lot of nicknames for your sister when you were little. Most of those nicknames were probably not good ones or parent approved. As you get older, you gain a better relationship with your sister. To reflect your changing relationship, you need to find nicknames for sisters.

Spend some time brainstorming the type of nickname that suits your sister. It could be something about her appearance, mannerisms of personality. You could also think of a nickname based on a favorite person, her hobbies or something else. You could even use pair nicknames from celebrities or cartoon characters so that you both have matching names. This list of nicknames for sisters can be used as inspiration, or you can use the nicknames as they are written.

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1. Legs: You can give your sister nicknames based on her physical appearance like having long legs.

2. Grumpy: We think that nicknames from the seven dwarfs in Snow White would be adorable for sisters.

3. Tiny: Tiny is the perfect nickname for a sister who is extremely petite.

4. Mary Poppins: If her name is Mary, this would be a cute nickname.

5. Sugar (and Spice): You can use pair nicknames like Sugar and Spice so that you both have matching nicknames.

6. Happy: If your sister is always smiling, try using this nickname for her.

7. Little Rabbit: This is cute for a sister who is smaller than you, looks like a rabbit or just loves rabbits.

8. Sleepy: If your sister loves napping and sleeping in, go with this nickname.

9. Scarlett (and Rhett): Are you a Gone With the Wind fan? Try out these nicknames.

10. Bookworm: This is for a sister who loves reading all the time.

11. Khaleesi: You could use this for a sister who has beautiful blonde hair or who is a Game of Thrones fan.

12. Salt (and Pepper): This is another pair nickname that is perfect for sisters.

13. Princess Snores-a-Lot: Use this nickname if your sister’s snoring keeps you up at night.

14. Turtle: This is for a sister who takes forever to do anything.

15. Firecracker: This is for a hot-tempered sister or a sister with fiery red hair.

16. Space Queen: Use this for a sister who has the attention span of a gold fish.

17. Bag of Tricks: This nickname could be used if your sister is full of surprises or
loves playing pranks.

18. Barbie: This is a nickname for a sister who looks like a Barbie doll.

19. Baby Bear: We think this is an adorable nickname.

20. Hermanita: “Hermana” actually means sister in Spanish, which makes this a great nickname for sisters.

pet name for sister

21. Lil’ One: This is adorable for younger sisters or babies.

22. Smallie: This is another popular option for little sisters.

23. Twin: This is a fairly obvious nickname for twin sisters.

24. Adorable: Do you love your sister? Use this nickname.

25. Sugar Puff: This is for a tiny, sweet sister.

26. Fashionista: If your sister is all about the latest fashion trends, choose this

27. Adopted: This is a rather mean, but funny, nickname for a sister.

28. Goldfish: This is for a sister who has a remarkably short attention span.

29. Minion: If you tell your sister what to do and she does it, use this nickname.

30. Freckles: This is for sisters who have a lot of freckles.

31. Wee-one: Use this for tiny or short sisters.

32. Odd Duck: We think this is a cute nickname for an oddball sister.

33. Cinderella: This is for your pretty or fashionable sister.

34. Angel Face: We think this is a sweet name for your sister.

35. Peaches: This is another cute nickname.

36. Kitten/Kitty: Both of these names are good for shy or sweet sisters.

37. Baby Cakes: This is adorable for a baby sister, but she might not like the name as much as she grows up.

38. Twinkle: This is a nickname for a sister who lights up your world.

39. Princess: Princess is for that sister who seems to act like a sister or play the drama queen.

40. Cupcake: Cupcake sounds more like a name of a cat than a sister.

funny nicknames for your sister

41. Chatterbox: This is for talkative sisters who never remain quiet for long.

42. Giggles: Giggles is a nickname for sisters who are always laughing or smiling.

43. Poker Face: If you can never tell what is going on in your sister’s mind, this is the nickname to choose.

44. Rebel: Rebel is the name for a sister who refuses to listen to anyone and goes her own way.

45. Squirrel: Squirrel is a nickname for energetic, tiny sisters.

46. Queen: This is for a super pretty sister or a sister who acts like a queen.

47. Savage: This is a meaner nickname that you can use when your sister disregards your feelings.

48. Goober: This is a teasing name for an oddball sister.

49. Snowflake: This is a good nickname for a unique or delicate sister.

50. Pooh Bear: We think this is an adorable name for a sister.

51. Couch Potato: This is a name for a lazy sister.

52. Ankle Biter: Use this is a funny nickname for a little, short sister.

53. Munchkin: Munchkin is a fun nickname when your sister is just a little baby.

54. Half Pint: This is a cute term for your little sister or a short sister.

55. Little Lamb: Use this for a gentle sister who is as kind and gentle as a lamb.

56. Duckling: Duckling is a playful nickname for a fun sister. You can also use it if your little sister follows you like a duckling.

57. Daisy: This is a good nickname for a pretty sister.

58. Baby Doll: If you dress your little sister up like a baby doll, use this nickname.

59. Sorella: This name means sister in Italian.

60. Schwester: This nickname means sister in German.

61. Bambi: If your sister has wide eyes like a deer, use this nickname.

62. Dimples: Dimples is a wonderful nickname for a sister who has dimples.

63. Jellybean: This is a cute nickname for your sweet sister.

64. Pumpkin: Pumpkin is one of my favorite nicknames on the list.

65. Hollywood: Use this for a sister who either loves to act or seems destined to become famous.

66. Ninja: Ninja is for a secretive sister or for a sister who practices martial arts.

67. Rockstar: Calling your sister this will make her feel awesome.

68. Pint Size: This is a good name for shorter sisters.

69. Banshee: If your sister is prone to crying, use this name.

70. Dunce: This is a rather insulting name for a sister, so you probably should never use it, even if you are fighting.

71. Lucky Charm: This is for a sister who is exceptionally lucky.

72. Angel Eyes: Use this if she has pretty eyes.

73. Drama Queen: The name says it all.

74. Sweetheart: This is a popular nickname.

75. Muffin: Muffin is an adorable name for a sister.

76. Champ: Use this for athletes who always seem to win.

77. Rug-Rat: This is a funny name to tease your sister with.

78. Biscuit: This is an unusual nickname.

79. Boss: If your sister likes to boss you around, use this name.

80. Newbie: This is a nickname for the newborn sister in your family.

 cute names for sisters

81. Beagle: Use this for a sister who has an amazing sense of smell.

82. Smarty: This is for brilliant sisters.

83. Sweetie: Sweetie is an easy nickname for sweet, kind sisters.

84. Bitsy: Bitsy is for petite sisters.

85. Kiddo: Use this for a kid sister.

86. Amazon: This is for beautiful, tall and strong sisters.

87. Angel Heart: This is for a sweet sister with a big heart.

88. Button: Use this for sisters who are cute as a button.

89. Brainiac: This is for smart sisters.

90. Lil’ Heart Breaker: When she grows up, you know she’s going to break some hearts.

91. Copycat: Copycat is for sisters who copy everything you do.

92. Baby Boo: Baby Boo is a cute nickname for sisters.

93. Marshmallow: This is an unusual, cute nickname.

94. Sissy: This might be a popular nickname, but it lacks in creativity.

95. Chica: This means girl in Spanish.

96. Jewel: Use this for the jewel of your heart.

97. Cutie Pie: Try out this sweet nickname.

98. Babykins: This would be a great option for a cute, little sister. s

99. Guardian Angel: If your older sister always takes care of you, try this nickname out.

100. Crazy Pants: This is for sisters who are completely bonkers.


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