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100 Nicknames for Tall Girls


Do you want to make a nickname for a tall girl in your life? If you have a tall friend or sister, then you can use these 100 nicknames for tall girls. Keep in mind that some people are sensitive about their height, so make sure that you know if she is okay with these nicknames before you actually use the. 

1. Melman: This was the name of a tall character in the Madagascar movie.

2. Visok: This means tall in Bosnian. Bosnian

3. Sky: Because the only thing she can see is the sky.

4. Swing: From such a high spot, her arms look like swings.

5. Skyscraper: Because her hair scrapes the sky.

6. Alt: Short easy names for tall can easily be found in foreign languages. This one comes from Catalan.

7. Carrot: This works best if she is thin, tall and red-headed.

8. Yeti: Yetis are supposed to be quite tall.

9. Alpine: Alpine forests are known for being extremely high up.

10. Jumper: When you kiss her, you have to jump up just to reach her.

11. Redwood: Redwoods are known for being the tallest of trees.

12. Lang: This is a fun nickname for tall girls that comes from Dutch.

13. Princess Tower: Your princess is as tall as a tower.

14. Gulliver: Gulliver was the fictional giant in the land of tiny people.

15. Giraffe: This is one of the most obvious nicknames for tall girls.

16. Big Ben: This is known for being a tall, iconic building.

17. Lankoln: This is such a cute nickname. It sounds like a blend of Lincoln and lanky.

18. Pitkä: This means tall in Finnish.

19. Eiffel Tower: Another tall building.

20. Long Bean: You could also try modifications like string bean.

21. Dance Pole: Cute!

22. Jupiter: Jupiter is known for being the largest of planets.

23. Tree House: From way up there, it’s like she is in a tree house.

24. Grand: This can be used as a nickname for tall. It actually comes from French.

25. Top Shelf: Top-shelf is the finest alcohols. This is doubly appropriate since she is also tall enough to reach the top shelf.

26. Tower: An easy option.

27. Baby Long Legs: Since Daddy Long Legs might be too strange.

28. Bigfoot: Bigfoot might be mythical, but the creature is supposed to be quite tall.

29. North Pole: Fun!

30. Hoch: This word means tall in German.

31. Pillar: She certainly looks like a pillar!

32. Bamboo: Some species of bamboo can grow multiple feet in a single day.

33. Tally: This is a cute modification of the basic adjective, tall.

34. Ceiling: From a height like that, all she can do is reach the ceiling.

35. Sasquatch: Sasquatch is another name for Bigfoot.

36. Magas: This nickname means tall in Hungarian.

37. Beanstalk: If she is tall and thin, use this name. If she is your girlfriend, your nickname can be “Jack” like in “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

38. Noodles: This is an adorable nickname.

39. Skinny Legs: Make sure that she likes her legs before you use this nickname.

40. Chopstick: She certainly looks like a chopstick!

41. Lankisaur: This is an adorable nickname.

42. Ard: This is an exotic sounding name that actually means tall in Irish.

43. Skinny Bean: A perfect name for your skinny bean.

44. Lofty: Hopefully, her lofty stature is matched by her lofty ideals.

45. Pencil: This is one of the more common nicknames for tall girls.

46. Stick: Another fairly common option.

47. Spaghetti: This is such a cute nickname.

48. Alta: This is the word for tall in Portuguese.

49. Slim: Obviously, this only works if she is as thin as she is tall.

50. Legs: When you are that tall, the only thing people really see is your legs!

51. Iceberg: Some icebergs are taller than skyscrapers.

52. Grasshopper: This is a fairly cute nickname for tall girls.

53. Everest: Mount Everest is known for being the tallest mountain in the world.

54. Alto: This pretty sounding name means tall in Spanish.

55. Bird’s Nest: From her vantage point, she can probably see all of the birds’ nests.

56. Sycamore: This is a very pretty, tall tree.

57. Tall Pants: Cute!

58. Tree Top: A fairly obvious option.

59. Tallosaur: This sounds like a good nickname to use for your friends.

60. Gao: This means tall in Chinese. If you ever want to get her a custom present, use the character for tall to show off her nickname.

61. Belt: Because she looks like a long, thin belt.

62. Needle: This works if she is as a tall and thin as a needle.

63. High Tower: Probably not my favorite on the list, but it works.

64. Stylus: This sounds classy.

65. Skeleton: She might not like this name unless she is fascinated by Halloween costumes.

66. Baland: This exotic name means tall in Uzbek.

67. Longosaur: This is adorable.

68. Big Bird: Some girls won’t like the “big” appellation.

69. Stretch: This is a cute nickname for tall girls.

70. Moose: She might not like that this name implies that she is big.

71. Lankenstein: Fun!

72. Cao: This is the word for tall in Vietnamese.

73. Skinny: It seems like many tall girls are also quite skinny.

74. Snake: Some girls will like this name, but not all of them.

75. Stick Food: I don’t even know what this means.

76. Rooftop: From her height, all she can see is the rooftop.

77. Clock Tower: This is adorable.

78. Hoog: This means tall in Afrikaans.

79. Tea Spoon: Tea spoons are fairly long and thin.

80. Queen Kong: You can be her king.

81. Mantis: A mantis is quite long and thin.

82. ‘Ubude: This is a name that means tall in Zulu.

83. Tilly: For your tall, silly girl.

84. Ginormica: She might not like that this implies how large she is.

85. Avatar: Cute!

86. Tinggi: In Indonesian, this means tall.

87. Slide: Ladder would also work.

88. Ice Pole: For your ice queen.

89. Roroa: This means tall in Maori.

90. Lanky Date: This sounds like an affectionate term for a girlfriend.

91. Skinny Minnie: Cute!

92. Cloudy: From her height, she can easily see the clouds.

93. Bird’s Eye: She has a bird’s eye view of the rest of the world.

94. Altaj: This means tall in the human-invented language, Esperanto.

95. Slam Dunk: With her height, she should easily be able to make slam dunks.

96. Giantess: For your giantess.

97. Gigantor: This is adorable.

98. T-Rex: T-rex is such a fun name.

99. Eagle’s Eye: From her height, she can see everything that an eagle could.

100. Longus: This ancient word means tall in Latin.


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