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100 Nicknames for Tall Guys


When you are friends with or dating a tall guy, you want to find a nickname that suits him perfectly. Luckily, there are a number of different nicknames for tall guys that you can use. The following nicknames can be used as is, mixed together or modified for a more unique nickname for your tall fella.

1. Green Giant: The Green Giant is a mascot for a certain brand of food, but it would also be a great nickname.

2. Goliath: In the battle between David and Goliath, Goliath was certainly the taller man.

3. Giganteus: This is a fun name for your own giant.

4. Moose: A moose is one of the largest creatures in North America.

5. High Tower: He is so tall that he seems like a very tall tower.

6. Ginormica: This almost sounds like a super hero name.

7. Big Bear: I feel like this is one of the nicknames for tall guys that would work best if your tall guy is also a little hairy as well.

8. Sasquatch: This is a cute name.

9. Giant: While this is a fairly obvious option, it still works.

10. Grande: Because everything about him is large.

11. Slim: This is a common nickname for skinny, tall guys.

12. Lanky: This is a cute nickname.

13. Lofty: With a head so high in the clouds, he ought to have some fairly lofty thoughts.

14. Pillar: He truly is a pillar!

15. Beanstalk: This is a favorite nickname for tall guys.

16. Daddy Long Legs: I think that this name is adorable.

17. Gandalf: Gandalf was known for being tall and thin.

18. Grasshopper: This is a fun name.

19. Mountain: Obviously, this name works because your guy is as tall as a mountain.

20. Legs: He is nothing but legs!

21. Human Lift: This is a cute option.

22. Everest: This works if your fella is as tall as Mount Everest.

23. Bigfoot: With a height like that, he is a definite competitor against Bigfoot!

24. Jolly Green Giant: Use this if your guy also has a sense of humor and loves to laugh a lot.

25. Long: This is a clear-cut option.

26. Mantis: A mantis is known for being long and lanky.

27. Ostrich: Hopefully, he doesn’t bury his head in the sand like an ostrich is said to do.

28. Giraffe: This works even better if he also has a long neck.

29. Bird’s Nest: From such a tall height, it must be like looking out from a bird’s nest.

30. Eiffel Tower: This is a romantic option.

31. Icy Pole: Hopefully, his personality is not too icy.

32. Jupiter: Jupiter is known as the largest planet in the galaxy.

33. Big Ben: This works even better if his name is actually Ben.

34. Top Shelf: Top shelf liquor is known for being the best, so this implies that he is both high-quality and tall.

35. Ceiling: He must hit the ceiling every once in a while if he is that tall.

36. Brachiosaurus: This is the dinosaur known for being tall with a long neck.

37. Bamboo: Some bamboos can grow several feet in a day.

38. King Kong: Enough said.

39. Long Bean: Use this for your own lanky bean!

40. Q-Tip: Q-tips are tall and skinny.

41. Stretch: This is a popular nickname for tall guys.

42. Spaghetti: Cute!

43. Tallest: A fairly obvious option.

44. Ball Hog: If you were that tall, you would hog the ball as well!

45. Treetop: This is the only thing that he could see when he is that tall!

46. Skyscraper: This is a fun option.

47. Yao Ming: Yao Ming is known for being an extremely tall Taiwanese basketball player.

48. String Bean: This is a popular nickname.

49. Redwood: Redwoods are the world’s tallest trees.

50. Long Shanks: This almost sounds like a pirate’s name.

51. Lankenstein: This is a blend of lanky and Frankenstein.

52. Heron: Heron’s have very long legs.

53. Abraham Lankoln: This is a cute nickname.

54. Stilts: Because it looks like he is on stilts.

55. Titanosaur: This is a fun one.

56. Yeti: Yetis are supposed to be quite tall.

57. Tower: Because he looks like a tower.

58. Swizzle Stick: Swizzle sticks are long and lean.

59. Sticks: Because he looks like long sticks!

60. Clock Tower: Clock towers are generally quite tall.

61. Noodles: Because he is as long and thin as a noodle.

62. Sky: For the guy who is tall enough for his head to touch the sky.

63. Tree: This one is clear-cut.

64. Sphinx: This is a fun name.

65. Longo: This is a fun modification of the word “long.”

66. Giraffesky: This is a unique take on the word “giraffe.”

67. Blue Whale: Blue whales are supposed to be quite long.

68. Big Bird: Cute!

69. Gigantor: For your gentle giant.

70. Longus: This almost sounds like a Latin name.

71. Slide: Fun!

72. BFG: For your big friendly giant.

73. Chopstick: Because he looks like a pair of chopsticks.

74. Skeleton: This is for a thin, tall guy.

75. Branch: For your tall tree branch.

76. Tallosaur: I think this is one of the cutest nicknames for tall guys on this list.

77. Tall Pants: This is fun name.

78. Great White: Hopefully, he is a bit less predatory than the great white shark.

79. Lankenstein: This is adorable.

80. Tally: If the other names don’t work for you, use this one.

81. Sycamore: Sycamore is a pretty name.

82. Big Fish: For your big fish.

83. Cloudy: He is so tall that the only thing he can see is the clouds.

84. Longosaur: This is a fun one.

85. Iceberg: Icebergs can be extremely tall and large.

86. Stick: For your tall stick.

87. Lanky Bait: Use this if he is cute enough to be “bait” for all the ladies.

88. Slim: For a tall, thin man.

89. Belt: Because he is as long and thin as a belt.

90. Rooftop: All he can see is the rooftop from his height.

91. Snake: He might not slither, but he is long enough to be a snake.

92. Lofty: For your lofty fellow.

93. Tall Boy: This works even better if he likes beers like tall boys.

94. Avatar: This is a sweet, classy sounding name.

95. Snowman: For tall guys who are also well-rounded.

96. Swing: From that height, being held in his arms is like being on a swing.

97. Carrot: This works even better if he also has red hair.

98. North Pole: At that height, he should be able to see the North Pole.

99. Alpine: Alpine regions are known for being high up.

100. Stretch: This is one of the most common nicknames for tall guys.


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