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Nicknames for Uncle


Before you give birth to a child, you naturally start to think of all the nicknames that they can use for grandparents, aunts and uncles. While it seems like there are a million different nicknames for grandparents, a nickname for uncle is harder to find. Luckily, we have you covered with some of the best nicknames for uncles out there.

unique uncle names

1. Oom: This is awesome and fun to say. It also happens to be the Dutch word for uncle. It is aso the word for Afrikaans, which is a language closely related to Dutch.

2. Unk: This is a hip, easy option.

3. Ujak: This is the word for uncle in Croatian and Bosnian.

4. Uncle and First Name : Just about everyone uses this nickname for uncle.

5. Onu: In the Estonian language, this is the word used for uncle.

6. Unkie: Cute!

7. Zio: This unique word for uncle actually comes to us from Italian.

8. Good Unk: Of course, a nickname like this implies that there is a bad uncle out there as well.

9. Stric: This is Slovenian for uncle, but it also sounds like the English word, “strict.” This would be the perfect nickname if your uncle happens to be extremely strict.

10. Nunk: For not-uncle (Nunk). Use it for someone who is not actually your uncle.

11. Amaki: This sounds adorable and is actually the Uzbek word for uncle.

12. Uncail: In Irish, this is the word for uncle.

13. Unko: This just sounds cool.

14. Favorite Uncle: It might be a bit long, but your uncle will surely love it.

15. Onkel: I love the spelling in this nickname. It also happens to be German for uncle.

Alternative Names for Uncle

16. Unkie: Cute!

17. Unks: You can’t go wrong with the simple nicknames for uncle on this list.

18. Tio: This is the Spanish word for uncle.

19. Tonton: This is how you say uncle in Haitian Creole.

20. Unky: This one is just adorable.

21. Uncle B.: With this nickname for uncle, just insert the first letter of the uncle’s name.

22. Unchi: This cute name for an uncle comes from the Romanian language.

23. Oncle: In Catalan, this is the word for uncle.

24. Avunculus: If you want one of the most old-fashioned nicknames for uncles out there, use this word for uncle that comes from ancient Latin.

25. Ziju: This word for uncle comes from Maltese—you can bet that no one else at school is going to be using this word!

26. Umalume: This word for uncle comes from Zulu and is a lot of fun to say.


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