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120 Sweet Nicknames for Your Wife


You love your wife, but you still are not sure which nicknames would be best for her. Finding the right terms of endearment is must. Some of these nicknames will develop over time naturally. If you want to jump start the process, check out these 120 nicknames for wife. Ranging from common nicknames to more unusual options, these terms of endearment will help you express your love for your wife in a romantic, cute way.

1. Heartbeat: Your wife is like an extension of yourself, so calling her your heartbeat makes complete sense.

2. Cherub: While your wife might not be angelic all the time, this nickname will certainly make her feel heavenly.

3. Sweetie Pie: Sweetie Pie is actually an extremely common nickname. You hear it less often today than in the past though—my parents used to use this nickname all the time.

4. Hot Stuff: If you want to make your wife feel sexually attractive, this would be a good phrase to use. After years of being together, it is easy to feel taken for granted or less attractive than before. Cute nicknames for your wife can help her feel like as beautiful as when you first met.

5. Cutie: This is a fairly simple option, but it works.

6. Sunshine: If you wife is always smiling and happy, call her by this nickname.

7. Blossom: This conjures up an image of a beautiful flower.

8. Cowgirl: This is a good nickname for ladies who love horseback riding, country music or back country living.

9. Baby: Honestly, we wish this name weren’t so popular. Your nicknames reflect the type of relationship you have, and “baby” isn’t exactly an term for an equal or an adult.

10. Hon’: This is a shortened version of the nickname, Honey.

11. My Lady: This sounds like something that a knight would say to a damsel in distress.

12. Smiley: We have never heard this used for a wife before, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the first person to try it.

13. Sexy: This one is an easy option to choose.

14. Beautiful: This name scores points for being easy, descriptive and perfect for everyday use.

15. Cuddle Bunny: This is a cute, cuddly nickname. You would probably need a different pet name for when you are in bed though.

16. Dewdrop: Dewdrops are pretty, and this sounds like a sweet name.

17. Bunny: You should probably check with your wife before you call her after an animal. She might think it’s cute, but she also might just get angry about being compared to a rabbit.

18. Amazing: This is a safe, pretty option.

19. Sweetie: You can’t go wrong with Sweetie.

20. Candy: Again, you should probably check with your wife first. She might like that candy is as sweet as she is, but she also might think that this is a stripper’s name.

21. Darling: This is always a lovely option to choose.

22. Sweetheart: Simple, yet effective.

23. Sugar: This is a great nickname if you have a wife who is as sweet as sugar.

24. Better Half: If you want to compliment your wife and let her know that you have the best deal, use this nickname.

25. Cuddle Cakes: This nickname is a little cute and extra silly.

26. My Love: This is an expressive, heartfelt nickname.

27. Dumpling: Dumpling is a good option to choose if you are looking for a name that is a little silly.

28. Doll: You should probably be careful about this one—some women do not want to be called things like doll or baby.

29. Dear Heart: We think that Dear Heart is an adorable nickname.

30. Buttercup: Buttercups are sunny and pretty, which means this is a lovely name for your wife.

31. Apple of My Eye: This nickname is a bit too long, but we still like it.

32. Princess: Another nickname to be careful about.

33. My Girl: This is a fairly simple nickname for your wife.

34. Butterfly: Who doesn’t like butterflies?

35. Pumpkin: We think that this is an adorable nickname.

36. Sweetness: If you want a modern take on Sweetie, this is it.

37. Brown Eyes: Obviously, you could change this to match the actual color of her eyes.

38. Dearest One: Dearest One is a sweet sounding nickname.

39. Charming: You normally hear people say Prince Charming, but we think that this would work as well.

40. Adorable: This is a sweet, easy nickname.

41. Shawty: This name has grown more popular in recent years.

42. Dream Girl: If you want to show your wife that she is the woman of your dreams, use this name.

43. Sunny: If your wife is full of smiles, use this name.

44. Daisy: Daisy is a pretty, old-fashioned name.

45. Doll Face: Doll Face is a fairly cute option.

46. Bubby: I think that I have heard this term used to reference breasts, so use it at your own risk.

47. Bear: Teddy Bear would probably be a cuter form of this name.

48. Snookums: This might be a little too cutesy.

49. Hon’ Bun: If Honey Bun is too long, go with this option.

50. Screamer: This sounds like a name that should be kept in the bedroom.

51. Angel: If your wife is angelic, use this name.

52. Cupcake: This is a sweet, cute nickname.

53. Dove: We love how peaceful this name sounds.

54. Darling: This has been a favorite nickname for wives for centuries.

55. Cakes: This is a shortened form of names like Cupcake or Sweet Cakes.

56. Lollipop: It sounds cute enough.

57. Buddy: This is probably not the best nickname for a wife. Use it at your own risk.

58. Angel Heart: We think that this is a sweet name.

59. Giggles: This is a good option for a wife who is full of laughter and happiness.

60. Sweets: This certainly sounds sweet!

61. Wifey: You can get more creative than this name.

62. Cuddles: If your wife loves cuddles, use this name.

63. Dear: This is a fairly simple, traditional name.

64. Diamond: Diamonds are eternal like your love for your wife.

65. Boo: We normally hear this among boyfriends and girlfriends, but you could use it for your wife as well.

66. My Angel: This is a sweet name.

67. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is a cute name to choose.

68. Honey Pie: This seems like a fairly safe option.

69. Mine: This is a clear way to show that your wife is yours and you are your wife’s husband.

70. Bon-Bon: Bon-bons are sweet and so is your wife!

71. Bunbuns: This is another simple option.

72. Cuddle Muffin: There are many different variations of cuddle and muffin that you can use, and almost all of them are quite cute.

73. Bubbies: Again, we think that this stems from a word for breasts in another language. You should probably check before you pick this name for sure.

74. Gorgeous: Gorgeous is always a good option to use because it makes your wife feel beautiful and attractive.

75. Gummie Bear: Many of the variations of Bear work well as nicknames.

76. Gum Drop: Gum Drop is an adorable nickname to give your wife.

77. Angel Eyes: This works if your wife has the eye’s of an angel.

78. Freaky: This is another nickname that works best in the bedroom.

79. Hot Lips: If you have ever seen MASH, you will get what this name means.

80. Jelly Bean: Jelly Bean is such a cute nickname for your wife.

81. Doll Baby: Again, you should probably check with your wife to see if she is open to being called doll or baby.

82. Juliet: If you are her Romeo, then she can be your Juliet.

83. Pookie: This is not our favorite name in any way, but some people seem to like it.

84. Loveface: We think that this is a cute blend of silly and sweet.

85. Sweetums: This is a more traditional nickname.

86. Lovely: This combines beauty and love into one word.

87. Angel of My Life: This is a bit longer of a nickname, but at least it sounds good.

88. Lover: She is your lover, so this name makes sense.

89. Soul Mate: Hopefully, your wife is your soulmate.

90. Muffin: Muffin is a sweet, easy name.

91. Cuteness: Cuteness is a good nickname.

92. Panda Bear: Who doesn’t love pandas?

93. Button: This is perfect for a wife who is as cute as a button.

94. Peaches: Peaches sounds cute, but we aren’t really sure what it actually means.

95. Cherry: Cherry sounds sweet, and you could always make Cherry Bomb her theme song.

96. Peanut: Peanuts are little and cute, so this could work.

97. Angel Face: This would be a sweet nickname.

98. Pearl: Pearls are expensive, beautiful creations just like your wife.

99. Duckling: This sounds a bit too silly to be cute, but it would still work.

100. Snicker Doodle: Snicker doodles are delicious.

101. Cuddle Bug: We think that this nickname is absolutely adorable.

102. Snuggles: This is another adorable nickname.

103. Honey Bun: Honey Bun remains a fairly popular nickname.

104. Tiger Toes: Honestly, I am not even sure what this name is supposed to mean. It sounds cute though.

105. Dimples: Obviously, this works better if your wife actually has dimples.

106. Sugar Bear: Sugar Bear is certainly an adorable name.

107. Honey Bear: If Sugar Bear wasn’t quite right, try Honey Bear.

108. Lovey: This is a simple, easy name.

109. Doll Face: This one might be a little too cutesy.

110. Cuddle Pop: While I can’t be quite sure what this means, it does sound rather cute.

111. Sugar Plum: This nickname sounds good for ballerinas or anyone who loves the Nutcracker ballet.

112. Beauty: She can be the beauty to your beast.

113. Mi Amor: This name means my love in Spanish.

114. Belle: This is a name that means beauty.

115. Trouble: If your wife causes trouble, this could be a teasing nickname for her.

116. Bombshell: Bombshells are incredibly attractive, which makes this a great nickname for your wife.

117. Cute Face: This is simple and cute.

118. Pretty: If you want an easy nickname, go with this one.

119. Pretty Face: This has a sillier edge to it.

120. Cute Butt: If you want to be goofy and silly, go with this nickname.


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