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100 Old Man Names


Over the generations, there are some names that just keep going. This list of old man names exists entirely because so many names have lasted so long. While more modern names may temporarily become popular, many of the names on this have a lasting popularity because family members and loves ones keep using them over time. Some of the names are from the Bible, and others are the names of famous people in history. Whether you are just curious or want to find the perfect old man names for a character in your next short story, you can use these old man names to get started on your hunt.


100 Old Man Names

1. Ezra: This old man name is one that originally started in the Bible.
2. Lemuel: This name always makes me think of lemons for some reason.
3. Ambrose: This is a fairly old-fashioned, traditional name, but I really happen to like it.
4. Basil: This name was famous for an actor who once played Sherlock Holmes.
5. Luke: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John will always be popular since they were the four Gospel writers.
6. Steven: This old-fashioned name remains a popular favorite today.
7. Julian: Julian is another variation of Julius, which was once the name of a Roman emperor.
8. Ted: If you have this name, you get to share the honor with the great Teddy Roosevelt.
9. Hobart: This sounds like Bogart, which simultaneously makes me think of Harry Potter and Casablanca.
10. Benjamin: This name comes with so many different nicknames.
11. Jackson: Jackson is always a great name to go with if you like traditional options.
12. Elliot: I really happen to love the name Elliot.
13. Isaiah: If you want to find a Biblical name that is still fairly popular today, this would be a decent option.
14. Gustav: This name definitely sounds more foreign than many of the names on this list.
15. William: William has been a popular English name since William the Conquer invaded England nearly a thousand years ago.
16. Dean: Dean is a fairly good old man name.
17. Ferdinand: Along with Queen Isabella, King Ferdinand was responsible for financing Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the Americas.
18. Coleman: In addition to being a great old name, this name is also the name of a grill maker.
19. Porter: This name is making a slight comeback today.
20. Sterling: I think of the devil in Supernatural whenever I hear this name.
21. Lucius: This comes from a root word that means light.
22. Russell: Nice one!
23. Clement: This sounds like the old name, Clementine.
24. Morgan: Excellent.
25. Matthew: This Biblical name is always a popular option.
26. Arthur: Perfect for fans of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
27. Walker: This is a great option.
28. Earl: Nice.
29. Christopher: There are a lot of nicknames that work well with this.
30. Paul: Another Biblical name.

31. Garland: This name has become a bit more unusual in modern times.
32. Bryan: Nice.
33. Douglas: You can’t go wrong with this option.
34. Claude: Perfect for francophiles.
35. Clarence: Nice one.
36. Jefferson: A tribute to Thomas Jefferson.
37. Harry: A classic name.
38. Jeremiah: Another Biblical option.
39. Elias: Many old-fashioned names are Biblical names as well.
40. Andrew: Nice.
41. Christian: This remains a popular choice.
42. Herman: This is a solid option.
43. Frederick: You can go with Fred for short.
44. Ray: Excellent.
45. Joshua: Josh is a good nickname for Joshua.
46. Lloyd: Nice.
47. Edgar: This is a fun choice.
48. Harold: Harry is a more casual option.
49. Martin: Nice one.
50. Leroy: This is a good old man name.
51. Raymond: Good choice.
52. Cecil: This sounds like it could be a woman’s name as well.
53. Clyde: This is a strong, sturdy name.
54. Frank: An easy choice.
55. Jack: This could be a nickname for a variety of other names.
56. Spencer: Excellent.
57. Samuel: This is a fun one.
58. Leo: Perfect for the astrological sign, Leo.
59. Walter: Nice.
60. Victor: For the victor.

61. Floyd: Excellent choice.
62. Pedro: This is a classic option. Peter is another good one.
63. Lewis: You can’t go wrong with this name.
64. Milton: This was once the name of a famous writer.
65. Chester: Chester is a good option.
66. Warren: A good choice.
67. Willard: You never really hear this name anymore.
68. Leon: A bit fancier sounding than just Leo.
69. Bernard: This was once a fairly popular name.
70. Everett: I love this option.
71. Arnold: You don’t hear this name that often anymore.
72. Vernon: This is a name that makes me think of Harry Potter and Vernon Dursley.
73. Henry: Names of English Kings are old-fashioned, but they rarely go out of style.
74. Alvin: This only makes me think of Alvin and the Chipmunks.
75. Carlton: Nice.
76. Ralph: This is a good ,traditional name.
77. Albert: Albert is a name that has been used for years.
78. Wilbur: In recent years, Wilbur became more famous because of the pig in Charlotte’s Web.
79. Carlos: An excellent choice.
80. Ellsworth: This name sounds so classy and formal.
81. Dudley: This is another name you will hear in the Harry Potter series.
82. Marvin: Nice.
83. Stanley: You hear this name on occasion in modern life.
84. Charles: Another name that is famous because of British royalty.
85. Noble: Excellent.
86. Herbert: This is certainly an old-fashioned name.
87. Ronald: This is a solid choice.
88. Dwight: The United States had a president with this name.
89. Ramon: This is a fun option.
90. Arthur: Nice one.
91. Reginald: This comes from a Latin root word for the queen.
92. Freddie: Nice.
93. Taylor: You could probably use this as a girls’ name as well.
94. Jedidiah: You could use “Jhed” for short.
95. Harris: An excellent option to go with.
96. Irwin: This is a fairly unusual sounding name.
97. Charlie: Charles or Charlie are fairly popular options.
98. Vincent: Vince would be a shorter, simpler option that would really work just as well as Vincent.
99. Francisco: Francisco sounds like a fancier version of Anglo names like Frank. You could probably go with the name Francisco and then use Frank as just a nickname.
100. Edwin: This is definitely an old-fashioned sounding name.

Whether you want to write a novel or just want an inspired, traditional name for your baby, these options are good ones to start with. While many of these are Biblical options, there are also names of royalty and a variety of other options to choose from.


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