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8 Omega Male Traits


When we think of the best male we often think of the alpha male over any other male. We think of leadership and dominance. But we commonly forget about the other types of males that there are out there. We hate to break it to you, but the alphas aren’t always the best type.

Different Types Of Males

In case you are not too sure about what different kinds of guys there are, we have compiled a list of them and their matching definitions for you to glance over. This will help you get a better idea of what we are talking about and give you more insight to males in general.

Alpha- Alpha males are typically leaders of the pack. They know when to take charge. They are confident, dominant and have many strong leadership qualities. This can also cause them to be a little bit of a brute, blunt and arrogant. Alphas are not always like that, but often it comes with the demeanor. They do not take crap from anyone and know how to stand their ground. They often have doubts, but they will never let it show.

Omega- Omega males are literally almost the opposite of the Alphas in every way. They still remain confident, but they are much more reserved about it. Omega males are strong, but they are not fit for leadership. They lead their own lives very well, but falter if they have to take charge of more than one other person. Omegas are just as, if not more, intelligent than Alphas. You will not find much fight in an Omega. They like to resolve things much more civilly.

Beta- Betas are the shyest out of all the male types. They wouldn’t know how to take charge if you taught them how. They are withdrawn, but there to support the people that they love. Betas were born to follow someone and be at their side. They turn to others in times of need.

Sigma- Sigma males are right in between Omega and Alpha. They can hold their own and don’t necessarily need a leader to function, but they are not functioning enough to be a leader themselves. They are great at getting what they want and are considered to be very manipulative. This makes them very charismatic, but hard to get them to follow you all of the time.

Traits Of An Omega Male

Now that we have glossed over the various types of males we can dive into the set traits that make an Omega who they are. These are traits that you will not commonly find in any other type of male. These are the characteristics that sets them apart from any of the other types.

Trait #1: Super Chill: Omegas are not usually ones to try and draw attention to themselves. In fact, they hate being the center of attention. Although sometimes they find themselves secretly longing for it, they would not know what to do if they suddenly were in the center of everything. They would most likely have a panic attack and then go live under a rock for eternity. An Omega wants popularity, but they do not strive for it and they don’t make an effort to advance either. They just stay chill and do their own thing. They hardly find time to worry about other people’s business at all. They don’t find themselves in a worry if things get tough. They stay relaxed and take things slowly until they find a solution to whatever the problem is.

Trait #2: Reserved: Like we mentioned, an Omega male tends to stay chill and relaxed a majority of the time. Unlike Alphas, who try to make a big fuss out of everything they do, an Omega prefers to stay reserved and isolated. You will see him hanging around, but never letting anyone’s focus settle on him is his main goal. He wants to do things at his own pace, in his own way and without anyone there to bother him while he does so! He would much rather tough things out by his lonesome than involve others. He, of course, has friends and a support network, but you won’t hear them discuss how needy he is… Ever. Because he doesn’t seem to rely much on others in his life. Except maybe for some talking and laughing, that is!

Trait #3: Peaceful: Alphas are the first ones to get aggressive when they take matters into their own hands. Not right off the bat, of course, but if it comes down to it they are not afraid to bring out the big guns. Whatever those may be… However, an Omega would much rather solve things without a lot of confrontation. That’s not saying that they are cowards, but they just prefer to avoid aggressive situations at all costs. They understand that there are other, and better, ways to handle tough situations. An Alpha will want to show who is boss. Whilst an Omega does not care as much about that.

Trait #4: Generous: Omegas are definitely more generous than any other type of male. They have always been the underdog. So they know what it is like to get left behind. This gives them a lot of empathy. Which makes them more understanding of other people’s struggles. They will spend more time helping others than you would imagine. However, if you scorn an Omega, they may not ever come to your aid. Because, as we said, they are constantly underdogs and thrown under the bus. They have big hearts, but they don’t have any room in those hearts for people that treat them badly.

Trait #5: Genuine: Omega males oftentimes are much more genuine than Alphas or any other kinds of males. That is not us saying that Alphas aren’t genuine, because they are. However, Omegas are more genuine. Sometimes Alphas need to not be authentic to get their way or to continue to be leaders. Oppositely, Omegas do not need to hold a title or position, so they have no reason to ever be ingenuine.

Trait #6: Confident: This trait is a hit or miss. It all depends on who the Omega is, but it applies to most of them. Of course, Alphas do have Omegas indefinitely beat in this department. But Omegas have a much more subtle confidence. Sometimes it can be swayed very easily.

Trait #7: Humble: Omegas are definitely the most humbled type of male. Like we said, they know what it feels like to be an underdog. They tend not to take much for granted. Things do not necessarily come easily to them. So they are grateful for what they get, like chances they are given or opportunities that come their way. Alphas definitely feel a sense of entitlement when it comes to these types of things.

Trait #8: Monogamous: One thing an omega is not? A player! Once in awhile you might find a stray one to be, but normally they are pretty into monogamy. Omegas tend to settle down with one partner at a time. They also don’t like to “play the field” because they are much more sincere creatures in everything they do.


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