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100 A-Z One Syllable Boy Baby Names


Looking for a cute one syllable name for you baby boy? Good, you’ve come to the right place!


Ax is a cool and simple new age type of name to give to your baby boy. Instead of the same old Axel, shorten it to make it sound even cooler!


Art sounds like an amazing name for a male infant. It makes it seem like he has something to do with beautiful art! Who knows, maybe if you give him this name he will turn out to be a great artist someday! You will never know unless you try.


A little bit of an older name, but put a new twist on Abraham by shortening it to just Abe. This makes it feel a little more relevant and not so outdated. It also gives him a sense of historical importance!


Beau is a beautiful name used commonly in the southern parts of the U.S.A. like in places such as Louisiana. It technically means a boyfriend or male admirer.


Forget William or Billy and keep your child’s name simple with the ageless name Bill.


Like the great villain with the crazy voice from the Batman series! This name is tough and strong, just like your child will be in the future! Not only is it a powerful sounding name, but it’s only one easy syllable to say.


Very similar sounding to Bane, but totally different at the same time! Blaine is a great name to give your baby boy. It’s simple and rolls right off the tongue.


A perfect name for someone you hope will have a sharp wit someday! It’s a great, tough guy like name, but belongs on even the gentle of little, tiny babies!


Boe is a great name. It’s not very commonly used and is so easy to say, as well as write. Say it five times fast and you will probably fall in love with it.


This is a perfect name for those of you out there that love Pokemon. Brock from the original series was one of the coolest characters!


Chase is a fairly commonly used one syllable name for boys. It’s great for those babies with a lot of energy from the get go!


Char will make your baby boy sound like he’s the coolest cat on the block.


Cas doesn’t have to just be a feminine name anymore. Cas is a widely used name nowadays. And we can see why! It sounds totally badass.


A perfect name for a perfect newborn of any sort.


Remember Bonnie and Clyde? The story may be old, but the name always seems to sound brand new! It’s a great name to use in 2017 and up. We demand Clyde be brought back! It’s just too cute not to use.


Dash kind of reminds you of the word dashing. Shorten it up to make the perfect name for a dashing little man!


Dale is a great name is you are looking for a one syllable name that starts with the letter D.


As Drake releases more and more albums, the more and more popular the name gets. Use it on your baby and name him after a cool rapper!


Dan doesn’t always have to be Daniel, it can just simply be used as Dan. It sounds so much more awesome that way anyways.


Dade is also a great D name to use when naming your child. It just has a certain air about it when you say it. It makes you feel as if your child might end up fighting evil someday.


Dax Sheppard, the famous actor, really brought light to this neat little name. It’s so simple, yet so fun to say!


You have the power to make your child feel like royalty by giving him this royal based name!

It’s also a popular name used by southerners due to the show Dukes Of Hazard.


There aren’t many one syllable baby boy names that start with the letter E. However, there is the very intriguing name of Ev. It just sounds awesome.


Gabe is a great name that is of Hebrew origin. It’s a light sounding name, for sturdy personalities.


Gage is a word meaning “of good faith” and we have a lot of faith you will enjoy naming your boy this one!


Grant this sophisticated name a chance by dawning it upon your child! He will never fail to seem classy to anyone who meets him. Just the name itself gives off a good first impression.


Remember Garth from Wayne’s World? Or Garth Brooks? Both super cool dudes.


Greer is a unisex name, but it sounds totally awesome either way, don’t you think?


Maybe you are a Walking Dead fan. Maybe it’s too soon to say his name, but if you really miss the character you can bring him back to life by using this on your adorable baby boy!


Although gray/grey is a color, it makes for a very chill name. Whether you think of Christian Grey from 50 Shades, Dorian Grey or even Grey’s Anatomy the name Grey is more than worth naming your kid.


Gus is a simple 3 letter name with English roots. It’s a great name for a cute baby.


A classic name with only one syllable!


R.I.P Heath Ledger, but thank him for bringing light to this adorable name.


Hank may seem outdated, but it’s certainly making a comeback now!


Hart is a wonderful name that can be used in both an effeminate way or a feminine way. It’s a great name to emphasize the hope that your child has a big heart some day and is kind to others.


Ike is a Hebrew name meaning “he laughs”. It’s a perfect name for a baby full of smiles!


Not your typical name starting with I, but that’s what makes it even cooler! Instead of boring Irving or Irvine, skip all the dramatics and keep it easy to say by shortening it to Irve. It sounds way better that way. We promise.


Like the cool music, you can name your child Jazz. It’s a great name to give to someone who seems like they will be full of soul.


Another classic name with a nice ring to it.


Like the famous James Bond. Or many of the other popular James named persons out there. Definitely not a modern name, but if you are looking for something more rustic then James might be for you.


Jeff can just be Jeff. You don’t have to complicate things by naming your child Jeffrey. Just jeff sounds much nicer.


A popular name that is making a comeback.


Jules is an pleasant sounding French name. It really has a nice feeling to it and sounds super cute when you say it aloud. Try it! You might like it.


Jude is a great biblical based name. It’s perfect sounding and has only one syllable. Which makes it even better!


Jet means “black gemstone” but it makes for a decent name. It sounds very new age and modern.


Jay really just has a smooth sound to it. Using this name on a baby boy is always a grand idea!


Jake, like Jake from Statefarm. Just kidding, but it is an awesome one syllable name that you could use!


Looking for something with a Greek vibe to it? Well you’re in luck. Jace is a named of Greek origin. Plus it sounds really sweet.


Like the veggie. You’ll either love it or hate this name. Just like the veggie…


Ever watch The Vampire Diaries? If so, you may have heard the name Kai a few times. We heard it and it inspired us to put this impressive name on the list.


A sly K name that you can use on your baby boy.


Like Clark Kent from Superman.


Ken just has a nice sound to it when you say it. It’s a simple name, but one of the best one syllable names there are. Especially if you are looking for something starting with a K.


Knox will surely knock anyone down! It’s a tough sounding name for your tough little guy!


Kip is a great name to use if you are looking for something shorter than average.


Kane is a popular Irish name.


Laird is a scottish word meaning “man with a large estate”, but it makes for a very likeable name that you could give your precious baby.


Anyone who watches the show Shameless knows how great the name Lip is! It’s definitely one of the better ones on this list.


Like the great Viking Leif Erikson.


Luke is a timeless one syllable name. It’s great for those of you looking for more biblically based names!


Lou is a French name meaning “famous warrior.”


A brave sounding name. Like Lancelot! It’s sophisticated and really simple to say. Even easier to write!


Come on, Lars just sounds awesome, doesn’t it?


If you are a fan of water, you might like to use the name Lake on your child.


Lloyd is a commonly used name, but is also a very common surname. It’s a great name to choose if you are looking to stick with the classics.


There have been many fine men that wear the name Max well. Your child could, too!


Matt doesn’t always have to be from Matthew. It can just be Matt. Plain Matt.


Max is a zesty name. It just sounds like he’s going to be a leader some day!


A name doesn’t have to be miles long. It can be one syllable. Like the actual name Miles.


Mike is a perfect name for a baby boy. It’s poised and said easily.


Another great name given to us from Hebrew origin.


Not quite a traditional name, but that is exactly why we like it and put it here for you to gander at.


Originally derived from a surname, Nash’s popularity is increasing all over the world. And we can see why. It sounds really marvelous.


Nate is a shortened version of Nathan, but if you want it can just simply be Nate. Sounds cooler that way anyways.


Another common one syllable name.


Niles just sounds like whoever wears it has their crap together. That’s the kind of name we’d want to give to our kids.


A sweet Gaelic name that is one syllable.


Grant this name to your baby boy only if you want them to forever sound like they are intelligent!


An unorthodox name that only consist of three letters.


Oak is a big, strong tree. The name itself sounds strong!


There aren’t many O names with one syllable, but Owe is one of them!


Like the infamous Edgar Allan Poe. A great poet.


Pete is a classic name.


Pen is a modern sounding name. We like the way it makes you feel when you say it! Pen, pen, pen!


Pax is a religious term. It’s a great name to use on your baby boy if you consider yourself a religious person.


This name will pierce right through hearts! Anyone with this name will surely be a ladies man.


Who doesn’t love the sound of this one syllable name? Your guess is as good as ours.


Ever heard the name Quint before? It’s time for it to rise up and take over! That’s how impressive it is.


An adorable English baby name.


Tad means to be small. So if you have a smaller child Tad would be a good name to dote on him.


Vern sounds like a really magnificent and sturdy sounding name.


Vance is an excellent English based name.


Vince Vaughn isn’t the only person who can pull of this inspiring name.


Wes is, again, an English name that means “west meadow” but it sounds super cool when said aloud.


Wade makes it seem like he can push through anything! It’s a solid sounding name.


Will comes from many different names, but shortening it up is always the best option!


Like the famous Ivy League school. So classy!


Surely you have heard of the name Zach before, but it never gets less cute, does it?


Zane means “God’s gracious gift”.


Zeke is a goofy sounding name, but we love it nonetheless!


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