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60 One Word Boutique Names


You want to start a new boutique, but you are not sure what to call it. While there are a number of clever names that are a bit longer, a short name is easier for your clients to remember. These one word boutique names are a good way to brainstorm a trendy name. Since these names are so short, you can also blend together multiple names on this list for a more unique option.

Any cute names for a clothing boutique

60 One Word Boutique Names

1. Envy: For a shop that everyone will envy.

2. Bows: Cute!

3. Sparkles: This is a boutique with clothes that sparkle.

4. Minis: This sounds like a children’s boutique.

5. Dazzle: Nice !

6. Hue: For clothes in every hue and tone.

7. Glitz: For nights when you have to dress up.

8. In-Style: Because of the hyphen, this technically counts as one word, right?

9. Diva: For all of those divas out there.

10. Glam: This boutique would sell the most glamorous clothes.

11. Sashays: Cute!

12. Mode: A la mode means of the fashion or in fashion in French.

13. Charm: Adorable!

14. Feathers: This sounds like an interesting boutique name.

15. Flair: This is one of the best one word boutique names.

16. Stylista: A classic option.

17. Apparel: This option is a bit too obvious.

18. Fashionista: This name says everything you need to.

19. Haut: This name comes from the term haut couture.

20. The Hanger: Technically, this is now two words, but it just wouldn’t make sense as just “hanger.”

trendy boutique names

21. Diverse: For a shop that sells diverse clothes.

22. Chicks: A shop for women or a play on the word chic.

23. Fringe: Awesome.

24. Outfitters: An easy choice.

25. Clothier: This is a term for someone who sells or makes clothes.

26. Peeks: Cute.

27. Chic: This would be a great choice.

28. Armoire: This is a type of wardrobe.

29. Couture: Awesome.

30. Sass: For sassy ladies.

31. Hub: An easy choice.

32. Flair: Flair or flare? You decide.

33. Boutique: This is an overly obvious choice.

34. Boudoir: Classy.

35. Allme: This sounds French, but is just a blend of the words, “all me.”

36,. Aphrodite: Aphrodite was known as the goddess of love.

37. Genie: Fun!

38. Vixen: Nice one.

39. Lace: Leather and Lace would be a cute name, too.

40. Hera: Hera was the queen of the gods in Greek mythology.

simple boutique names

41. Trilogy: This would be a modern, one word boutique name.

42. Frills: Adorable!

43. Millinery: This is a term for a hat shop.

44. Craze: Nice!

45. Merci: This is French for thank you.

46. Mania: There will be a mania about all of your clothes!

47. Belle: This means beautiful.

48. Fad: An obvious choice.

49. Styles: An easy option.

50. Closet: Cute!

attractive names for boutique

51. Cupid: Because customers will fall in love with your clothes.

52. Branded: This is a play on words. You sell brands, but the brand names actually brand people.

53. Beauty: Without the beast.

54. Denim: Cute!

55. Iris: This is a pretty option.

56. Nexus: You are the nexus for all things clothes.

57. Blossom: This is one of the sweetest-sounding one word boutique names.

58. Peppermint: Cute.

59. Quaintrelle: This is the female version of a dandy.

60. Meadow: This is a very youthful-sounding boutique name.


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