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20 Fun Party Games for Teenagers


Unsurprisingly, teens today love parties just as much as they did a few decades ago. Whether it is a birthday party or a dance, teenagers are found of any chance to socialize and have fun. If you want to your teens to have a fun time with their friends, try out some of these 20 fun party games for teenagers.

1. Sleeping Beauty Game

This is a fun game that is ideal for girls who are having a sleepover. Ideally, you should have at least five players for this game, and you do not need to have any other supplies. The entire goal of this game is not to give in. In the game, each girl gets a turn at being Sleeping Beauty. Her job is to lie down on a bed or sleeping bag like she is completely asleep. With this in mind, she should not talk, move or even blink. Meanwhile, the other girls will try to wake her up. They can do whatever they want to to make her laugh or move as long as they do not touch her. Before long, the room will dissolve into laughter as another Sleeping Beauty breaks the rules and starts to giggle.

2. Speed Stacker

This is a game that involves stacking. It can be used with boys or girls, although boys seem to really enjoy this game. To play this game, you need a table and 50 party cups or cans. In the game, your players have a minute to stack up as many cups as they can without knocking them over. Once the player’s turn ends, count the cups and unstack them for the next player. The winner is the person who has the most cups stacked in a minute without knocking them over.

3. Medusa

Medusa was a figure in Greek legends who had snakes instead of hair. This fun game takes its name from her and works best with 10 or more players. All you need to play this game is a lot of extra space.

To get started, have your players stand in a circle. Their arms should be around the shoulders of each neighbor on either side. The players start with their heads bowed down. Count to tree and then have the players look up at another player. This can be any player in the circle. If two people end up looking directly at each other, they must scream immediately and fall down as if they were dead. The game keeps going until there are only two people left to play.

4. Sock Wrestling

Sock Wrestling is a fun, easy game for teenagers to play. It allows them to use up their extra energy. The wrestling aspect of this game is also ideal for teenage boys. All you need is two pairs of sock for each boy. This game works best if you have six or more players.

To play this game, you divide the groups of boys into pairs. Each boy wears a sock on either of his hands. When you tell them to go, each pair tries to remove the other person’s socks. The person with their socks still on wins the game. Afterward, the winners of the first round can play each other in a new round until you ultimately get down to just two players. This game is a lot of fun, although teenage boys can get pretty rough as they play it. You should definitely make sure to have an adult in the room to moderate the game and make sure that no one ends up getting hurt.

5. Balloon Blow

Balloon Blow requires different colored balloons and at least six players. This simple game can be played indoors, so it is a good option if it is raining outside.

To start out the game, divide everyone into pairs. Each pair has one goal: to keep their balloon in the air by just blowing on it with their mouths. Obviously, you will need to have plenty of space to play this game to make sure that the pairs do not bump into each other. Everyone starts at the same time, but has to sit down if their balloon drops to the floor. The players with their balloons still in the air last are the winners.

6. Would You Rather?

This is a good game for a group of girls at a sleepover. It involves asking a lot of questions, so the girls can get to know each other better. You ideally will want to have at least three players, and more players will equal more fun. All you need to do is get together a list of “Would You Rather” questions that are appropriate for teenagers. There are a number of options available online that you can print out.

To play the game, have the girls sit in a circle. One girl will start the game by asking a question with, “Would you rather . . .” She fills in the blank with two options. For example, the question could be, “Would you rather eat hot ice cream or frozen pizza?” The questions can be silly, weird or gross depending on what the girls want. The girls can keep playing this game until they run out of questions or become bored.

7. Find the Leader

This game works for boys or girls of all ages. It involves a bit of creativity and is a lot of fun to play. You can play this with 10 or more players, and you just need to have plenty of space available for them to move around in.

Start by asking your players to make a large circle. There should be enough space between each player and within the circle for the players to move around easily without bumping into each other. One player is “It.” If you have a really large group, you can pick two players to be “It” instead. The “It” players are sent out of the room and told to wait. While they are outside of the room, the other players choose a leader. The leader’s job is to jump, do a gesture, adopt a posture or do a movement that everyone else has to copy.

Once the leader is chosen, the “It” players are called back to the room. Now, the “It” players stands in the center of the circle and the players begin to copy the leader. The “It” player has to figure out who the leader is. You should probably warn the other players not to look at the leader all the time or directly because this will make it too easy to figure out who the leader is. If the “It” can figure out who the leader is, then the leader turns into the “It” person and the game goes again. To make this game even more fun, the leader can get super creative with unusual gestures or funny movements.

8. Fortune Teller Game

This fun slumber part games requires a pen and sheets of paper. Each sheet should be turned into smaller pieces that are all the same size. You can play this game with six or more players.

Every girl is given four pieces of paper and a pen or pencil. Now, they have to write down a boy’s name, a location, a number and a profession. The girls can write down anything they want for these things. Once they are done, the players fold the slips of papers and put each of the four papers into the right category of bag.

Now, each girl in the group will draw one slip from each bag. Then, they will get to read their fortune. For example, Bella pulls the following descriptors from the bag: Bella will be a doctor, marry Thomas, live in a cardboard box and have 50 children. The weirder and more unusual the answers, the more amusing the game will be.

9. How’s It Hanging?

This is another game that is great for a teen party. It can be easily played at home with six or more players. To do this game, you will need to have a banana, a long piece of string, an orange and a hula hoop. Before the game starts, you should tie the string to the banana, and your string should be at least 12 inches long.

This game is played by one player at a time. They have exactly a minute to try to win. The banana (and its string) is tied to the front of the player’s jeans or pants. The string length is then adjusted so that the banana is touching the ground. Next, the orange is placed on one end of the room. The hula hoop is placed on the other side. The player now has to move the orange to the hula hoop using their banana within just a minute. Whoever can manage to do this in just a minute is able to win a prize at the end of the game.

10. Eat the Doughnut

This game is perfect for a group of teenage boys, although it is fun for either gender. The main goal of the game is to jump up high and get the doughnut. This game can be played with six or more players. You will nee a minimum of a dozen doughnuts, a clothesline and a string.

To play this game, you must tie the string or clothesline along the length of your ceiling. It needs to be at least six feet or higher depending on the average height of the teenagers in the room. A string is then tied to each doughnut and hanged onto the clothesline. You should not hang up more than about six doughnuts at a time because you want to make sure that the players have plenty of room to play and stand comfortably. Bring the players into the room and have them stand a little apart with a bit of space between each other.

Each player should be standing underneath one of the doughnuts hanging above their heads. When the moderator says go, the players have to eat the doughnut above their head without using their hands or any other part of their body. Whoever successfully finishes their doughnut first, wins!

11. Baby in the Air

This game is all about being competitive and alert. It works best when you have eight or more players, and the players will compete in teams of two. You will need to have water, plenty of space to play and balloons. Before the game, make sure to fill at least 10 balloons with water.

Once the participants are ready, get them to form a circle with a single individual within the center. Each player is given a number. The person in the center of the circle says, “Baby in the Air, I call number ____.” As they say this, they throw a water balloon at the same time. The person whose number was called has to quickly move to the middle of the circle to catch the “baby.” If the balloon is dropped, that player is out.

12. Stack Them Up

In this skill game, you need six or more players. You will need sandwich cookies or chocolate ding dong cakes.

This game is all about balancing and stacking things. The player has to lean backwards so that they can stack the sandwich cookies on their forehead. Their goal is to stack as many sandwich cookies as possible. If the stack falls over, it is the next player’s turn.

13. Wrecking Ball

This game is another one where you have just one minute to win. In Wrecking Ball, you will need six or more players. You will need a large stocking that is big enough to fit over the top of a teenager’s head. You will also need tennis balls and filled water bottles.

This can be done as a competition between two players or two teams. Put the tennis ball in the extra large stocking and allow it to sink to the bottom. Then put the other end of the stocking on the teenagers head so that the remainder of the stocking (and tennis ball) hang down like a wrecking ball. Seven water bottles are placed in a row by the moderator. There should be two rows for the competition. When the moderator says go, the players start to use the stockings like a wrecking ball to knock over the water bottles faster than their opponents do. You can also do this with each player doing it on their own on a timer instead. Whichever player knocks over the most bottles, wins.

14. Wink Murderer

Your teenagers will love this stealthy game. You do not need any supplies, and you can prepare for this highly popular game in less than five minutes. The game revolves around one murder who is able to kill the other players by winking at them. To decide on the murder, put a bunch of slips of paper in a hat and one slip of paper will say “murderer” on it. The player who pulls this slip of paper will be the Wink Murderer.

When the game begins, the players make eye contact with each other while slyly trying to see where the other players are looking. When the murderer winks at someone, that person has to count to five before they fall over dead. The other players will have to keep playing until they can figure out who the murderer was. If they think they know who the murderer was, they will say, “I accuse.” Then, they can ask everyone else if they suspect anyone. Someone else can also say, “I accuse.” Then, on the count of three, the accusers point at the person that they think is the murderer. If they point to the same person who is the murderer, the game is over. If the accusers are wrong, they are out of the game. The game keeps going until the murderer is discovered or all the other players have been eliminated.

15. Vroom! Vroom!

Vroom Vroom is a fun party game for teenagers. This game revolves around easy rules, and the game works best when everyone follows the rules exactly. Vroom Vroom is played with eight or more players. The only requirement for the game is having enough players and plenty of space for the players to move in.

To start, the teenagers need to stand in a circle. They put their arms in front like holding a steering wheel. A player says “Vroom” to start the game. Then, they make a hand movement like turning their steering wheel left or right. Everyone else copies the lead player. To change direction, the player says “Errrt” and then “Vroom” as they switch directions. If a player makes a mistake, they are eliminated. Eliminated players have to write their name in the air with their butt. The game continues until just one player is left.

16. Knockdown

This game is played with six or more players. You need three lightweight balls and 25 party cups. You can use cans or tins instead if you do not have any party cups.

Set the party cups into a pyramid and make the player stand a distance away from it. Then, give them a sponge ball or a ball that is lighter than the tennis ball. The player throws one ball at a time until they knock down all of the cups. Each player can use up to three balls, and the player who uses the least balls to knock down all of the cups wins.

17. Wacky Duck

This is a fun party game that requires plenty of space. It can be played with eight or more players.

To play the game, have everyone sit in a circle. Make sure that the circle is big enough for one player to sit in the center. The center person is “It.” They are blindfolded and spun several times. While they are being spun around, the players rearrange their seating order. When everyone is back in the circle, the “It” uses a rolled-up newspaper or spoon to feel the person. When the “It” stops at someone, they sit down. The player then has to quack like a duck in a funny voice. The player has to use that quack to try to guess who the person is. If “It” is right, then the player becomes “It” and the game starts again. Otherwise, the “It” moves on to someone else and has to try to guess again. This game becomes more fun if players use super silly or fake voices to try to fool the “It” player.

18. Balloon Stomp

This game involves 10 or more players. You need different colors of string and balloons. This is ideally an outdoor game, so it works best in your backyard. The balloons will burst, so it is not a game that is good for inside the house.

The entire goal is to burst the other team’s balloons without having any of your balloons broken. Divide the teenagers into two teams with an equal number of players on each side. Each team gets a different color of strings. Then, the balloons are tied to the players legs with a long string. When you say go, the players move around quickly to try to step on the other teams balloons with their feet. At the same time, they want to avoid having their balloons stomped. The team that can crush the other team’s balloons first, wins the game.

19. Act It Out

This game involves eight or more players. You will want some props, pens and paper. This can be played with teenage girls or boys, but girls especially seem to like this game.

Write out slips of players with characters, events or scenes that the players can act out. Make two groups of players with equal numbers of people. One person from the team picks a slip of paper. Then, the team gets a minute to recreate the scene like a movie set, funeral or graduation. If the slip of paper has a thing on it, they can use their bodies or props to create it. The judge gets to decide who created their slip of paper best, and the winning team is given a point.

20. Junk in the Trunk

This game is played with six or more players. You need a belt (or a rope), an empty tissue box, eight ping pong balls, plenty of space and glue or tape. Attach the empty tissue box to the belt so that it looks like a waist pouch or fanny pack. Take the plastic off of the tissue box so that the opening is completely clear.

Each player has one minute to try to win the game. The ping pong balls are placed in the tissue box on the belt. The player then attaches the belt to their waist so that the box is actually behind their back. Then, they have one minute to try to shake their body enough to get the balls out. Whoever can get all eight balls out in a minute wins a prize. You can also time how long it takes and see who can get all of the balls out the fastest.


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