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50 Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students


Giving a persuasive speech can be unnerving. One of the most common, if not the most common, phobia is about public speaking. Unfortunately, you probably can’t avoid your speech forever. Some day, you will have to give a speech in college or at work. It is better to learn how to give a speech now than struggle to figure it out later on.

In many high school and college classes, speech giving is a requirement. Many colleges require students to take at least one communications class. Persuasive speech topics are one of the most common options. With this type of speech, you pick a position on a topic and argue your point. Your entire goal is to get the other person to believe that your side is right. While it may be a persuasive speech, this does not mean that you can stick to just opinions. If you want to get an A+, your speech will also need to be built on facts.

Preparing for Persuasive Speech Topics in College

As soon as you know that you will have a persuasive speech, immediately start preparing. Your first goal is to make sure that you have a topic in mind. Once you have the topic, you can begin to research it and write your speech. By preparing early, you give yourself more time to practice the speech and become comfortable.

Before you give your speech, make sure to practice it a few times in front of a mirror. This will help you figure out the gestures and timing for your speech. You should also find a friend or family member to practice on. Afterward, ask them for advice about things that you should change.

You should make sure to integrate facts into your argument since a fact is more convincing than an opinion. You can use real-life examples to make the topic really come alive. Avoid using vague terms or generalities. In addition, you need to think of a creative introduction and thesis statement if you really want to hook your audience and get them interested in your persuasive speech.

1. Should every school day start with a time for silent prayer or meditation, regardless of how the students feel about religion?

2. Is studying martial arts good for your physical and mental health?

3. Should there be a universal minimum wage that everyone gets whether they work or not?

4. Should marijuana be legalized recreationally and medically in every state?

5. Should the government support renewable energy sources like wind power?

6. Does being a vegetarian or vegan mean that you automatically have a healthier lifestyle?

7. Should parents and teachers be required to meet at least once a year?

8. Should textbooks be free for any student?

9. Should college students be required to wear school uniforms?

10. Should Puerto Rico become an actual state?

11. Is luck more important than talent in determining your success in life?

12. Should the government provide everyone with “free” health insurance?

13. Is the movie or television rating system rigged?

14. Does it hurt you to plan for the future?

15. Should public schools be required to offer a class about world religions?

16. Does fame hurt child stars?

17. Should voting be a mandatory requirement for every citizen?

18. Should sex education be required in schools?

19. Are dogs a better pet than cats?

20. Should adopted children be told the identity of both of their parents?

21. Should there be taxes placed on junk food to reduce how much people eat?

22. Should gun manufacturers be held responsible for any gun-related crimes?

23. Should people eat vegetarian diets at least once a week to help the environment?

24. Does buying from local farmers actually reduce your carbon footprint?

25. Is human cloning a good thing or ethical?

26. Will losing weight actually change your lifestyle or happiness?

27. Should all exams be open book?

28. Should juveniles be charged as adults for some crimes?

29. Should the government cut off food aid for countries controlled by dictators?

30. Should students be required to turn off the television during the school week?

31. Is there life after death?

32. Should students ever take a college credit card offer?

33. Should terrorists still get their constitutional rights?

34. Do people ever lie in a healthy relationship?

35. Is global warming real or just a myth?

36. Should you forget about the past and move on?

37. Is internet dating a good way to find a spouse?

38. Are cats little sociopaths?

39. Should the legal drinking age be lowered?

40. Should single parents be allowed to adopt children?

41. Are vampires real?

42. Is there an actual danger in hunting ghosts?

43. Gas prices seem to constantly go up. Should the minimum wage be pegged to the increase in gas prices?

44. Charter schools have been talked about a lot in the media. Should religious schools be eligible for school vouchers and get money from the federal government?

45. Should the United States have a royal family of its own? Does it already have de facto royal families?

46. Should there be a limit to how much fast food you are allowed to buy every week?

47. Should video games be required to remove any violent or sexually explicit content from their game?

48. Is traveling and studying abroad actually beneficial for college students?

49. Should all high school and college students be required to have mandatory drug tests?

50. Should every parent be required to take a special class that teaches them how to be a parent before they are allowed to have children?

Before you choose a topic for sure, make sure to check with your teacher first. Often, college professors will have certain topics or subject areas that they expect you to use in your speech. In some cases, your teacher will even provide you with suggested topics. Make sure to read through the assignment carefully before you choose any topic for your speech.


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