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100 Sweet Pet Names for Your Girlfriend


While the sound of your girlfriend’s name is enough to make your heart go a-flutter, it’s an added sign of sweetness and familiarity when you give her a pet name that suits her well. However, it’s not always easy to pick the perfect one for her.

So to make it a little easier for you to pick out the right pet name for her, give these ones a try.

We can’t guarantee that she’ll love them all, so pick the one that you think she’ll like the most. cute names for your girlfriend

Common pet names for new couples

Most new couples prefer pet names that aren’t too weird. Most of the time, couples come up with their own pet names based on inside jokes. However, if you can’t come up with a suitable pet name for your girl, these common ones are a good place to start. Don’t worry because in a few months, we’re sure you’ll be able to come up with the perfect pet name for her.








Pet names related to sweetness and food

It’s a known fact that girls are sweet, and they love food. So why not pick a pet name that can describe both her sweetness and her love for all things scrumptious. These pet names are sure to delight her because of how they’re associated with either her penchant for being a sweetheart or her favorite thing to eat.


Cherry – as in the cherry on top of a cake or sundae

Pickle – if she complete you, call her the pickle that completes your burger



Sweetie Pie

Sweet Peach


Cinnamon – for the lady that has a little spice along with her sweetness


Georgia Peach

Tater Tot

Honey Bunch

Jelly Bean – for the girl who’s as spontaneous and surprising as a packet of jelly beans

Pop Tart

Snicker Doodle

Moon Pie

Sweet Potato

Kit Kat

Honey Cake


Super feminine pet names

If your girlfriend is the epitome of a lady, then she needs a pet name to reflect that. Here are some ultra-feminine pet names that your lady might like.

Doll ­– or alternatively, baby doll


Juliet – Only use this if she wants to call you Romeo. And yes, we know it’s a little on the tragic side, but it’s still a romantic name!



Pretty Lady

My Lady

Enchantress – for the lady who enchants you to no end


Enchanting and Nature-Related Pet Names

nicknames to call your girlfriend

These pet names are taken from the world of nature and fantasy. If you’re a couple that loves epic fantasies or appreciating nature, you might find the perfect pet name in this category.



Melody – this is perfect if the sound of your girl’s voice is enough to make your heart skip a beat



Pooh Bear – who can resist the cuteness of Winnie the Pooh?!


Sparkles – for the girl who brings a certain kind of sparkle in your eye



Moon of My Life – In Game of Thrones, this is the pet name used by Khal Drogo to refer to Daenerys


Cute Animal Pet Names

girlfriend pet names

If you can liken your girlfriend to your favorite animal or a cute animal she adores, then she’ll love these pet names!

Kitten – for the mischievous girlfriend who’s always game to pounce on you when given the chance

Baby bear

Dove – for a girl who’s sweet and peaceful



Chicken – it’s a bit of an oddball pet name, but you can’t deny that it rolls off the tongue in such a cute way



Snuggle Bear – for the girl who loves to snuggle with you every chance she gets

Snuggle Bunny


Pet Names that Describe Her

When no other words can do, pet names based on adjectives are a great for when you want to remind her how awesome she is!



Wifey – even if you’re not married, calling her wifey can immediately give her the idea that you want to marry her someday


Hot Stuff

Hot Mama – if you have a kid with your girlfriend, let her know how hot she still is in your eyes with this pet name

Cutie Pie

Cutie Patootie

Precious – remember to never, ever use this in creepy, whispering voice! You’ll sound like Gollum otherwise.



Sleeping Beauty – for a perpetually sleepy girlfriend who still looks gorgeous when she’s fast asleep





Better Half – it implies that you’re the worse half, but a little depreciating humor never hurt anyone!

Dream Girl

Goofball – for the girl who never fails to make you laugh

Pumpkin Butt

Sugar Lips

Wild Thing  – for the girl who makes your heart sing

cute pet names for your girlfriend

Pet Names in Another Language

Add an exotic flair whenever you call your girlfriend with these pet names. It’s also perfect if both or one of you speak these languages!

Mamacita – a Spanish pet name meaning “little mama”

Mo Chuisle mo Chroi – An Irish pet name meaning “pulse of my heart”

Mi Corazon – a Spanish pet name meaning “my heart”

Moya Golubushka – a Russian pet name meaning “my little dove”

Chenyu luoyan – a Chinese pet name that literally translates to “diving fish, swooping geese.” Yes, it’s odd, but it’s based on a the story of the most beautiful woman in Chinese history. It’s said that she looked at a fish pond, the fish would forget to swim because of her beauty. And when geese gazed upon her, they’d swoop down because they’ll forget to flap their wings.

Mi Cielito – a Spanish pet name meaning “my little heaven”

Schnucjiputzi – a German pet name that’s an amalgamation of the words for “cute” and “sweet”

Nawaret aynaya – an Arabic pet name meaning “flower of my eyes”

Ku’u ipo – a Hawaiian pet name meaning “my sweetheart/lover”

Gang-a-ji – a Korean pet name meaning “puppy”

Gattina – an Italian pet name meaning “kitten”

Pele – a Samoan pet name meaning “sweetheart”

Schatzi – a German pet name meaning “treasure”

Jaanu – a Hindi pet name meaning “my life”

Yer Halan Atthirari Anni – If you watch Game of Thrones, you may recognize this as the pet name Khal Drogo gives to Daenerys. It’s in the Dothraki language.


Oddball Pet Names

Oddball pet names make zero sense. But that’s kind of the point because it shows that you simply lose your mind whenever you refer to your girlfriend! Just a word of advice: maybe only use these pet names when you two are alone.

Schmooooky Pookie Pooo


Shmoopsie Poo

Sweet Pear Half In Your Own Heavy Syrup


Winky Dink




We hope this list gives you tons of ideas for pet names for your girlfriend!


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