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12 Reasons To Date A Petite Girl


Petite woman always seem to steal our hearts. And they do it for more reasons than one! There are so many great positives that come along with dating someone who is smaller than you.

Think of all the petite women you can! Tell us they aren’t all just absolutely adorable in every way- We dare you.

There are so many perks that come along with dating someone tiny and cute.

Keep reading to find out what they are!

They Are Easier To Kiss

Dating tall girls might be fun, but it is even more fun to date a shorter, more petite woman. No matter where she is standing, kissing her will be a breeze for you. There will be no more awkward bumping of your noses or painful clashing of your teeth. Also, when the two of you kiss one another it’s going to appear even more romantic… Like in the movies! It will literally be the picture perfect pose. That way when you take pictures it’ll be super cute! Maybe you won’t really care about that, but she sure will!

She will always get a chance to be looking up at you. Which in turn makes her appear more attractive. That type of angle is the perfect one to look at her from.

She Makes You Seem Bigger

This may not apply to you if you are particularly tall. However, if you are a shorter guy or even someone of plain height, she will make you appear much larger. Not as in you will look fat or ginormous, but in a way she will make you seem tougher and more alpha.

Although this doesn’t mean that you can act more alpha, it does make you come off that way.

There is a better chance that she will be attracted to you despite whatever your height may be. Petite woman tend to feel as if everyone is taller than them, even if it’s just by a few inches, so she will not turn you down due to your total size. To her you will always seem taller! Even if you feel like you are not.

She Makes You Feel Important

This is a very true fact when it comes to dating a smaller woman. She will always need your help with something. Most likely on a daily basis, too! There are forever going to be shelves she can’t reach or spaces she can’t get to because her arms are too short. She might need more help in general because of her height and weight.  Like when she is moving something heavy. She might be a tough cookie but it’s just physically impossible for her to carry something that is larger than her! This means that you will never cease to feel useful when you are around her. That might make you feel pretty good about yourself and raise your confidence regularly. Even the smallest task can make you feel appreciate when it comes to dating a petite girl.

She Always Comes Off As Adorable

She could be lounging around in her rattiest sweats and still come off as a total cutie. This is because her figure, features and size in general are always going to appear more delicate and fragile, even if she as a person is not either of those things!

She might be doing something gross and still seem sweet as piece of pie to you.

And to her you will always appear stronger to her. She will ultimately feel safer when you are with her.

Men tend to like their women when they are more feminine. This isn’t always the case, but a majority of the time it falls true.

Women tend to like their men more masculine and tougher.

So when you date a petite girl it’s like a perfect harmony!

You’ll Never Have A Problem Picking Her Up

Maybe she fell asleep and you want to carry her to bed. Or when you get married you have an urge to carry her over the threshold. Whatever your reasoning may be, it will always be easy as heck for you to pick her up and carry her. Not only is she going to be much lighter than you would expect, but she is going to fit perfectly into your arms at any time.

She’s Energetic AF

Shorter woman have a lot more energy and spice to them. They may not be big, but their personalities definitely are in every way! She is not afraid to put her foot down when need be. She is not afraid to voice herself in any situation.

Petite woman may appear small, but they certainly act big!

You will never have to worry about her sticking up for herself or getting tired quickly.

Her energy beseeches most others.

They Are Tough As Nails

Yes, shorter girls are much tougher than we think. They are used to be the runt of groups or the smallest person they know. This has led to many years of getting a thick skin due to backhanded comments and maybe even bullying. They are so used to their height be in conversation that they have finally embraced it and learned to joke about it too! Nothing seems to get a short girl down, because she’s heard everything there is to hear about it!

Because she is so small, it’s easy for her to get overlooked. This means that she has learned how to make herself appear big when she needs to. She never lets anyone glance her over!

Yet she will seem humble at the same time.

They’re So Much Fun To Cuddle With

We all know the feeling of cuddling with someone that is our same size or even taller. It can be a struggle to get in the perfect position and feel just right with them. Especially if they are so much bigger than you can never let her be the little spoon. We all know guys like to be the bigger spoon most of the time! When you dating a petite girl there is a good chance she will always and forever make the perfect little spoon. She will be the best snuggler you have ever had the chance to snuggle with!

She’s Even Cute When She’s Angry

Luckily for you when you date a petite girl, even when you are in trouble with her she still comes off as adorable! Smaller girls are always cute when they get mad. Plain and simple.

You Feel More Protective

Because she is shorter, you will suddenly feel a strong sense of protection for her. She will become someone that you feel responsible for taking care of. This does not mean that she cannot take care of herself by any means! However, it does mean that you will feel as if she does. This will make your bond even stronger as time goes on.

Getting Intimate With Her Is More Fun

Getting intimate with anyone is usually a great time, but doing it with a petite girl is even better! Why? Because they are as light as feathers. You can pick her up and move her around without even breaking a sweat. The proportions of where you are and how you position yourselves will always seem to make the perfect fit between you!

The options for trying almost all positions will be there, too. There isn’t one that you won’t be able to accomplish with a petite girl. Unlike with taller women. Sometimes it can be hard to maneuver certain ways with them.

You Can Hide Your Snacks From Her

You know how your m&ms always seem to disappear before you have a chance to eat them? Fear no more! Dating a petite girl means you can hide your most delicious snackies away from her on the top shelf! We kid, but it is entirely true.


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