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Pigeon, Dove: Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning


Long ago, ancient cultures respect and worshiped the dove. They thought that they were an amazing part of nature. In many cultures, the dove is believed to be a bird of peace and love. Pigeons and doves can be found in many cultures, religions and belief systems. These birds were thought to represent things like gentleness, love, sacrifice, communication, grace and peace. Dove Symbolism

Pigeon, Dove: Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

As a spirit animal, this animal has the power to help us become better people and transform our life. Long ago, people believed that gods and the divine were within these birds. When you have the dove as a spirit animal, it shows a powerful potential to be a caring, compassionate individual. You have a gentle character and rarely do anything to harm someone else. Your caring nature has a great impact on people around you and makes a difference in the world.

When the dove or pigeon is your spirit animal, it shows positive traits for your family. It means that you would be willing to sacrifice everything to keep your family safe and are an excellent parent. When it comes to family and friends, there is nothing else that takes priority. You want them to be happy and at peace, so you will sacrifice everything else to keep them happy. You are a caring individual who wants to keep people close to you from being hurt.

When you are born with this as your animal totem, it shows that you are a graceful individual. You are not someone who would harm your reputation, and you abhor any type of bad behavior or humiliation. You strive to be the best person you can be at all times.

Often, people who have these birds as their spirit animal are extremely good at empathy. They intuitively understand other people and honestly care about them. Because of this, they are often excellent social workers, doctors and nurses. Since doves are a symbol of motherhood and parenthood, it shows a strong potential for having a happy, healthy family. This symbolism came from the way doves create milk to feed their young. You may be someone who likes nothing more than relaxing with your family. If you have children, you are most likely very protective of your little ones.

When you are born under the influence of this animal, it shows a strong potential for communication. Someone who has this spirit animal can convince other people of just about anything. They are able to express their emotions and make strong arguments because of their excellent communication abilities. Often, people under this totem are smart and possess an innate intelligence. They are often turned to for advice and are good at listening to the other person’s problems.

Before there was email, pigeons and doves were used to send messages. Because of this, they are seen as a bird that has an innate connection to the divine. They may pass along messages of wisdom, and people who are influenced by these birds often have a strong intuition.

On the negative side, people who are influenced by the dove or pigeon have a tendency to play it safe. They are well-grounded individuals, but they will not jump into a new adventure if it means taking a risk or looking silly. These individuals would do well to remember that life is short, and it is important to enjoy adventures when they appear.

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Pigeon, Dove: Symbolism and Meaning

For centuries, the pigeon was used to relay messengers. This might be one of the reasons why a mythology developed around them. People believed that these birds were sent by our guardian angels to watch out for us and care for us. Over the years, pigeons and doves have been a symbol of happiness, peace and bliss.

These birds are said to bring good fortune and positive news. They were thought to be extremely lucky birds. While some cultures thought that pigeons were a symbol of the souls of the dead, the ancient Egyptians believed that they were a symbol of fertility. This ancient belief lives on today in marriages were white doves are released as a way of bringing good fortune to the new couple.

In Christian beliefs, pigeons were said to bring a message of a coming death. If a pigeon appeared on the window of a home, it was said that someone in the home would soon die. Meanwhile, the Bible told stories of the white dove being a symbol of the divine. When Jesus was baptized, a dove came down from the sky as a representation of the Holy Spirit. Because of these beliefs, it was thought to be unlucky to harm a pigeon or a dove.

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Superstitions and Beliefs

It is said that a pigeon building a nest in your roof is a sign that your home is divinely protected. If you see a dove at your wedding, it is thought to be a positive sign for your marriage. If you see a dead pigeon on the roadway, it is said to be an inauspicious sign for future travels. Meanwhile, seeing a white dove on your kitchen table shows that there will be a death in the family. If pigeons land on your roof, it is said to mean that someone close to you will die. If you are pooped on by a pigeon, it is thought to be a sign of a financial windfall in your future.

Dreaming about a dead dove means you have to be careful about problems that are approaching in your future. If you dream about a living dove, it shows that you may be too strict in your waking life. You are being too hard on other people and should be more peaceful and loving to those around you.


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