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Pisces Woman in Love


The Pisces woman is a mysterious, romantic woman who is known for her imagination. Represented by seas, rivers and the fish, a Pisces woman has deep undertows within her personality. When it seems like you are encountering still waters, be wary because a deep undertow may be lurking beneath the surface. Beneath her kind, calm demeanor, you will find a spiritual romantic who wants to find true love and her soul mate.

The Pisces woman is a curious soul who wants to learn how everything works. Her interest is rarely kept by anything in the real world for long though. She might want to know how an interesting invention functions, but she is probably not going to put in the effort of taking it apart or reverse engineering it. Instead, she would much rather focus on her imagination and new ideas. She is always finding a deeper meaning in life and is guided by her intuition.

Her sensitive nature makes her seem almost psychic to the people around her. When she is actually paying attention to the real world, she is intuitive about how other people think or feel. Of course, she rarely pays attention to reality for long. Her own imagination and creativity are often pushed to the limits as she contemplates the deeper meaning of life and existence. She tends to absorb all of the events that happen around her and creates connections that no one else can see. She sees patterns in how people think and act, which leads to insightful revelations about their motivations.

how to love a pisces woman

The Pisces Woman in Love

With her love of creativity and imagination, it is unsurprising that love is the Pisces woman’s favorite playground. She has a sensual, romantic nature that makes her dream of fantastical lovers and amazing relationships. Unfortunately, her great loves are often based in just her imagination. Once the honeymoon and infatuation are over with, she may shyly withdraw from the relationship.

A Pisces woman is drawn to mysterious lovers and magical relationships. She wants a love that is as exciting and passionate as her dream lovers. Being in love is a wistful, sensual daydream for her that is exceptionally seductive. She loves the warmth of being in love with you and likes the tranquility of coming home to the man she loves. When she finds someone that she is deeply devoted to, she will be completely faithful and committed.

One of the reasons why the Pisces is so attractive is her evasiveness. It just seems like an aura of femininity and mysteriousness encloses her. She is like an union of many layers. You have to peel through the mystery to discover the kindness, softness and creativity that she holds within herself. Unfortunately, some lovers do not take the time to get to know the Pisces woman. She appears aloof at first because of her shyness, so many people never take the time to get to know her.

In many cases, a Pisces will give her all to a relationship. Her lover should be careful though; it would be a poor choice to assume that the shy woman is weak. She might have weaknesses, but she also has an inner strength. She will avoid arguments as much as possible, but don’t push her. If you push her to her limits, you will be in for a world of hurt. She will raw the line if you take advantage of her good nature and selflessness. While she can forgive and forget, she can be pushed away if you are not careful.

Downsides to a Pisces Woman

Like other zodiac signs, there are some downsides to a Pisces woman in love. One of the most obvious problems that people run into is a tendency to shift the blame. She is selfless and wants to make people happy. If she made you upset or did something wrong, it wasn’t because she meant to. When you accuse her of wrongdoing, she will try to shift the blame and become defensive. She never meant to do something wrong, but she is naturally adverse to taking responsibility.

Another downfall to being a Pisces is a tendency to get taken advantage of. As her partner, it is also far too easy to take advantage of her. You won’t even mean to do it. She is selfless and wants to make her partner happy. She will do things that hurt herself if it means that you will be happier. As her partner, you have to be extremely careful. Even if she seems open to helping you out, loaning money or taking care of you, you shouldn’t let her do it all the time. She can easily forget about her own needs in caring for you, so you have to be the one who sets the limits.

A Pisces Woman in a Relationship

In general, your Pisces woman in love will be quite easygoing, relaxed and laid-back. This means that she works best with a partner who is also easygoing. If you are prone to arguments or stress, don’t date her. She wants a man who is a pacifist like her. She hates arguments and will never speak her mind if you seem angry. A Pisces woman works best with someone who has a peaceful, tranquil nature like she does.

In a relationship, a Pisces woman tends to be extremely imaginative. Since she is prone to daydreaming and lives in the clouds, she needs a partner who can ground her. Don’t ignore her daydreams, but be the rock of security she can run to in the storm. A Pisces woman wants a partner who inspires her, grounds her daydreams and protects her from the stresses of the world. In a relationship, a Pisces woman is a compassionate, sensitive woman who just wants to have a happy relationship.

A Pisces Woman in the Bedroom

This shy sign can be quite a surprise once you get her into the bedroom. The hard part is getting there. A Pisces woman is strongly ruled by her emotions and imagination. Sex is just as emotional as it is physical for a Pisces woman. She will be hesitant to let you in her bedroom until she feels an emotional connection to you. Once she feels that connection, she will be more open to taking things to the next level.

If you are lucky enough to be with a Pisces woman, you are in for some fun. The imagination that causes her problems at work is an asset in her lovemaking. She creates amazing fantasies and sensual environments in the bedroom. Candlelight fills the room as she dreams up an enchanted forest or an unusual position. She enjoys sex, and she especially enjoys the sensual side of life. Sex, love and sensuality are all linked in the Pisces woman’s mind. If you can bring all of these factors into your lovemaking, you will satisfy your Pisces lover.

Because of her shy side, a Pisces woman tends to be a bit submissive in the bedroom. She is open-minding new things and wants to please. This makes her an amazing partner, but be careful not to take advantage of her. When a Pisces is in love, she enjoys everything to do with romance. She wants a partner who can bring magic and mystery into lovemaking for an amazing, fantasy-like night together.


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