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What does it mean Please Advise?


“Please Advise” in an E-mail

Using the phrase “please advise” at the end of the e-mail can be difficult. Remember that the communication among humans is very important and that the usage and order of the words will always depend of the relationship you have with the receptor; writing “please advise” when emailing colleagues is a nice way of asking further information or suggestions looking for the best course or direction to take action. At the contrary, if you tell this to someone who is not your friend, it can be highly offensive and annoying due to it attracts attention to oneself.

Business executives will always use this phrase at the end of the E-mails every time they don’t understand how to ask a question for further instructions. If you tell that phrase to someone regarding the occupation or your professional life, you would mean “What is your decision?” or “What are your instructions?” Is mostly used while been focused so the people will not take time to refer sentiments with it, for concentration it can be very helpful. The phrase is commonly used to give a business interaction but you cannot do it, for example, with your wife or girlfriend. You cannot use this phrase while responding on how the decoration of your house might be dealing due to that the nature of that information implies the decision of both parties; probably will mean that you wouldn’t participate on the event.

After using this phrase you would also want to request the specific instruction and make sure you are implying the information you want for your procedure, otherwise it will be annoying. Please add the precise request to prevent the reader from losing time.  Use “please advise” when you appreciate the decision from the individual you are requesting the information. Then they will know you relay on them and will tell the individual that you can trust each other and furthermore the professional relationship will become solid.

Here below are some examples you could use when requesting advises:

“It is of my interest to receive further details about…”

“I would be grateful for your advice concerning…”

“I would sincerely appreciate your advice on…”

Write those phrases above followed by the information you are trying to reach.

These phrases will mean that you are ready to understand and comprehend what the person will show you as a guide for your path to success. While many people see this as a positive statement, in other approaches might be rude. People you well know will understand this as “it will be your fault then” or “You appreciate your opinion the most.”

It is very important that you consider the opinion of others. Communication at all levels of relationship is important and within the work environment is very important for the sake of the entity you represent and to sustain great relationship status with your colleagues and great labor environment.

Please do not write this phrase unless you really need further instructions due to it will only mean that.


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