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Pleiadian Starseed


Many people have not heard of this myth, but it is a popular one among people in the know. It is said that the Pleiadian aliens all originate from the Pleiades star cluster. These aliens are said to resemble humans, so you would not be able to tell if someone is actually a Pleiadian alien if you saw them in perfect. Unlike human beings, they have symmetrical features and perfect bodies that are caused by the higher dimensional frequency that they operate at.

The Pleiadian Starseed

It is said that the Pleiadian Starseed evolved millions of years ago. People believe that they were one of the earliest races of humanity. Their DNA supposedly started human beings in our universe when our solar system first formed. Because of this, their look and for is very similar to ours. According to believers in the Pleiadian Starseed, these beings operate at 6-D and 9-D. In comparison, human beings n earth only live in 3-D. They have light bodies similar to other high dimensional life forms, but they look like human beings. Since they have had more time to evolve than human beings, they are more giving, spiritual and refined than human beings are.

Abilities: According to some people, the Pleiadian Starseed are known as great healers. They are able to soothe others through their communication and light. When they communicate with each other, it is through a light transfer. They are said to have this natural glow that comes from their ability to connect with the source light.

Basic Needs: This species is all about sharing and peace. They are said to do best in regions that have harmony and peace. Ultimately, they feel the best when they are able to put their refined soul and compassionate hearts to work.

Qualities: These individuals are known for being creative, empathetic and intuitive. They are said to be healers and immensely communicative. The Pleiadian Starseed are known for creativity, nurturing, radiance, sensitivity and mysticalness. They are said to be people who are naturally in tune with the earth and the natural world on each planet.

Specialties: The goal of this race is to seed new worlds with an evolved human form. Afterward, they communicate with the planetary consciousness and the life on the planet to help them along. They incorporate the divine feminine into their work, which is why they often appear in the female form. They can introduce new beings into the world and suggest a more natural, harmonious way of living life.

Focus: The focus of this species is to bring happiness throughout the universe. They do this by seeding the universe and bringing their healing vibrations everywhere. They have a mystical understanding that helps people live a happier, more balanced life.

The Pleiadian Starseed and Earth

The Pleiadians were the group who created the genetic model for earth’s early humans. They are essentially the missing link. According to believers in the Pleiadians, they helped to guide the Atlantians and the Lemurians. It is said that their primary goal on earth was to nurture the various life forms that appeared such as dolphins, humans and whales.

Their job is to infuse the earth with a consciousness and energy healing. These beings are said to play in role in helping human beings understand the mystical aspects of the universe through a non-threatening ethereal contact. Even today, some people say that they admit a peaceful energy and light to help us heal and develop a higher consciousness. It is said that are still many starseeds incarnating on the earth to help us reach our divinity. These starseeds are said to be hear to help inspire humanity and serve as intuitive, sensitive healers.


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