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10 Policeman’s Prayers


If you are a policeman or policewoman, these prayers are made for you. These also work well for police officers and their family members. When you love a police officer, you can never really know if they will return home safe that day. This list of prayers includes prayers for the officer’s spouse as well as prayers in honor of fallen police officers. These policeman’s prayers also include options for the officer to say before he or she starts their work day. prayer for my police officer

You can use these policeman’s prayers or modify them to suit that special officer in your life. These can be used before an officer starts their shift or by family members while the officer is away. Through these prayers, you can ask God for his protection and guidance during the day.

1. As I start putting on my uniform, I turn to you for safety and protection. I know that it is you who brought me to this job. You have given me the task of serving and protecting others, and I ask that you protect me as I do so. Help me to protect the community and to always respond with compassion to those who are in need. I know that you see every action or move that I make during the day and how these actions interweave with the lives of other people. Help me to be a guard, shepherd and watchman for the people. Guide me as I try to fulfill my duty and make the world a better place. Amen.

2. You are a forgiving Lord, and I turn to you for strength. Guide me as I try to set an example for the community. When I encounter danger during the day, protect me from harm. Help me to maintain a calm mind so that I can respond quickly and safely to any situation. Help me to keep the peace and to set an example of your wisdom and peace as I serve. Help me to remember you in all that I do and to see Christ’s light in every member of my community. As I serve and care for my community, care for me. Help me to be wise and guide me with your divine judgment as I strive to make my community better and safer. Amen.

3. Thank you, loving Father, for protecting me in my work. Thank you for always walking the beat with me. There are times when I am frustrated and angry by the things I see, but I strive to follow your example of compassion, mercy and kindness. Even when I am dealing with the worst examples of humanity, help me to remember that you created them just as you did me. When I encounter danger during the day, protect me and guide me. Thank you for being next to me and for protecting me during this day. Amen.

4. As I go on duty today, I remember that I am your servant. When I am on the streets, I am your hands and feet. Help me to protect the vulnerable, help people in need and correct those who have been led astray. Lord, please guide my hands and feet today so that I may be protected from all harm. Help me when I turn to you in prayer and correct my thoughts and actions. Help me to be an example of your love and wisdom in the world. Amen.

5. Lord, I ask that you guide my spouse as he/she goes on duty. He/she is your servant. My spouse is your hands and feet on the streets. He/she strives to protect the vulnerable and help people in need. Guide him/her as she/he begins this important work. Protect her/him from all danger and guide her/him toward better serving you. Amen.

Prayer for Policemen

6. Dear Lord, I love my wife/husband and am so honored to be married to such an amazing police officer. While I admire her/his strength and courage to protect the most vulnerable, I fear for her/his safety. I know that she/he would willingly give her/his life to protect those in need, so I worry greatly about her/him. I lay my worries at your feet and ask for you to bring my soul peace. You have protected and guided my spouse to safety so far, so I trust that you will continue to guide her/him in all ways. Help her/him to return safely to me tonight and guide her/him toward better serving you. Amen.

7. Heavenly Father, we ask that you keep watch over our colleague who was hurt on duty. Hear our prayer for mercy, strength and healing. As the doctors and nurses begin the surgery, we ask that you bless their work so that they may be successful. In your mercy, heal his body and restore him to goo health. Bless his family and give them comfort as they support him in the healing process. May he know how many lives he has impacted and have a peaceful heart. Amen.

8. Almighty God, whose power and wisdom is greater than any in the universe, we ask for your strength and wisdom in our lives. Please watch over police officers everywhere and help protect them from harm. As they work to stop crime, help them to return safely home each night. Their duty is dangerous, so we ask that you give each officer strength and courage. Protect these brave officers through your almighty power and bring them back safely to their families each night. Amen.

9. While I am on duty today, may I always feel your presence. May I know that you are walking with me to guide me and protect me. Help me to stay calm and ignore those who disrespect officers because my duty is too important to be distracted. Help me to love, serve and guide others in the way that you taught us. In all things that I do, help me to remember that I am sworn to protect and serve my fellow man. Amen.

10. Help me to listen to the community and be wise in making judgment. Give me the strength to support the vulnerable. Guide me and protect me so that I may return safely to my family tonight. Amen.


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