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60 Cool and Breezy Polynesian Names for Boys and Girls


The Polynesian culture shares a lot of its culture with Hawaiian, Maori, and Tahitian culture. That includes several words and deity names that have made their way to Polynesian naming standards

 Cool and Breezy Polynesian Names for Boys and Girls

Here are some male and female Polynesian names that you might want for your future child.

Afa (male) means “hurricane”

Afu (male) means “hot”

Aho’Eitu (male) The god Eitumatupua climbed down from the sky on a great tree, and took a worm descendant, Ilaheva, as his wife. Returning to the sky, the god left the woman and her child, Ahoeitu, on the Earth.

Ahohako (male) means “storm”

Ahomana (male) means “thunder”

Ahurewa (female) means “sacred place”

Aisake (male) means “he laughs”

Akeliela (male) means “followers of God” or “God’s flock””

Amista (female) means “fidelity and loyalty”

Anitelumale means “masculine, manly”

Apelamale means “breath”

Atea (male) Atea is a deity in several Polynesian cultures.

Fetia (female) means “star”

Fuifui (male) greatly loved.” A famous bearer of this name is Tongan-born international rugby league football player, Fuifui Moimoi.

Hahona (male) male means “healer”

Haunui (male) means “hui means “peace, reign,” and nui means “great”

Hawaiki (female) This comes from the Proto-Polynesian word Sawaiki, which refers to the island where the Polynesian people originated from. It’s now called Rai’atea, which is the second largest island in French Polynesia.

Heimana (male and female) means “powerful crown moving the sky”

Heitiare (female) means “crown of flower”

Herenui (female) means “divine love”

Hiʻiaka (female) means “hold, carry” and aka means “essence” or “embryo.” This is the name of a Hawaiian goddess, the favorite sister of Pele.

Hinepukohurangife (male) means “woman of the mist”

Hirife (male) means “important and great”

Ina (male and female) means “to illuminate or light up”

Inina (male and female) means “glimmer” or “faint, glittering light””

Isa (male and female) means “rainbow”

Kahalaomāpuana (female) ka means “the,” hala means “pandan fruit,” and mapuana means “wafted fragrance”

Kaheleha (male) A legendary chief from native Hawaiian mythology.

Kahelemeakua (male and female) means “the one who walks with God”

Kaikea (male and female) means “white, clear sea”

Kaili (male and female) means “This is the name of the Hawaiian god of war”

Kanaloa (male) means “This is the name of the Hawaiian god of the ocean”

Kinipela (female) means “wave”

(male and female) means “to stand, to rise, to hit, upright”

Kula (female) means “gold”

Laeli (female) means “cool, gentle breeze”

Laka (male and female) tame. This is the name of the Hawaiian goddess of hula and canoe makers.

Lea (female) This is the name of the goddess of canoe builders. She is the wife of Ku-moku-hali’I and the sister of Hina-puku-‘ai. She takes the form of an ‘elepaio, a forest bird.

Lono (male) This is the name of the Hawaiian god of peace and prosperity.

Luʻukia (female) This is the name of a legendary chiefess, the sister of Kawelu and daughter of Olopana.

Mahina (female) moon” or “month.” Mahina is known as the Hawaiian lunar diety, and the mother of Hema.

Maipe (male) means “fiery, hot, and passionate”

Manuarii (male) manu means “bird” and ari’I means “chief.” A famous bearer of this name is Manuarii Hauata, a football player from French Polynesia.

Millawa (female) means “peaceful ocean waves”

Napo (male) means “wave”

Nauri (female) means “two young coconut shoots”

Nuihau (male) nui means “great,” and hau means “peace, reign.” A famous bearer of this name is Nuihaur Laurey, the vice-president of French Polynesia.

Ofania (male and female) affectionate” or “lovable.” This comes from the name of the Polynesian Coral Island called Niue Island.

Pania (female) figure from Maori mythology, and a symbol of the New Zealand city of Napier.

Poe (female) means “pearl”

Rasiella (female) means “beautiful flower”

Rosi (female) A Polynesian and Melanesian version of the name Rosie. Starting only as a native pronouncation of the name Rosie, it now is an accepted registered name.

Satina (female) comes from the fabric satin, meaning gentle and soft.

Tiare (female) means “flower” or specifically, the Tahitian Gardenia

Vaitiare (female) water flower.” A famous bearer of this name is French-Polynesian actress, Vaitiare Bandera.

Wai (male and female) means “water”

Alisife (male) means “of noble kind”

Anahirafe (male) means “angel” or “archangel”

Atonimale (male) means “priceless” or “praiseworthy”

Fetumale (male) means “god of the night” or “star”

You can’t deny how cool these names are! Share which Polynesian names you like the best below.


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