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10 Prayers Before Work


Before you start your work day, turn your thoughts to God’s will. Surrender your day to him and ask for his wisdom as you face the task ahead. These prayers before work can help you ask for God’s love to fill everything that you do so that you can serve him better. While it is not always easy to pray or think of God while you work, you can make sure that your work day starts and ends with thoughts of him.

Daily Prayer for Work

10 Prayers Before Work

These prayers can be used in a range of different industries. If the prayer includes something specific to a job like nursing, you can always modify it to suit your own field. By using these prayers before work, you can make sure that your thoughts are turned to God’s love and compassion as you begin your day.

1. Lord, I give you everything that I do and am during this day. Please take away my weariness so that I may be inspired in my job. Help me to discover new ways to serve you and reveal your love in all that I do. Give my mind clarity so that I can focus on the tasks that I need to achieve. Grant me the wisdom to overcome problems and discover the right solutions. On this day and every day, help me be guided by your love so that I can follow your plan for me.

2. Be with us as we start our work today. Help our office to be filled with energy and inspiration. Guide us as we try to work as a team and help us to bring out the best in each other. May we be efficient as we work to achieve everything that we need to, but we also remember the importance of rest. May this workplace always be filled with friendship and fun. May relaxation, harmony and joy inhabit our office. Thank you for bringing us another new day and another chance to love and serve you.

3. Thank you for giving us another day to love and serve you. As we begin working today, may each of our thoughts and actions be guided by your love. May all of our tasks today bring us closer to you and may we always do your will. Amen.

4. May I be your hands and feet today. May I bring healing, care and comfort everywhere that I go. May I always speak of your love and bring kindness to everyone in my life. May I carry your peace and clarity within my heart. May every moment be filled with your eternal love, wisdom and truth. Watch over me during my working day and guide me in each moment. Amen.

Morning Prayer Before Work

5. May every moment of today be filled with your heavenly truth. Through your strength, may I become kinder, stronger and wiser. Lead me today and every day as I work toward a better understanding of your strength and love.

6. As the sun rises on this morning, may your love wise up in your heart. You give us a love that dispels tiredness, builds relationships, overcomes obstacles, inspires diligence, creates trust, developers praise and delivers excellence. May I live in the light of your love today and for always.

7. As we gather together, we thank you for your unending goodness to us. Thank you for all of the talents and skills that you have blessed us with. We thank you for making us a wonderful team together. We pray that you will bless us with insight and wisdom as we plan out our work and decide on our future together. We open our hearts to you and invite your spirit to be present among us. Amen.

8. Our goal is to live a quiet life that serves you better. As we begin our work day, may we be the example of a good Christian to all we encounter on this day. Through our example, may we inspire more people to love and serve you. Amen.

Powerful prayers to pray before work

9. We trust in you to renew our spirits and soothe our weary souls. While there may be challenges and obstacles in the day, we know that you are always there to hear our prayer for mercy. The Bible says that those who trust in the Lord will rise on wings like eagles, so we ask that you continue to lift us up during this day and help us to overcome all of the challenges that the day may bring us. Amen.

10. When we are weary, it is hard to nurture and love others as you have taught us. We pray that you will uplift our hearts and renew our spirits so that we have the energy to bring your compassion and light to the world. We falter and make mistakes, but your mercy brings us hope. May today and all days be lived with the goal of loving and serving your better. Amen.

If you are doing a group project or have a work team, these prayers are a good way to start your new project off right. Dedicate your day to serving the Lord and remember his kindness and mercy throughout the day. Through his strength, there is no burden that is too heavy or difficult to bear. At the end of the day, remember to give a prayer of thanksgiving for all of the blessings that he has brought you during the day.


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