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8 Prayers for a Better Job


When you are struggling to find work, it can feel like the universe is working against you. No matter how heavy your burden, lay it at God’s feet. Through these prayers for a better job, you can ask God for strength and guidance as you look for the right position.

8 Effective Prayers when seeking a (better) job

1. Heavenly Father, you have said that you have good things in store for all who love you and serve you. Thank you so much for the many blessings, gifts and talents that you have given me and my family. Before I was even born, you created a plan for my life. Over the years, you have stood by me during moments of crisis and moments of exhalation. Now, I reach out to you, Lord, and ask for your help. I have struggled to find the right kind of work, and my heart has become disgruntled. Protect my mind and make my spirit sensitive to your will. I pray that you will open a new door of opportunity that will provide for my family and bring me fulfillment. Amen.

2. Lord, I ask for your help in finding the right job. I want to achieve fulfillment and happiness in my career, but I also need to earn enough to support my family. Please bring me a job that is stable and pays enough to provide for my loved ones. Help me to find employment that puts my education and skills to use. Help me give back to the community through my work and through the good deeds that I perform in your name. I pray for your help in finding a better job and your guidance as I begin each application. Amen.

3. Lord, you have blessed me so much in all that I do. Through your mercy, my family has been provided for during times of struggles. I worry greatly about my ability to find a better job and provide for my family. I want a job that is rewarding personally, spiritually and financially. At times, all I can do is think about my task and worry about getting the right job. I pray that you will calm my mind and spirit so that I may clearly see the options before me. Help me to listen to your will in all things and remember that the greatest reward is in heaven. Amen.

4. God, you know just how much I need a better job. I need the opportunities a new job can provide, but I also need the financial income. I have struggled to find a better job, but none of my hard work seems to be paying off. At times, it feels like my hob search will be fruitless forever. My confidence has been shaken, and I feel terrible frustrated. Help me to find a miraculous breakthrough in my job search. I pray that you will grant me new opportunities to network with people so that I can hear about the best job openings and prepare my skills for the right job. When you are at my side, I know that there are no limits. Amen.

5. Lord, I have waited far too long for a better job. I am exhausted from the stress and anxiety of being perpetually unemployed. I cast all of my worries before you and ask for your help. Help me to find an employer who will reward me for my talents and help me to achieve more. You have said that you will provide for all of my needs and bring abundance to those who believe in you. I pray that you will help me find the better job that I so desperately seek.

6. May your favor rest upon me as I try to do good works in your name. Lord, I ask for your help in finding a job. I need to supply my family’s basic needs, and I struggle to find work that will pay enough to support them. I trust that you will provide for me and my family so that we will never know want. I lay my burdens at your feet and trust in your Holy Spirit to guide me.

7. Heavenly Father, you know how I have struggled with the insecurity of being unemployed. It has changed my perspective on who I am and caused me to challenge my very being. I ask that you get rid of the spirit of failure that is claiming my soul so that I can have renewed faith that everything is possible through you.

8. As I search for a new job, I am filled with nervousness and anxiety. I am afraid of failing at this task. Thank you for all of the skills you have given me. Remind me of these blessings as I try to find a new job. If it is your will that I find a better job, I know that it will happen. Lead me closer to you in all things and help me to find the strength I need to carry out this job search. Amen.


  1. Please help me get back to the world of God. I was and is very angry at God , for not standing by me in my struggle for the last 18 years. I was a daily praying person for the first 13 years of my business…felt always that God does things against me las if “my struggle” is game of his pleasure.soi stopped praying and revolted against him. I was treated for depression.myvwife never understood that I needed a hand from her to get back to God’s world again…I’m tired…i.wont give up my business….I want to be on God’s side

    • You are interested in being a good person. You choose to do good through God. It is important to understand that in all of the religions of the world, the unifying aspect of the concept of God is based around being a kind and compassionate person. Do good, don’t do evil, and learn the difference. Abstain from lying, killing, stealing, cheating, and intoxicants. This will bring you many benefits in the future. Have a great day, Sajan!


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