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10 Prayers for a Sick Child


When a child is sick, it can be devastating. You want to do everything that you can to keep your child safe in life, so you feel helpless. These prayers for a sick child can help you pray for personal strength so that you can support your child in their time of need. It can also help you ask for strength and good health for the ill child. With these prayers for a sick child, you can ask God to help guide the child out of illness and back to good health.

Prayer to heal my sick child

1. We come to you for help and succor, o Lord. You have afflicted our child with illness, and we are devastated. We know that this is just a part of your plan, but we pray that you will help us to understand. Please give me and my family the grace to bear this illness with strength, patience and love. Help us to provide (child’s name) with the support he/she needs during this time. Bless our child and help to restore him/her to good health. Do not forsake us during our hour of need, but guide toward you. Bless our family and our child so that we can become better servants of you and grow closer to you through this illness. In the name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

2. Lord, stay beside us today and everyday. Through your gentle presence, guide and lead us closer to you in all that we do. As you watch above us, help us to find hope in the future and comfort when we are despairing. Even when we are too exhausted or shattered to find the strength to move forward, give us the courage we need to continue to walk your path in life. Lord, we ask that you smooth the path before us and bless us with good health. In your mercy, heal our child of illness and help him/her return to good health. So often, we take our health for granted. We now know what a blessing our health is. You have taught us the importance of the simple things in life like our love for each other, food and good health. Please return our child to good health as you help us to love and serve you better. Amen.

3. Jesus, you are always with us. Even though we cannot see you, we know that you are at our side at all times. You love us more than we could ever know. You feel each of our sorrows and know the struggles that we face each day. We lay our burden at your feet and seek solace. At times, we find it hard to bear the pain as we watch our child struggle. We pray that you will help our sick child and guide us throughout his/her recovery. Thank you, Jesus.

4. Saint Nicholas, it was said that during life, you loved children dearly and always gave to those in need. We come to you for help and succor. Here our prayers for our sick child. We thank God for blessing us with our child, and we ask that he will keep our child free from pain and suffering. When our child is weary, give him/her strength. When downhearted, grant him/her joy. When discouraged , hope. Through your intercession, may the Lord restore our child to good health if that is his divine will.

5. Saint Gerard, in life, you loved children dearly lie Jesus did. Through your prayers, you freed many souls from disease and death. Please hear our prayers for our sick child. We have been given the greatest gift of all in having a son/daughter, and it pains us greatly to see him/her suffer. We pray that you will ask God to restore our child to good health. If that is not his divine plan, may he choose to alleviate the suffering and pain that our child is experiencing. Amen.

short prayer for sick child

6. O Holy Spirit, please come down upon us like a dove to protect the one I love most. Cover their wound through your grace and shield them from all pain. Breathe hope into my child’s soul like a dove and protect him/her from all suffering. Heal their illness if it is your divine plan and protect them from all anxiety that comes from their condition. Help us to accept God’s will and to have courage as we face the illness before us. Amen.

7. Lord, you love all children. We pray that you will bring healing to our sick child. Stay by his/her side as he/she sleeps and bring him/her comfort. Keep us in your heart and fill us with your holy presence. Through your mercy, bring powerful healing to our child and comfort to those who are so distressed by his/her illness. Thank you for hearing our prayers. Amen.

8. Dear God, I come to you to pray for (Name) as he/she struggles with (illness). I know that you can heal the sick and raise the dead to life, so I ask that you help my child. Please protect our child and comfort him/her during this time. When he/she feels pain or suffering, bring him/her peace. Guide the doctors as they strive to treat our child and heal him/her. We leave all of our burdens in your hands, Lord. Amen.

9. Lord, please watch over our child. We know that everything is a part of your divine plan, but we struggle to understand our child’s illness. Help us to know your plan and to serve you. Give us faith and courage so that we can love, care and support our child during this time. It is in your power to restore our child to perfect health, so we pray that you will do so if that is your plan. Amen.

10. Lord, we come to you today to ask for your help. (Child’s name) is desperately sick, and all who know him/her are saddened. I know that his father and mother are desperate in their grief and pain. Please provide comfort to (Child’s name) and all who know him/her. If it is part of your plan, we pray that you will provide (Child’s name) with good health again. Amen.


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