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10 Prayers for Cancer Patients


When someone develops cancer, it can be unbearable for all of their loved ones. You care deeply about that person, so seeing them suffer and struggle with such a terrible disease is heart-wrenching. If your loved one or friend has cancer, these prayers for cancer patients can help. From asking for God’s help in guiding the doctors to healing, these prayers for cancer patients can help you turn to God with your burden and get his gentle guidance.

A Prayer Against Cancer

1. Saint Peregrine, you have been called the wonder worker and the mighty for all of the miracles that God has worked through you. For those who turned to you for recourse, wonders have happened. In life, you bore a cancerous disease that destroyed your body. You know more than anyone the terrible impact that cancer can have on a person. Jesus came down to heal your disease, and we ask for your intercession with him. Ask the Lord to heal our friend who suffers terribly from cancer. From now until eternity, may God guide, care and support our friend. Give us the strength and courage to support our friend during this time. Thank you for your intercession and God for all of his goodness and mercy. Amen.

2. Lord, my spirit mourns and my heart is broken. I know that everything on earth is a part of your plan, but I cannot help the loss and grief that I feel. Nothing seems to help me. All I know is that your strength and grace are sufficient for seeing me through this difficult time in life. Whenever I am at my weakest, you are at your strongest. Moment by moment, I lean on you for strength as I pour out my grief. I praise you with the knowledge that one day, my soul will be reunited with yours. Until that time, I ask that you help me to bear with my suffering and pain. One day, my suffering will be extinguished and love will win as we walk together again. Help me to follow your path and have the grace to bear my pain until that day comes. Amen.

3. May God heal my body and soul. May he ease my pain and give me the strength to start each new treatment. While I feel fear for the future and am uncertain, I know that God has a plan for me. May my fears be eased as I remember that each part of my life is a part of God’s plan. May love, blessings and joy surround me at all time. Even when I feel pain, fear or doubt, may I remember God’s infinite mercy and compassion. If it is His will, may I be healed to continue to serve him on this earth. Amen.

4. Heavenly Father, nothing is impossible for you. You made the world and man in your image. We love you and know that no situation is too difficult for you to handle. Now, we come to you with prayers for healing from cancer. We know that you have the power to heal this child if that is your will. We pray that you protect him/her from pain and suffering as he/she begins her treatments. Help the doctors, nurses and family members to do everything they can to help and provide this child with courage. Keep us strong so that we may better serve you and comfort this child during their cancer treatments. Amen.

5. Lord Jesus Christ, we ask you to bless the doctors and nurses as they work to heal our friend. May your merciful heart fill them with courage, wisdom and love as they do their work. We ask that you work through them to bring our dear friend healing and strength. May they be guided as they seek out the right treatment and administer medical care. Through your power and mercy, we pray that every cancerous cell be cast aside so that our friend may return to good health. Help to guide all of us so that we can provide him/her with the love, support and courage that he/she needs. Amen.

Powerful Prayers for Healing from Cancer

6. We ask for your help, Lord, through the intercession of Saint Agatha. Saint Agatha suffered greatly for her devotion to the Lord. Through her life and her martyrdom, she was an example of faith and dignity. Help to protect our friend as she deals with breast cancer. We know that through your example and the Lord’s healing strength, our friend will be able to overcome adversity. Amen.

7. Father, we pray for all who fight cancer at this moment. We ask that you give each person the strength, courage and hope that they need to make it through this day. When they are in pain, comfort them and give them solace. As they heal, bless them and give them strength. We pray that you give all of their friends, family members and caregivers the strength to support them during this time. Please bring the doctors clarity so that they can choose the right course of treatment for each cancer patient. If it is their time to join you in everlasting life, we ask that you give the patient strength and courage. Guide our thoughts and the works of our hands so that we may comfort the sick and do your work on earth. Amen.

8. You are the God of healing and mercy. Through your compassion, you sent down your only Son to heal the sick, cleanse us of our sins and lead us to life everlasting. In your mercy, protect us through your loving care. We ask that you heal and strength our friend, (Name), who has been stricken with cancer. Give her/him enough courage to face this disease and restore her/him to physical strength. We offer you prayers of thanksgiving for your blessings. Thank you for giving our friend the doctors and medical treatment that she/he needs to begin recovery. In your mercy, bless our friend and help her/him as she starts to heal.

9. Heavenly Father, we pray that you will give every cancer fighter comfort when they are suffering. Having watched our loved one go through this struggle, we know how great the pain and suffering are, even when the patient tries to hide their pain. We pray that you will lay your healing hands on all those who suffer so that the cancer will be removed. Guide the nurses, doctors and surgeons as they begin their work so that each patient is treated safely and effectively. Amen.

10. Lord, our dear friend, (name) is about to begin treatment for cancer. During this time, we know that she/he is experiencing a great deal of fear and doubt. In your mercy, provide our friend with strength so that she/he feels confident as she starts the treatment. Guide the hands of each doctor or surgeon so that they find the best treatment for her/him. We know that you are all powerful and able to do anything. You are the source of infinite compassion and mercy. We pray that you will hear our requests and grant our friend the strength that he/she needs to overcome this terrible disease. Help us to find strength and courage as well so that we may support her/him through this difficult time. In the name of Lord Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.


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