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10 Prayers for Exams


Taking an exam is not easy. Many students face test anxiety, which makes it hard to do your best. Even when you have studied extensively, your anxiety can prevent you from doing as well as you actually can. These prayers for exams are a way for you to ask god for clarity and success as you take your exam. It is said that God helps those who help themselves, so make sure that you also spend time studying before your exam. Before your study sessions, ask God for the clarity and ability to learn the material. Before you take your test, you can use these prayers for exams to ask him to guide you and to help you remain calm while you are under stress. Through your hard work and his guidance, you can make sure that you do your best on your exams.

exam prayer for students

1. Heavenly Father, I pray that you help me pass this exam. I have struggled and studied constantly for this test, and my mind is now blurred. Thank you for all of your guidance during this time and for giving me the ability to learn the material. As I go to take this test, I only ask that you help sharpen my thinking and give me the clarity of mind I need. I am worried and doubtful of my ability, but I can find strength in you. Help to recall all that I have learned and answer each question to the best of my ability.

2. As I take this exam, stay with me. Help my memory to remain sharp and my mind to be alert. As I start to feel nervous, help me to remain calm and to concentrate. I know that you walk with me wherever I go, so please continue to guide my path. Give inspiration to my heart and stay with me as I face this stress. I pray that your friendship will help to soften the nervousness and pressure that I feel so strongly. Help me to pass this exam so that I can continue to learn and grow. Thank you for all of the kindness, love and peace that you have brought to my life. Amen.

4. In my time of need, it is only your peace that can sustain me. As I face the anxiety, stress and nervousness of the test, it is your peace that helps me. Your love and peace surpass all human understanding. I ask that you give me the gift of your love and peace during this time. While my mind may be beset by anxieties, I can remain calm through your love. Cherish me and give me a better understanding of you. As I lay my fears before you, I lay them at the foot of the cross. You have overcome sin and given us everlasting life. All of my concerns and fears are yours to give or take. I will work to overcome each struggle in your name. I may not be strong enough to face this exam on my own, but I know that I can find strength, guidance and wisdom in you. Amen.

5. My heart and mind are weary, Lord. I have studied for many nights, but I still cannot find the clarity and understanding that I need to pass this test. I know that I must do the work to learn, but I pray that you will guide me as I do. At times, it feels like I will be overcome and will not win this struggle. Please sharpen my mind and help me to do my best on this exam. I pray that you will guide me and give me the clarity I need to do my best.

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6. Stay with me today. I pray that you will help to sharpen my memory and give me clarity as I take this exam. You are with me wherever I go, so I pray that you continue to guide and support me during this day. Through you, I can learn, understand and accomplish more in life. Help me to learn and bless all of my endeavors.

7. I love you and only want to serve you better. With each struggle in my life, I work to overcome it for your glory. Now, I face the struggle of an exam. While I have done everything I can to prepare, I know that I still need your strength, clarity and blessing to move forward. Through you, I can make sure that I do my best and continue to work toward your greater glory, now and forever. Amen.

8. Lord, grant me your peace and serenity today. Alone, I am not strong enough to take this exam. My nerves and stress have gotten the better of me. I know that you have the power and strength to accomplish anything, so I pray that you give me the strength I need to take this exam and do my best.

9. You never give us a cross that we cannot bear, so I know that I can find the strength I need to take this exam. I only ask that you bless me and help me to find the clarity that I need. I know that there are problems and anxiety ahead, but you can ease the path before me. Help me to always love and serve you better. Thank you for giving me your guidance, wisdom and strength. I will never deserve your love, but I will always work toward being a righteous person. Help me to walk in your ways and to find clarity on this day.

10. Lord, I ask that you guide me during this day. I am constantly anxious and nervous about the coming exam. I know that I have studied and done the work, but I find that the answers are fleeing my mind as anxiety sets in. Please guide me today and bring me your clarity. Help me to remain calm so that I can do my best and then continue on in my learning. Amen.


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