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12 Prayers for Food


Food is one of the few things that humans actually need to exist. In the modern world, we often forget how few our actual necessities are. As long as we have food and shelter, we can live. With this in mind, it is important to thank God with each meal. These prayers for food are a reminder to thank God for providing the necessities and to ask for his blessing.

Prayers Before Meals

These prayers for food include blessings for a meal, simple ways to say grace and ways to offer thanksgiving for your abundance. You can use these prayers for food for many different occasions. The main commonality is that each occasion involves the serving, eating and enjoying of food. Help your loved ones remember one of God’s most simple, yet most important, blessings through these 12 prayers for food.

1. Lord, thank you for giving us such wonderful families and friends to share our meals together. Thank you for giving us times like this where we can gather to share food and drink. We pray that you will bless this meal so that the food may nourish our bodies while the fellowship brings happiness to our lives. We ask that you come into our hearts and homes so that we may always feel your presence. Amen.

2. Bless us, Lord, and the many gifts that we have received from your bounty. We thank you for this food and drink that we are able to share together as a family. Guide our hearts and mind so that we may always grow closer to you. Amen.

3. O Lord, thank you for this bountiful harvest. We thank you for our daily bread and all of the seeds that grew abundantly to feed us. Thank you for giving each food so many textures, aromas and tastes. Even in the food we eat, we can see the miracle and awe of your creation. Thank you for all of your gifts and help us to live and serve you in everything that we do. Amen.

Prayers for Food and Lunch

4. In our daily life, we are always thinking of the cars we want, the job promotion we need and our worldly desires. With this meal, you have reminded us of the simplicity of your blessings. We have been blessed with a loving family and friends. You have given us more food than we can eat and a roof over our heads. While we may always have more worldly desires, this meal is a reminder of just how much you have provided for us. In this meal, we see that the only things we need in life are simple, and you have already given us everything that we need. Thank you for this food and bless this meal that we share together. Amen.

5. Thank you, Lord, for giving us another day of life. Thank you for our family and our friends. Thank you for giving us so many opportunities for work and play. As we sit down to eat, thank you for the food that we share. May this food nourish our bodies and be blessed by you. May we always do everything we can to live and serve you. In Jesus’s name., we pray. Amen.

6. Lord Jesus, as we eat this meal today, help us to remember your goodness. Make our lunch more than just food to nourish our bodies. Help us to remember that there are those who hunger and inspire us to share your bounty with others. Give us time to dwell on your sacrifice. As we eat, help us to remember your blessings and goodness with grateful, thankful hearts. Amen.

7. Heavenly Father, thank you so much for letting us all gather here today. Thank you for giving us wonderful friends and family members to celebrate this meal with. We ask that you be with us Lord as we share this meal together. Thank you for all of your blessings for our lives. Amen.

8. We pray that all of your creatures may be fed. May every creature that is sick, be healed. May every creature on earth that suffers alone, be loved. We thank you for having so many in our lives who love us. Thank you for our good health and the meal that we now share together. Amen.

9. Loving God, we ask for your blessing for everyone who has gathered here today. May you bless each individual who takes part in this gathering of fellowship and friendship. Give our hearts the desire to make a difference within our lives, family and community. Help us to bring your light to the many peoples of the world. Help us to work toward our goals with determination and a sense of humor. When we are distracted or disgruntled, bring us clarity and hope. We know that many people in this world suffer from a lack of food, so we thank you for this meal. You have blessed us with the nourishment our bodies need to do your work on earth. Please bless everyone who prepared, shared and served this food. Amen.

Prayer Before Meals

10. In a world filled of hunger, we thank you for giving us food. In a world of darkness, doubt and despair, we thank you for giving us faith and hurt. In a world where so many people walk alone, we thank you for giving the comfort and love of our friends. Amen.

11. Heavenly Father, we thank you for this food. May this nourishment and fellowship feed our souls as well as our body. Help us to be nourished today so that we may have the strength to perform loving deeds in Jesus’s name. Amen.

12. With humble hearts, we ask for your blessing. Thank you for giving us such abundant food in a world where so many people suffer from hunger. In a world filled with loneliness, thank you for giving us the joy of each other’s friendship. Thank you for your blessings. We pray that you will help us to live our lives in a way that glorifies your name. Amen.


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