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10 Prayers for Friends


You are born to your family and cannot choose who they are. As you age, you choose which friends you hold close to you. You are able to have a family you choose as you grow older, so your friends grow increasingly important. It only makes sense that you would pray for their safety and happiness. These prayers for friends can help you ask God to guide you through an argument or for his mercy when your friends are beset by problems. Through these prayers for friends, you can ask for God’s support and mercy in all of your friendships.

Strength for a Friend

10 Prayers for Friends

1. May my friends always find refuge in you. When they are confronted by struggles, may your light shine upon their face. May God guide my friends and keep them in the palm of his hand. May nothing that causes them suffering enter their lives, and may they always be protected from temptation through your mercy, Lord. Amen.

2. I thank you for bring such a special friend into my life. I love my friends greatly and am so blessed that they are a part of my life. I pray that you will bless them and bring them abundance in their lives. Fill them with your goodness and bring your hope into their hearts. May you revive them through your love and bathe them in your infinite mercy and grace. May my dearest friend drink in your truth and goodness for all of the days of their life. May they live in your joy and love always. Amen.

3. Heavenly Father, as the wind blows, breathe new hope and spirit into my loved one. Shine warmth into their hearts so that they may see your love and hope. As the birds fly in your sky, lift their minds so that they may always see the vision of your heavenly kingdom. As the plants grow in the field, restore their bodies to good health and help them to grow in your love. Like the rain falls on the open plains, wash away any diseases and infections that they may suffer. We put our trust in you, Lord, and ask for your continued strength. Amen.

4. O Lord, you know how much I want to see my friend restored to strength and good health. You are with us at all times and see all of our pain. Through the darkness, your love endures and you breathe new hope into our lives. I pray that your love will be like a river that flows into my friend’s life. Bring love to my friends and family. Allow us to see the beauty of your creation and amazing power. Everlasting Father, you give me strength in times of great weakness. I trust that you will give my friend the same strength. Help me to love and care for them. Amen.

5. I feel great sorrow that my friend and I should ever have an argument. I apologize for the mistakes I made. Help me to see your compassion and divine spark in everyone who I encounter during the day. Allow me to be guided by your strength and mercy as I try to heal the rift that has come between us. I ask that you help my friend to forgive me. Amen.

Prayers for friends and family

6. Lord, I thank you so much for my friend, _____. I thank you for making my friend into the amazing person that he/she is today. Thank you for all of their talents and unique gifts. Through these talents, he/she has been able to help others. Thank you for the kindness that you have shown me in bringing me such a friend. At the beginning of the universe, you breathed life into your creation. May you breathe your life into my friend so that each step he/she takes will be with your hope and love. Guide each of my friend’s thoughts so that they may always be guided by your love and mercy. Amen.

7. Heavenly Father, I treasure my friend so much. I thank you so much for giving me their presence within my life. I pray that you will watch over my friend and guide them toward your hope. Bless my friend and protect them from all suffering. When life is difficult, guide my friend and protect him/her. Please, Lord, help me to always be a good friend. Amen.

8. Guide me in your wisdom, Lord, so that I may be a good friend. Help me to be an example of your love and compassion in this world. Even when we disagree, help us to see each other’s views and to treat one another with respect. May our good works bear fruit and may we always grow in your love. Amen.

9. I beg you, heavenly Father, help me to heal this rift and ask for my friend’s forgiveness. May Christ be in my heart so that I may find compassion, mercy and forgiveness. It is not easy for me to forgive, but I can find strength in your mercy and through your example. You forgave us our sins, help me to forgive my friend. In your mercy, help my friend to forgive me so that we may grow in our friendship. You have blessed me with my friends, and I ask that you may bless them in turn. Guide me so that I may always grow in your love, compassion and forgiveness. In Jesus’s name, we pray. Amen.

10. Heavenly Father, I have a friend who is under attack. Rumors and falsehoods are spread about him/her, and it is causing him/her great distress. It is painful for me to watch my friend in such a state. I fear for his/her happiness and good health. Help me to provide my friend with solace and support. Protect him/her from all evildoers who try to cause harm. In your mercy, provide my friend with your guidance, protection and solace. I pray that you will help my friend and bless him/her with a life of abundance. Please guide me so that I may bring my friend peace and comfort during this time. Amen.


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