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10 Prayers for Inner Peace


Christ offers us a peace that is unobtainable in this world. We may distract ourselves with power, worldly treasures and fame, but none of these things will bring a lasting peace to our hearts. We can never earn so much money that we find peace in our souls. The only peace that we can find in this world is through Jesus Christ. Through these prayers for inner peace, we can ask God to sustain us and provide for us. Through his gentle, merciful spirit, we can find the inner peace we so desperately seek in this world and the next.

Prayers for Healing Depression

1. Heavenly Father, your life brings me wisdom in my worries and stillness during turmoil. You grant me clarity when I am confused and contentment when I strive for things. When I am angry, you bring me gentleness. When I am frustrated, you restore my faith. Your life brings me hope in my suffering and patience when I panic. Through you, I am able to restore myself in your heavenly treasures and find a peaceful path in this life. I gain strength through you and thank you for all that you have given me in my life. Amen.

2. Dear Lord, your love is like a candle flame that burns brightly within my soul. It lights up everything that I do in life and the person who I am. The flame flickers and dances as I praise your name. When hard times approach, it dims. Even in the darkest hours, it brings me light and reminds me that I must always trust and have faith in you. Bring my soul the stillness and rest it so desperately needs. The flame must be fueled through your love and guidance. Keep my candle burning bright so that it may always guide my thoughts, dreams and spirit. Help my light shine out so that all can see the peace, happiness and joy that you have blessed me with.

3. Heavenly Father, I pray that you will provide me with peace of mind and faith in your divine plan. Bring me calmness to still my troubled spirit. My soul feels as if it is awash in a turbulent sea. I so desperately try to find a balance in my life, but I stumble on the path that you have set out for me. I pray that you will give me the clarity of mind to see my purpose in this world. Give me the strength so that I can follow the path that you have laid before me. I trust in your divine love and mercy, o Lord. Help me to know the path through the darkness and find light in my world. Like the sun rises in the morning, fill my world with light and clarity.

4. I pray that your peace will fill my soul. You are more than we can ever comprehend, but I pray that you will help me to seek you alone. Help us to stand up for you and to follow you in all things. Even when we are beset by darkness, help us to seek you in everything that we do and to find light in the path ahead. Lift us from our needs and insecurities so that we are able to achieve all that we are capable of. Help us to surrender to you and your divine plan. During times when we are overwhelmed and busy, help us to center our spirits in you. We pray that you give us your peace and clarity in all that we do. Amen.

5. Holy and loving God, you know that I am always available for your needs. I want to serve you in all that I do, think and feel each day. Help this desire to imbue my spirit with your love and mercy. Guide me so that each part of my life is a testament to your love and strength. Help me and grant me the ability I need to carry out your divine plan. Help me to see the path that you want me to live instead of the path that I have sought for myself. Bring me your everlasting peace today and for always. Amen.

A Prayer for Peace of Mind

6. I ask that you slow me down, Lord. My heart pounds in fear and confusion, so I pray that you will still my heart and quiet my mind. Help to steady my pace so that I can reach your eternal vision. Even when I am beset by the confusion of the day, bring me a sense of calmness. Remind me that I am only your servant on earth, and my reward will wait for me in your everlasting kingdom. When I am beset by tension and trouble, soothe my nerves and help me to work toward building your kingdom. When I sleep, restore my mind and soul so that I can find peace. During the day, help me to see the stillness and peace of single minutes of clarity. Slow me down and inspire me so that I may see your enduring mercy and love on this earth. Amen.

7. Lord, please bring your peace to my heart. I am anxious, worried and beset by problems. My mind races from one thought to another as I strive to solve my problems. The more I think about these problems, the more stressed out and depressed I become. I feel as if I am drowning in quicksand and cannot find a way out. Please bring me calmness and inner peace so that I may solve these problems and continue to serve you.

8. No matter what issues I face, Lord, I know that you are more powerful than them. In my time of struggle, I bring you my problems in the knowledge that you can solve them if it is your will. I ask that you give me peace to accept the things that I cannot change and the wisdom to follow your path in all things. I trust in you in everything that I do, and I pray that you will bring me the peace and clarity I need for the path ahead. Amen.

9. Almighty God, bring us your blessings and abundance in this life. Through you, we may overcome all of our struggles and find peace. Help our minds, bodies and souls to heal. Guide our path and help our enemies to be at peace with us. Amen.

10. I pray that you will give me inner peace in my mind and heart. Forgive me for any mistakes I make and help me to live a purer life through you. Bring my soul the quietness of your presence so that I may escape from my struggles. I pray that you will guide me in all that I do and say, today and for always. Amen.


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