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10 Prayers for Love


Sometimes, it feels impossible to find love. You struggle at work and feel like you do not have a minute to spare. While you want to find someone to share a life with, it seems like you never have time to go out looking for love. In other cases, you have already found a partner, but you struggle to understand them. Relationships are not easy, and it is far too common to be stuck on a fight or argument. Whenever you struggle to find love in your life, these prayers for love can help. Use these prayers for love to rekindle your relationship and to find happiness in the little things.

Prayer For Love and Miracle

Relationships may grow cold, but the love that the Lord has for us will never die. Through these prayers for love, you can ask God to help you share his love with the world. You can ask that he leads you back to a place of happiness as he rekindles the love in your marriage, friendship or relationship.

1. You have said that we must turn the other cheek when someone harms us or strikes out against us. I have not lived up to your words. In my arguments and in my attitude, I have found it difficult to practice forgiveness and love. I pray that you could guide me and help me see your love in all of your creations. Help me to improve my relationship and to become the spouse that I know that I can be.

2. Heavenly Father, you have seen all of my thoughts and my actions. You know my needs and all of my dreams. I know that you see my longing to find love in this world and that you hear my prayer. I know that you will bring me someone who will walk with me for all of the days of my life. I know that, at the time of your choosing, this person will appear to give me all of the desires of my heart. You, loving Father, hear all of my hopes, dreams and feelings. I pray that I will meet someone who I can love and have a close relationship with. I ask that you help me find a person who I can live my life with. Amen.

3. In times of struggle, it is easy for me to lose patience. I forget about your lessons of love and turn to anger or frustration instead. I ask for your forgiveness for all of the times that I have allowed anger to rule my life. Please guide me and help me to become a more loving, compassionate person. You gave your only son to the world through your infinite love. Help me to feel some of your love and to practice it in each and every day of my life. Amen.

4. Dear Lord, your heart is full of truth, wisdom and love. You have shown us the beauty of our creation and given us more blessings than we deserve. Each day, we see the infinite love and mercy that you bear for us. You teach us to live a life full of your goodness and love. We are blessed by your love and choose to live in your care. Thank you for always guiding us toward true love and happiness. Each morning, we choose to live a life devoted to you.

5. Heavenly Father, I trust my loved ones to your care. I cannot be with them during each moment of the day, but they are always in your sight. I ask that you guide them and protect them. Carry my loved ones through troubled times. Help them to find the happiness and love they need in their lives. In my own relationship, help me to ignite the fire of love once again. Inspire my mind so that I can find new ways to show my love toward each person in my life.

Powerful Prayers for Love

6. I am distraught to think of the stress and grief that I have given my husband/wife. I have tried to live by your example and to show your love for the world, but I have failed. Instead of responding with love and compassion, I answered my spouse in anger. Help me to find forgiveness and to practice your love in my life. Amen.

7. I have lived alone for far too long, O Lord. You know all of my thoughts and feelings, so you know how much I want to find someone who I can spend my life with. I know that you will bring me the right person in time, but I cannot help but feel impatient. I pray that you will grant me the love that I so desperately seek and bless my future relationship. Amen.

8. As my children grow older, I know that I cannot be with them always. You know the pain of sending your child out into the world, so I know you understand the grief I feel. While I cannot be with my child always, I know that you can hear and see everything that they do. I pray that you protect my beloved children and guide them so that they can walk in your path for always.

9. All of your works speak of the love and mercy you bear for your children. Help me to practice that love in my everyday life. I know that I cannot ever love as fully or completely as you, but I pray that I can learn to be compassionate toward my fellow man. Help me to respond with love instead of anger and offer forgiveness instead of judgment. Amen.

10. The world is in a dreadful, divided state right now. We have forgotten your lessons of love, compassion and forgiveness. Help me to be a part of the solution instead of the problem. Even when people act with rage or anger, help me to forgive them and respond with love. I pray that you can guide me toward loving and serving you better on earth until I can be with you in your heavenly kingdom. Amen.


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