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9 Prayers for Marriage Restoration


Marriage is a sacred vow and a lifelong commitment. When you choose to marry someone, you commit to them through sickness and health, through the good times and the bad. Unfortunately, there are always tests along the way. Most marriages go through a difficult time at some point, so you are not alone in this. Over years and decades of marriage, your personalities, goals or interests may change. You have to face these changes as a couple, compromise and learn how to overcome the obstacles.

No one has a perfect marriage or a perfect life. There will always be problems. The reason why some marriages appear to be perfect is because the couple has committed to work through problems no matter what. Divorce is not an option for these couples, so they know that they have to handle problems no matter how difficult they become. When you struggle to heal your marriage, these prayers for marriage restoration can help. Turn to God to find the courage to change, the serenity to accept what you cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference. Through his guidance, strength and wisdom, you can take the first step in finding solutions and healing any rifts that have developed.

9 Powerful Prayers for Marriage Restoration

1. Father, I pray that you will help us to see through any lies and deception. Help us to break free of the sinful bonds that are keeping us from having the relationship we deserve. While we work on our relationship, help our children to follow you and to find strength in you. Help my spouse to end any chains of bondage so that we can put these many years of pain and suffering behind us.

2. Lord, I ask for your forgiveness for all of my mistakes in the relationship. Help me to heal the rifts that I have caused and to show my spouse that I can be a better person. We promised to be together through death ’till us part, and I threatened that vow with my actions. Help me to find strength in you so that I can be a better spouse and a good person. Amen.

3. Heavenly Father, I ask for the power to heal our damaged marriage and help us to bring love back into the relationship. Help us to follow you in all things so that our union may be blessed by your love. You are all-knowing and all-powerful, so you can bridge any problem that we have caused through our confusion and conflicts. Help us to turn this relationship back into the blessing that you originally meant it to be. I pray for your support and healing strength as I work on my marriage. Amen.

4. Lord, I come before you today with a heart heavy with sadness. My marriage is in trouble, and it feels like I have nowhere to turn. I desperately need your help. Change my spouse’s heart so that we can be close together again. Help us to be compatible and filled with your love. Guide us so that we can fulfill your wishes for our relationship and see the harm that we have caused through carelessness. Help me to heal the division that has happened between us so that we can be one united being again. Amen.

5. Almighty God, my heart cries for you. Maker of heaven and earth, you are almighty and all powerful. You only have to say the word for your will to be done on earth. I beg you to restore our relationship and help us to ignite the lost passion. I pray that you will transform our hearts so that we may be close again. Lead us closer to you and inspire us to have a strong, loving marriage again. We trust in you. Amen.

6. Lord, I come before you to ask for help for my friends’ marriage. They once had a happy relationship, but now their marriage is filled with conflict, anger and hurt feelings. They have said that it has been damaged beyond repair, but I know that nothing is too difficult for you. I pray that you will heal their relationship and help them to remember the tenderness that they once faced. Renew their love and passion so that they may find comfort and solace in their relationship again. Hear my prayers for marriage restoration and help them find happiness again. Amen.

7. Lord, may my heart be open to what my spouse has to say. Over the years, we have changed, and I did not realize it until it was too late. Help me to heal the rift and to understand my partner’s thoughts. May my heart be open to them so that I may understand the world through their eyes. Help me to love as Jesus taught us so that I may be a good spouse. Amen.

8. Heavenly Father, hear our pray. Our hearts are burdened by our financial situation. We are so distracted by money problems and work that we forget about each other. Help us to trust that you will see us through. May your Holy Spirit fill us with wisdom to solve these problems so that our hearts will be peaceful again. Many days, we have become short-tempered and angry because of the stress. Help us to remember that we are to support each other. May we find solace in our marriage and be reminded that everything happens according to your will. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

9. In Peter, it was said that love can cover a multitude of sins. Lord, we ask that you help us find this love and compassion. We are both sinners, but we know that our love for you and for each other can light our way through the darkness. Help us to learn how to communicate clearly with one another. At times, we become angry and upset because we do not understand the other point of view. Help to open our hearts so that we can communicate with compassion and honesty. Allow us to grow closer to each other and to you. Through your strength, guide us to be thoughtful in our actions, thoughts and deeds.


  1. Comment:Actual it really touched me coz right now I am separated with my wife ,but I do believe one day God of wonders will reunite us again and bring back love to our family amen.

    • Thank you for sharing your positive comment. Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Best of luck, Boaz!


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