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10 Prayers for New Babies


When you have a new baby, all you want is for the baby to be safe and healthy. You want your new child to grow up to live a happy, full life. These prayers for new babies reflect these goals. You can help guide your baby toward a brighter future by praying for their health, safety and protection.

Prayer for a Baby

When a new life appears in the world, it is important to thank God for that blessing. The following prayers can be used to ask for God’s blessings and the well-being of your baby. They can help you ask for guidance or the child as well as protection from evil. You can use these prayers as your baby starts to grow up.

1. O Father in heaven, we ask that you bless this beautiful baby girl/boy. May you fill his/her heart with love and a giving nature. May his/her hands always remain busy as she/he starts to learn and grow within this world. May her/his voice always sing your praises. May her/his mind always be filled with forgiveness, compassion and hope. May his/her ears only hear what is good and true. May his/her mind walk a life that leads to truth and love. May his/her eyes notice the beauty of the world that you have created. May he/she know that you are her/his father and one day come to live in your kingdom forever.

2. O heavenly Father, thank you for the precious gift of new life that we have received. We pray that you will always watch over this child and guide him/her throughout all the days of his/her life. Guard her/his mind from the evil one and guide his/her footsteps. Inspire her/his mind and anoint the works of his/her hands. Lead her/him to life eternal through our lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

3. May the Lord bless and keep this child. May his face always shine on you and may his grace bless your life. May the lord always guide you and bring you peace through his infinite mercy and compassion.

4. You are a little miracle and a gift from God. Our beautiful baby, we pray that you will always feel safe and loved. We hope to always surround you by our joy. We thank God for giving you to us because we are so blessed to hold you close to us and hear the beating of our hearts. Your little life is more than anything that we could have ever hoed for. We raise our hearts in thanksgiving and praise. May God’s peace always surround you and may you grow to live and love according to his plan.

Prayers for a New Baby

5. We ask for your blessings, O heavenly Father. You have given us the greatest blessing of all, and we thank you for your great kindness. In your mercy, keep our child free from sin and all anxieties. Guide his/her heart and mind so that she/he can grow in her wisdom and knowledge of you.

6. Heavenly Father, you sent your only son to this world. We thank you for your blessings and for the life of this child who you have entrusted into our care. Help us to always remember that we are your children. In the same way that we love and nurture him/her, may he/she grow in wisdom and one day be a part of your eternal kingdom. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

7. You are such a miracle. Like the finest pearl, we cherish you. We pray that you will always feel loved and safe. We thank God for giving you to us, and we ask that he always surround you with his peace. May his presence always guide you toward what is right and protect you from all anxiety. As you play your part in the world, may it be with his blessings and protection. Amen.

8. O heavenly Father, you have given us a blessing far richer and more amazing than anything that we could ever imagine. Through your love and kindness, you have given us a beautiful baby boy/girl. We thank you for your blessings and ask that you will protect our child as she/he lives and grows. Protect her/him from all harm and from the evil one so that she/he may always serve you. Bless our child and keep her/him safe.

Prayer for newborn

9. May you guide her/his mind toward a greater knowledge of you. Even when the evil one tempts her/him, may your mercy and strength keep him/her free of sin. May you protect her/him from all harm and bless her/him as she grows. We ask that you strengthen her body and give her/him good health as she/he starts this journey in life. Guide us as we help her to grow up so that we can always be a good example of your love and compassion. Amen.

10. We offer a prayer of thanksgiving for the little miracle that you have bestowed on us. It is the greatest blessing of all to hold our precious child close within our arms. We thank you for our blessings and ask that you will bless our child. Keep her/him free from sin and guide her/him as she/he begins to grow in your love. Help her to always walk your path in life. May she be an example of your love and light to the world so that she will one day join you in your eternal kingdom. Amen.


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