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10 Prayers for Patience


Life is not always easy. Sometimes, there are moments when it feels like you cannot possibly move forward in life. You are beset by struggles and challenges in every direction. Whether you have crying children that you are losing patience with or a problem at work, these prayers for patience can help. All you can do during the trying times in life is place your problems at the Lord’s feet and find a place of sanctuary. He understands all of our weaknesses and challenges in this life. Through his strength and mercy, we can discover the courage we need to face each obstacle, remain patient and conquer over adversity.

Prayer for Patience and Understanding

These prayers for patience can be your source of solace during times of adversity. We included the Serenity Prayer at the start of this list because of its timeless appeal in asking for God’s wisdom and peace. The other prayers on this list can help you ask God for strength, patience, tolerance and understanding. These prayers can be used to ask for help in your relationship, career or life.

1. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.

2. Heavenly Father, you are always with me. You see everything that I see and all of the thoughts in my mind. You care for me and my feelings. I know that you are with me to see my frustrations and my tears as I cry out in anger. Thank you for always being with me. I ask that you help me in this relationship. I know that you love the both of us and want us to grow in our love for each other. We know that you are with us and understand what is happening. May your presence in our lives bring greater forgiveness, reconciliation, patience and peace.

3. Dear Lord, please help me to have patience. I lay before you my exhaustion and ask for a renewed sense of energy. I lay before you any of my resentment and ask for peace instead. I lay before you my frustrations and ask that you bring me more patience. I lay before you all of my judgment and ask that I may be more understanding. I lay before you my anger and ask that I may learn to be more forgiving. Please help me to be patient, Lord, and to grow in your wisdom and compassion. Amen.

4. O God of infinite grace, may you make me kinder, more forgiving and softer. May you guide me to be gentle, loving and generous in my life. At times, I know that these qualities wear thin as I feel impatience and resentment rising within my soul. I desire revenge when I should seek to find understanding and compassion. I pray that you will help me through your grace and spirit. May you open the door for me to new patience, transformation and understanding. Transform my soul and my heart so that I may find new strength and patience as I try to walk in your grace. Amen.

5. While we struggle to be patient, we rejoice in our sufferings because we know that these sufferings were sent by you to teach us perseverance. You have given us the chance to develop character and hope. We only pray that you will guide us and give us strength as we persevere through our trials and tribulations.

prayer for patience and calmness

6. May we always be gentle, humble and patient. Show your love in our lives by helping us to be tolerant for one another. You have said that we should love one another as Jesus loved us. Give us the strength and grace to love each other as he so loved us. Amen.

7. Love is always patient and kind. It is never proud, jealous, boastful or rude. Love can never be quick-tempered or selfish. It never remembers the wrongs that have happened. Help us to remember what love really is and to follow your example in all of the things that we do.

8. I strive to follow your example in all that I do, but I find myself impatient at work. Great obstacles and challenges face me, but I know that you hear my cries of frustration. During this struggle, give me the patience and compassion that I need to do your will. Help me to be patient and work through the struggles. I know that these burdens are here to teach me perseverance, so I pray that your guidance will help me to persevere, stay patient and overcome all obstacles.

9. I ask that you help me to accept and be at peace with all of the things that I cannot change in my life. Give me the strength and courage to change the things that I can. In your wisdom, keep me free from sin as I work toward your greater glory on earth. Give me the patience that I need to do your will. Amen.

10. You never give someone a burden greater than they can bear, so I know that I can bear this struggle and frustration. I pray that you support me in this task so that I can do your will in all ways. Help me to stay loving, patient and kind through all adversity. Thank you for all of the blessings in my life and for giving me your strength as I work toward overcoming these problems. Amen.


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