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8 Prayers for Pregnant Women


Pregnancy is a time to celebrate! While you naturally feel excited, you may also feel anxious about going into labor and taking care of a child. Whether you want to celebrate the joy of motherhood or ask for God’s help in easing your apprehension, these prayers for pregnant women can help. You can use these prayers for pregnant women to ask for God’s guidance as you take this exciting, new step in life.

A Prayer for Your Baby in the Womb

1. A baby is like a small bundle of destiny and joy. She was commissioned by heaven and marked by God to be one of his chosen people. Thank you, Lord, for giving my baby a future and hope in everlasting life. Thank you for knowing her intimately and giving her to me to raise. I praise you for the great joy that you have brought into my life. You have given my life a purpose through faith. Now, I am able to share this faith and hope with my child. I pray that you give my body strength and good health so that it may nurture my child until she is born. May her life always be lived for your glory. Amen.

2. Dear God, may your hand be on this little life as it continues to grow within my womb. May you watch over me while I sleep so that my baby may always be protected and safe. May you fill my heart with joy and my body with peace so that my baby feels calm and loved at all times. May we always feel your presence close to us as we watch the beauty of the world that you have created. Throughout this pregnancy and beyond, I pray that you watch over my child and keep her safe. Amen.

3. You alone are my refuge. I turn to you for shelter and trust in you to rescue me from every trap or deadly disease. Your faithful promises are my protection and my armor. Throughout my pregnancy, protect my child and cradle her in your love. Make my womb into a cocoon of protection and safety. Keep my child safe from harm and continue to strengthen her with every passing day. Prepare her for the life that she will lead once she has left the safety of my womb. I pray that you will help my daughter to fulfill your marvelous work on earth and bring greater beauty to your creation. I honor, glory and praise your name in all things. Amen.

prayer for pregnant mother

4. Thank you Lord for giving me a life. For years, I was uncertain of the path that you wanted me to take in life. Now that I have become pregnant, I realize that this was my purpose. You have set me on this earth to nurture, love and strengthen my child. I know that neither of us is here by accident. You have given me a purpose behind each breath I take and each beat in my heart. Thank you for being so generous in giving me this child. We place the body and spirit in your hands so that she may become a steward in your precious creation. Amen.

5. In Isaiah, it was written that you would teach our children and bring them great peace. I ask that you give my child this promise. You are the ultimate teacher and the only way that my child will learn love, compassion and wisdom. Thank you for always being our teacher in life, and help us to teach our child as well. Give us the knowledge we need to build your kingdom on this earth. Thank you for giving us this gift of new life, Lord. We cannot wait to see how our child will bring you greater glory on this earth. Amen.

6. Almighty Father, we pray that you send your angels to guard us as labor starts. Bring us comfort and protection as we bring a new life to the world. Encircle us with your hope, love and goodness. Keep us strong in your love as we go through each wave of the delivery. When our baby is born, help us to have a perfect life and bring us closer to your love. We pray that you will protect our child and strengthen her now and forever. Amen.

prayer for a pregnant woman for safe delivery

7. God, you see my child within my womb and know every detail of her body and soul. No matter how she is made, we know that she is beautiful and perfect because she was made by you. Bring us peace throughout the pregnancy and help us to stay healthy. When my child leaves my womb, help me to guide, protect and love her/him so that he/she may grow closer to you. Amen.

8. My baby’s body is more intricate and complex than anything that I can imagine. She/he was fashioned by you to become a steward of your heavenly kingdom. Already, she/he is full of your love, Lord. As her/his body continues to form, I ask that you continue to fill her/him with your love, strength and kindness. Amen.


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  1. I am pregnant and would soon put to birth. This prayer is awesome! I love God and thank Him for this life He put inside me to grow. I give Him all the Glory and Adoration. Thanks to the wonderful people who wrote this prayer.

    • Thank you for sharing your positive comment. Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Have a great day, Franca!

  2. Comment: i so appreciate how God as use you to bring upthis prayer for we pregnant women God bless you mightly nd i prayer work wonders in our lifes in jesus name,we shall all carry our bundle of joy in our arm this year 2019 in jesus name ‘Amen

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  3. Comment:i don’t even know what to type because these prayers have really touch me to the depth of my soul
    I was really down but I can feel a new me now
    thanks for sharing this
    it has really saved a soul
    God bless u

    • I am happy to hear that we could help. If you liked this topic, we have many more articles like it on Every Day Know. Make sure to check them out if you have the time. Thanks for commenting!


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