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10 Prayers for Recovery From Surgery


Whether you or a loved one is undergoing a surgery, the experience can be stressful. Getting a diagnosis may remove some of the fear and doubt, but there is still all of the depression, fear and anxiety about the outcome of the surgery. Even when the surgery is carried out perfectly, it can still take time to heal and recover. During this difficult time, these prayers for recovery from surgery can help you to put your faith in God’s hands. Through him, you can find hope and peace as you begin to heal.

best Prayers for Surgery and Recovery

These prayers for recovery from surgery can be used for yourself or for someone else. If you have a loved one who is trying to heal, these prayers can help you ask God for their good health. You can send them in a card or Facebook message. You can also just add these prayers to your daily prayers as you ask for God’s healing and blessings. These prayers can be modified to suit the exact circumstances, or you can use multiple prayers on this list.

1. O Heavenly Lord, your love has always guided me through suffering. Even when my life seemed bleak, I had hope because you were at your side. Now, I ask for the oil of your healing to help restore my body to good health. I pray that you can be a living stream in my body that helps to restore my mind, body and soul. I trust that you will help me in my hour of need and help me to live according to your plan. I give you everything that I am, and I place all of my trials at your feet. You are a spring that overflows with hope, love and goodness. I hold your promises close to my spirit and rest in your peace. Please help me to reach the healing that I so desperately need. Amen.

2. Dear Lord, thank you for all of the doctors, surgeons and nurses who have taken care of me in recent days. Continue to bless the work of their hands as they help other patients in their hour of need. Throughout this entire experience, you have always been at my side. Your angels have guarded and guided me when I most needed their protection. Thank you for always being there for me and for helping me to get this far in my recovery. I pray that you will anoint me with the oil of your healing so that I may recover. Heal and protect my body as you breathe a new life into my body. Please grant me peace and rest as I allow my body to have time to recover. Throughout this time, help me to reside within your truth and love. I trust you completely during this restoration. Amen.

3. Thank you, Father, for your love for me and for my family. I thank you for the blessings I have in my life, and I ask for one further blessing. My dear friend, ____, is starting her/his recovery from surgery. I ask that you may give her/him peace within her/his heart and give her/him the recovery that he/she so desperately seeks. Still her/his mind so that she/he may feel tranquility and calm in your love. Amen.

Prayer to recover from surgery

4. May you have peace and tranquility within your heart. May God send his angels to surround your bed throughout the day and night. With each day that passes, may God bring new healing with the dawn. May he restore your energy and work to heal your wounds. May God inspire your heart to have hope and strength as you recover. I pray that you will soon be well and that God will give you a speedy recovery. May you soon be healthy enough to live, love and enjoy life fully. Amen.

5. My Blessed Savior, I thank you for making this surgery successful. Now that the surgery has passed, I ask that you will help me to relax in your healing presence. Release me of all anxiety and give me a calm outlook as I strive to heal. Grant me strength in my times of pain and love in times of loneliness. Help me to heal and recover so that I may continue to do your good works on this earth. Amen.

6. Heavenly Father, I thank you for helping this operation to be successful. Now that my surgery is past, I ask that I may rest in your abiding presence. Help me to find strength in moments of pain as I work toward healing. Bless me and keep in the safety of your love. Amen.

7. While my surgery did not go according to plan, I am abundantly thankful that it is finished with now. Thank you for allowing me to emerge alive and giving me the hope of healing. While I am thankful for the life that you have given me, I face difficult challenges as I struggle to rebuild my health. The path ahead seems difficult and dangerous, O Lord. I ask that you will guide me and give me the strength that I need to recover fully. Bless my doctors for their compassion and bless my family for supporting me. Give all of us the focus, wisdom, compassion and endurance we need to continue this recovery. Amen.

Prayer For Fast Recovery

8. Heavenly Father, thank you for protecting me during this surgery. As I begin recovery, I ask that you guide me and protect me. Help me to remain calm and peaceful as I navigate the stress and anxiety of recovery. I pray that I will find healing and comfort in your love for me. Amen.

9. O Lord, guide and protect my friend during this time. Thank you for allowing her/him to successfully complete her surgery. Bless the doctors who have done and continue to do so much. Give them the compassion and wisdom that they need to help my friend. In your mercy, protect my friend from pain and anxiety. I pray that you will grant my beloved friend a speedy recovery to good health. Amen.

10. I entrust my spirit to you, O Lord. You have guided me out of the darkness of illness and my surgery to emerge on the other side. Thank you for your blessings and help me to heal. Calm my mind of all anxieties and help me to focus on recovery. Amen.


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