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8 Prayers for Sadness and Depression


When someone suffers from grief, sadness or depression, it feels like their life is over with. It is hard to find a reason to be happy or to move on in life. No matter how terrible the sadness, God does not give a burden that you cannot bear. The following prayers for sadness and depression can help you turn to God for support when life seems too difficult. Through these prayers for sadness and depression, you can get help and work on overcoming your pain. These prayers include options for yourself and other people as well, so you can also pray for someone you love who suffers from depression.

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1. Heavenly Father, I ask you to be merciful and to hear my prayer. My spouse lives with terrible depression, and I do not know what I can do to help. I feel inadequate and powerless in the face of their depression. The way my spouse feels any day is unpredictable, and I don’t know how to help. I pray that you will help me find the resources that I need to support my spouse during painful times and to be their rock of refuge. In Christ’s name, I pray. Amen.

2. O God, I feel heavy with depression. It feels like I am dragged down by the wait of my sadness. I know that you never give us a burden we cannot bear, so help me hear what the depression has to teach me. In your mercy, guide me to a person, resources or a place that can help support me. I feel such sadness that I do not want to be around any other people or do anything I once enjoyed. Like the prophet Jeremiah, I find myself question my own value and existence. Is this life even worth living? I pray that you will send the Holy Spirit to comfort me whenever I feel unlovable, lonely or undesirable. Amen.

3. Lord, it seems like the world is collapsing around me. I feel like I am falling into a deep, dark pit. All I can do is come to you and surrender my spirit. I feel helpless and afraid. I am desperate for you to take me out of this pit and show me your way. If it is your will, uplift me from this depression and help me to find refuge. Amen.

4. Heavenly Father, I ask that you lead me to the right resources for help. I know that you see everything and understand what I am going through. In the Gospels, Jesus went through similar emotional agony. He was lonely, filled with sorrow and full of grief. It is said he cried in prayer (Hebrews 5:7-9) and that he went into isolation after the death of John (Matthew 14:13). You know what anguish and sadness feels like. Help me to bear my pain and find the resources to help me through it. Amen.

Prayer for Those Coping With Depression

5. Through your presence, I can be whole again. Help me to recognize your presence during my depression. May you bring some person in my life closer to me to hear my pain and comfort me. I am too filled with sadness and apathy to reach out, so I pray that you will bring my heart a human connection today. Help my bowed-down head to become lifted again, Lord. Amen.

6. Lord, help me to embrace this weakness as a gift. You have given me this weakness so that I can understand others and be more empathetic. Remind me that this weakness is still you doing your work through me. At times, I become overwhelmed by sadness and depression. It feels like I cannot do anything in life. I pray that you will enlarge my heart so that I may obey and love you in all things. Help me to love others deeply and to overcome my sadness. Amen.

7. Heavenly Father, I ask that you will strengthen my heart. When I am alone, remind me that you are always at my side. When I feel overwhelmed by the troubles and struggles of life, help me to find recourse in you. Help me to support others when they are in a time of crisis. I pray that you give me the strength each morning to wake up and struggle against the burdens that weight my heart down. You are my refuge and my fortress, so I turn to you for my strength. Please stay with me during this time. Amen.

8. Holy Father, we ask that you guide and protect all of your children who suffer from depression and sadness. Send your love throughout the people so that they may support your children during the darkest hours. Guide the pastors, therapists, family and friends so that they may find the right way to help. We pray that all of your children will see the hope of your word and be led to everlasting life. Amen.


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