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10 Prayers for Safe Travel


Long ago, traveling was a constant danger. From highway robbers to the Black Plague, your travels could become the last time you ever left home. While traveling is extremely safe now, there are still always dangers along the path. Whether you are afraid of encountering physical or spiritual dangers along the way, these prayers for safe travel can help. Before you leave on your next vacation or work trip, ask God to help guide you and protect you along your journey.

Prayers and Blessings for Safe Travels

As a Christian, you are on a metaphoric journey of faith and spirituality. Sometimes, your journey becomes a real one as you plan a vacation or travel somewhere for work. Whenever you travel anywhere, turn to God for protection and guidance. Ask that he protects you from the temptations and evils along the way while guiding you away from physical danger. The following prayers for safe travel can be used before your next trip.

1. You guide me and keep me safe during each day of my life. As I begin my travels today, watch over me. I put my truth and faith in you. Protect me from the evil one and help me dedicate each moment to better serving you. Amen.

2. You are always there, Heavenly Father. Your love teaches above the clouds, under the sea and over the mountains. I know that your hand will cover mine during the darkness of the night and in the brightness of the dawn. Over the heavens, bridges, ridges and valleys, you are close beside me. I know that you are close by when I need you most. Whether I go through lands of war or peace, of suffering or riches, I walk the path that you tread before me. I bring your wisdom with me wherever I dine or wait and leave your love behind. You who have kept me safe so many times before, keep me safe as I put my trust in you now. May I return from my travels in safety as I seek to love and serve you better.

3. The way ahead may not always be clear, but I trust in you to help me through the obstacles. Even if my faith is tested on this journey by temptation, support me and guide me toward the right thing. Protect me from all obstacles and dangers in my path as I seek to follow your will.

4. Please watch over me as I fly today. May your hand guide the work of the crew and the pilot. May your strength support the engineers as they prepare the plane. May your wisdom guide the control teams on the ground. I give you my anxieties and fear. I trust in you and hope that you will give me the blessing of peace as I travel. Take my heart with you on a journey of trust. From the plane, I will look out and give a prayer of thanksgiving for this wonderful world that you have made. Guide me and keep me safe. Amen.

5. While anxieties plague me, I feel calmness when I turn to you. Your love and compassion gives me strength. No matter what obstacles face me on this journey, may each moment be a chance to live and serve you better. Keep me safe from temptation and bring me home to my family safely.

Short Prayers for Safe Travel

6. Please keep me from being anxious about the flight ahead. I thank you for all that you have given me and the peace that I have found within you. Please continue to guide me and keep me safe. On this day, watch over and guide the pilots as they do their work so that we may all land safely at our destination. Amen.

7. Christ be with me and before me as I start may day. May Christ be with me in everything that I do and in ever thought that I have. Please guide me and keep me safe as I begin my travels so that I can return to my family. While I am away, guide them and keep them safe in your love. Amen.

8. May the road rise up to meet s and the wind always be at our backs. May the sun warm our faces and the rain fall softly on our fields. May we always be held in the palm of your hand in this journey and in all of our journeys in life. Amen.

9. I trust in you as I begin my travels today. I have faith in your mercy and love. May you guide me closer to you and keep me safe during this day. Watch over the pilots, control team and engineers as they prepare for this flight today. Through your mercy, keep us free of temptation and allow us to grow in a greater love of you. Amen.

10. I am beset by nerves and anxiety as I think about the flight today. You are my refuge, so I give my fears up to you. Please give me the calmness and clarity that I need on this journey. You are the light that guides me in the darkness, so I pray that you guide me out of the darkness of my fears. I trust that you will watch over me on this day and keep me safe. In your mercy, keep me free from sin and help me to serve you in each moment of the day. Amen.


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