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10 Prayers for Strength


When you are encountering a difficult situation, it is only natural that you would turn to God for his strength and power. Through him, you can find the strength to carry on and live you life. These prayers can help you comfort yourself in your time of need and find the peace that you need. Whether you are dealing with a difficult break up, a job loss or the illness of a loved one, these prayers can help you discover the strength that you need to carry on in life.

Powerful Prayers for Strength

1. Lord, I ask for your guidance. I cannot find my way in the darkness, but your light can see me through. I pray that you show me the direction that I should go and the right way to turn. Calm my mind and give me peace as I struggle on. When I falter, give me strength. My heart is weary, but through you I find clarity and peace. Bring me the clarity that I need to make the right decision. I trust in you and will do your will in whatever situation greets me. Journey with me always and be my refuge during my time of need.

2. O Lord, You are the light that guides my path. You are the map that shows me the right way to turn. You are the strength that comforts me and the leader that I strive to always follow. May your light always guide my path and your strength give me direction in this world. May I always find inspiration, strength and peace in you.

3. Thanks be to you, Lord Jesus Christ, for all of the blessings that you have given us. Thank you for the pain, insults and suffering that you have borne for our sake. O most merciful friend and redeemer, may we always seek to know you better and love you more. May we follow you more and more with each passing day until we live in your everlasting light. Amen.

4. Lord, I see my friend in a time of hardship and do not know where to turn. I try to hold their hand and bring comfort, but I cannot change the situation or bring him happiness. Please guide me and help to bring my friend peace and hope during this time of struggle. Through your power and strength, help me learn how to lead them and bring them joy. You are stronger and more wise than I, so grant me the strength and wisdom I need to help her. I trust in you. Protect my friend forever and guide me toward a closer knowledge of you.

5. As I go to work, stay with me Lord. Be the wisdom I need when I am uncertain. Be my patience when I am frustrated. Be my energy when I am tired and weary. Be the peacemaker when I struggle. Be the endurance for when I am exhausted. Be the inspiration when I have no place to turn. Be the comforter when I am overcome by sadness. Bring me forgiveness when I take the wrong step. Today and for always, I pray that you are with me and guide me.

 Prayer for Strength and Encouragement

6. I am a weak sinner. While I try to do the right thing, it is so hard to see the path ahead of me clearly. I pray that you light my way and guide me toward what is right. While I am but a sinner, I can find strength and comfort through you. I pray that you will always guide me and let me know your will. Through your power and strength, I can know you more fully and always grow closer to you. Amen.

7. Lord, grant me your serenity when I am best by troubles. Grant me your strength as I try to do the right thing each day. Alone, I am not strong or wise enough to deserve you. Through your grace, I can work toward deserving your everlasting light. While my enemies and the evil one may gather, your strength can see me through. I pray that I will always work toward a better knowledge and love of you.

8. As I watch my family member struggle, I think of your words. You said that anyone who believes in you will be saved. Lord, I believe in you and my loved one does as well. I know that this suffering will eventually fade away and he/she will get to live in your everlasting love forever. Give me the strength I need to support him/her and be with him/her in this hour of need. I falter and cannot overcome the sadness that I feel without your love and guidance. Please help me to support my loved one during this dark time and offer the care that they need.

9. God grant me forgiveness for the mistakes that they have made. I would never do anything to offend you, and it pains me greatly to think that I have lost your favor. I am a sinner, but I can become better through your love. Like the prodigal son, I have returned and seen the error of my ways. I know that I do not deserve you, but I pray for your forgiveness. Through your grace, I hope to better serve and love you. With each day, I will find new ways to show my love for you and for all.

10. Without you, I would be unable to confront the day before me. I am beset by struggles and pain that are too much for any person. It is said that no one is given a cross to bear that is too much for them. I trust in your wisdom and ask you to give me the strength to bear my burden. My burden is not easy, but I shall bear it in your name and use it as a way to learn more of your compassion and wisdom. I dedicate today and everyday to you. I pray that you will give me the strength to carry this burden and that it will only serve to bring me closer to you.


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